Jets could still shop Darron Lee

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Former first-round linebacker Darron Lee has been on the block all spring, realistically since the moment the Jets spent a pile of money on free agent C.J. Mosley.

And as they set to embark on a leisurely day today, Lee remains surplus to requirements, and available.

As noted by Rich Cimini of, the Jets have just two picks today, a fourth-rounder (105th overall) and a sixth (196th).

Standing pat would leave them with just five new players this weekend, and after spending big in free agency, they could use some cheap rookie contracts to keep the books in line.

Lee’s still relatively inexpensive ($1.8 million), so he might fetch an extra pick today if the Jets want to move him.

3 responses to “Jets could still shop Darron Lee

  1. Oakland could definitely use some depth at LBer as well as some youth and a LB w speed to cover on the outside. Lee not only checks all those boxes but to be available for potentially for a day 3 pick on a rookie contract like Rosen w all the bonuses paid up front so he’s a super cheap financial investment so to me it makes sense.
    But we did get Mayock for his day 3 draft as much as anything and getting hidden gems not over hyped workout warriors who’s size and measurables never match up with production in the field. We need guys to come and contribute we r doing pretty much a total roster overhaul but I’d still trade for Lee if we only had to give up a day 3 pick.

  2. Realisticly, what can the Jets get for Lee now?
    Now that the cat is out of the bag, they won’t get much for him.
    They would have been smarter to trade him a couple of weeks ago, or before/during free agency.

    Is it worth trading him for a 6th?
    You still have to pay someone to fill his roster spot.
    He’s at least a good backup. He can’t get off blocks but he can cover TEs. He’s on the last year of his contract and not expensive.

  3. At 1.8 mil,you hold on to him for now. See if any of our own starting ILBs go down to injury, then, see if anyone else’s starting ILBs go down to injury. Otherwise keep him on the roster, get what you can out of him, then take the comp pick wherever it may be.

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