Tyree Jackson goes undrafted, signs with the Bills

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When hyping the Pro Day workout of Buffalo quarterback Tyree Jackson, ESPN’s Adam Schefter made this bold proclamation: “Many believe he will go higher than expected in draft.”

Jackson went lower. Jackson wasn’t drafted.

But there’s good news, for Jackson and for Schefter. Jackson will sign with the Bills as a free agent — and the guy who tried to hype Jackson has the scoop. (As one of the resident wiseacres at PFT pointed out in our text chain, Jackson signed “faster than expected.” No, it wasn’t Gantt.)

Jackson left Buffalo early, with one year of eligibility remaining. It’s fair to wonder whether if he knew then what he knew now he would have stayed in school for another year.

In a more fair football world, he’d be allowed to return to college football for another season. But the warped notion of amateurism prohibits a college player from exploring the possibility of playing in the NFL and then returning to college, even if (like in college) he never actually got paid.

24 responses to “Tyree Jackson goes undrafted, signs with the Bills

  1. $75,000 guaranteed and then he can shift to the practice squad when the season starts. Get’s to pay off his student loans (SUNY education is cheap in N.Y.) and then watch Josh Allen. All good.

  2. Sure buffalo would love to make it work being he`s very similar to JA in style. wouldn’t need to change up the play calling. anyhow, he seems like a nice enough guy. good luck dude.

  3. Totally agree Florio, even if I think “fair” lurks in the land of rainbows and unicorns. Plus an education is supposed to be a good thing. I guess not to the NCAA.

  4. Lets see the kid in preseason and see how he does. If he shows some promise he can hit the practice squad or possibly work into the rotation and be on the bench at some point. He’s go DA to learn from…kid showed some athleticism, let’s see how he develops…he might be raw, but at least he gets a shot close to ‘home’

  5. I understand the “let them go back to college” sentiment. But, the draft is already a crapshoot. Can you imagine adding hundreds of other players who toss their name in the hat because there is no downside? Scouts would never be able to look in depth at each player.

  6. I just don’t get it, the guy destroyed the combine, had the numbers to match, the M.A.C. is not a joke, The university of buffalo has slowly turned into a mid major power house (don’t forget women’s hoops) being from buffalo, I’m pumped they got him (very similar skill set as Josh allen), but I wish another team would have gave him a chance, he could be a potential starting qb. Mark my word he will stick around in the pro game. #hornsup #ubfootball #billsmafia. Congrats Tyree

  7. perfect place for him to land and develop. very similar to the current starter.

  8. savethebs says:

    April 27, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    He should be able to go back to school. But the cartel that is the NCAA doesn’t care about student athletes
    No he shouldn’t for many reasons. Where does the line get drawn then on who can come back? Maybe next year a player doesn’t go to a team he wants so goes back to school or a star threatens not to sign with certain teams. Who’s to say this player hasn’t gotten cash advances from an agent also. It’s a calculated decision to come out and he chose wrong.

  9. There is obviously a few not so bright GMs out there not to sign this kid on as a developmental guy( especially the QB needy teams)! Buffalo did the home town special and good for them! Whoever was his adviser or mentor in college really did him an injustice. Stay in school for the year and be a top 15 choice in 2020 draft. That I’ll advise cost this kid Millions of dollars. Just hope he gets the opportunity to realize the dram!

  10. Good thing he didn’t stay in school to get a free degree and work on his craft.


  11. A team couldn’t take a 6th or 7th round flyer on this kid? That’s unbelievable. He looked good in the senior bowl and at the combine. Never been coached since high school like the other prospects. Upside is ridiculous on Jackson. Wish the fins would of given him a shot. Good luck Tyree.

  12. Hate too tell you this bills mafia but he will prolly be better and last longer than Allen. Ya have too complete passes too stay in the league at qb who cares if you throw the ball 70 yards I’f it’s over his head it don’t matter

  13. He’ll be on the Bills’ practice squad this year and a different NFL roster next year.

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