SEC’s leading rusher Trayveon Williams goes to Bengals

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Texas A&M’s Trayveon Williams led the SEC in rushing last season with 1,524 yards. He was a three-down back in Jimbo Fisher’s pro-style offense.

So count Williams and the Aggies among those surprised that Williams didn’t go much higher in the draft.

It took one of his former coaches to end his slide.

Jim Turner was the offensive line coach at A&M during all three of Williams’ seasons. Turner now is the Bengals’ offensive line coach. (New Bengals head coach Zac Taylor also spent time at A&M but before Williams arrived.)

The Bengals drafted Williams in the sixth round, the 182nd overall choice. He was the 15th running back picked despite having been a productive college running back.

He finished his three seasons in College Station with 3,615 rushing yards, 561 receiving yards, 35 touchdowns and four lost fumbles, missing only one game for injury. Williams also has 11 career kickoff returns.

The Bengals needed a third back after they released Mark Walton. Walton, a 2018 fourth-round pick, struggled in his limited playing time last year and had multiple arrests.

6 responses to “SEC’s leading rusher Trayveon Williams goes to Bengals

  1. natijim185 says:
    April 27, 2019 at 5:23 pm
    Count letting the Broncos to leap over them one spot to take Drew Lock as another head scratcher!

    Unless, like every team but the Broncos, they didn’t think Lock was worth a pick there….

  2. The TE in the second round makes perfect sense to me. He was, by far, the best blocking TE in the draft. Cincy has a couple of pass catching TEs. They wanted a stud in the run game and that’s what they got.

    Look at the rest of the Bengals draft. They went for big, strong, smart guys. They valued team leaders and high character. Seems kinda nice .

  3. The Bengals second round pick was just stupid. Blocking tight ends are always available in the 5th or 6th rounds. If this guy was special then take him in the 4th but blowing a 2nd round pick is a killer. They could have used that 2nd to trade for Rosen, draft a top RB or traded up a couple of spots for Dalton Risner. Hopefully Williams turns out to be a steal to help make up for that mistake. I have read that Williams lacks the high end speed but he was sure doing something right at Texas A&M

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