Up to 80 percent of UDFA deals done before the draft ended


Technically, NFL teams aren’t supposed to agree to terms with undrafted free agents until they actually go undrafted. As a practical matter, deals are done even before the draft has ended.

One league source with extensive knowledge of and experience with the post-draft free-agency land rush estimates that up to 80 percent of all undrafted free-agency deals were done even before the draft ended.

NFL rules prohibit the premature negotiations of such contracts, but the rule is rarely if ever enforced — like multiple other NFL rules.

With offseason rosters at up to 90 and the draft at only seven rounds, plenty of players will get plenty of jobs in plenty of cities, with the maximum potential roster spots of 2,880 reducing to 1,696 on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

5 responses to “Up to 80 percent of UDFA deals done before the draft ended

  1. I hear LJ Humphrey is signing with the Saints. Good for him! A lot of teams that passed on him are not going to be happy when he burns them!

  2. Raiders got a steal in Coney @ LB, almost makes up for some of the reaches. Kid is like a magnet to the ball.

    While Raiders secured some talented guys i feel like they couldve gotten more talented guys in bigger areas of need, didnt address the Oline at all which is a shame, especially trading outta the spot that Taylor landed on them at.

  3. Don’t believe anything close to 80%. Just like the Raiders scouts were kicked out of the building. Mayock mentioned Teddy Atlas, a scout was calling UDFAs. He said there were scouts and coaches in the building during the draft. Scouts created the scenarios used so Mayock and Gruden could practice before the draft.

  4. Rule will suddenly become an issue if someone complains the Patriots broke it. then they will lose a first round pick and it will be disputed for over a year

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