Vegas sportsbook sets over-under for Daniel Jones starts at 7.5

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So much for the Kansas City model. Or the Green Bay model.

In the end, the New York Giants may be using the New York Giants model when it comes to the ascension of their rookie first-round quarterback to the starting lineup.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reports that Circa Sports in Las Vegas, a new sportsbook that will begin taking bets on June 1, has set the over-under for starts by quarterback Daniel Jones with the Giants at a whopping 7.5.

Fifteen years ago, veteran Kurt Warner started nine games for the Giants, with then-rookie Eli Manning on the bench. And with the Giants at 5-4, then-coach Tom Coughlin surprisingly benched Warner for Manning.

“He is the future of the New York Giants, it just starts now,” Coughlin said at the time.

Eli started seven games as a rookie. As to Jones, I’d probably take the under. And then I’d wonder whether the number was set at 7.5 to get me to take the under, with someone knowing something about when coach Pat Shurmur will say of Jones, “He is the future of the New York Giants, it just starts now.”

16 responses to “Vegas sportsbook sets over-under for Daniel Jones starts at 7.5

  1. That would put his debut in their game with Arizona. Coming off a Thursday night game the previous week. So yeah, makes sense. Sorta.

  2. Take the under no chance he starts ,,,maybe and this is a big maybe ,,mop up roll in a losing game !

  3. In all likelihood, Eli Manning is going to have difficulty winning games. If they start the season 0-4 or something (hardly impossible), I think we could see Daniel Jones out pretty quick.

  4. Take the under. Eli ain’t going no where.
    But without the Greenies connection, the wide receiver spot will be wide open to improve.

  5. Defense is bare bones….offense has talent…counting on Eli to lead the team

    Probably slow start….1-4

  6. I put the odds of Jones supplanting Eli this year about the same as those of Hoyer supplanting Brady, barring injury.

  7. Easy, wait for the money to settle out and see where it lands, then bet the other.

  8. I know Gettleman claimed it was his choice but come on, did you see the body language during his presser? Not very convincing. This looks to be owner directed.

  9. I would take the under. Even if Manning gets benched partway through the season there’s a chance that Jones gets a little banged up through his first season costing him a start or two.

  10. @micheale what are you basing that on? According to stats and info Jones ranked 21 out of 22 draft eligible qbs this year. His really only great start came against temple in their bowl game. HE averaged 6.7 yards per attempt in college!!! That stat is typically overblown because of it coming in college games in the era of open offenses. That’s below average even in the nfl. They could’ve got him at 17 or an even better prospect later. I’m guessing the giants are Gettleman will regret this reach.

  11. It is very hard to see a football guy making this pick. The Giants have too many holes(and no pass rushers)to justify taking a player that is not projected to play for a couple of years. They had Oliver or Allen gift-wrapped for them. Plus, what is so special about Jones? And if they took Jones at #6, that means that they would have taken him at #2(or even #1)because no team looked to be in the market for a QB and they did not have to trade up to make sure they got him. And even if Jones has a career close to Eli’s, it still is a dumb move for right now; the Giant D must be pissed that they passed on the two aforementioned players. I guess that during the season, when opposing QB’s have all day to throw, I can just look at Jones holding the clipboard for solace.
    I’m not given to bizarre conspiracies but I think Mara made this pick. And some of the reason is the backlash from the Beckham trade; Mara needed to come out of this draft with some “answers”.

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