Ravens take Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley

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The Ravens haven’t typically carried three quarterbacks, though they did last year as they transitioned from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson.

This year, they added a guy who may not necessarily count against that category.

The Ravens used the 197th overall pick on Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley.

He’s a versatile player who presents much of the same running threat as Jackson. Some think he could become a Taysom Hill-type gadget player, but Saints coach Sean Payton compared him to college QB-turned-receiver Julian Edelman.

He declined the chance to work out as a defensive back before the draft, so there may be some resistance on his part to a new role.

Either way, he’s probably not destined to be a pure quarterback, since the Ravens have Robert Griffin III to back up Jackson, and they can go back to carrying two.

10 responses to “Ravens take Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley

  1. Thrilled for local Northern Virginia kid getting drafted! It’s not implausible that McSorley becomes the backup and the 2018 QBIII is the 2019 QBIII.

  2. I think the comments here regarding the ‘lack’ of Raven’s offense are so funny. You hear it everywhere how the rest of the NFL has already ‘figured’ them out and LJ does not have an arm.

    The size of the chip growing on these players shoulders is getting big. 1st, Cleveland is named defacto Division champs. 2nd. Raven’s have lost their D. Now this. Ravens will have no offense. Hardball has a pile of fodder to feed these players all year long.

    It’s going to be a fun year. Finally, a Raven team with a dominant offense to go with a dominant defense.

  3. I’m pulling for this guy but I’m stuck on how the Ravens could use him. The “Hill type gadget player” doesn’t make sense to me. NO did that when they needed the QB to run knowing its not Brees thing. We already have a QB that can run. Hope he makes the team but I just don’t see how it happens.

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