Colts will decide soon on whether to sign Chad Kelly

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The post-draft news flood included an unexpected twist on Saturday, with a report from Tim Graham of that the Colts expressed interest in signing updrafted Central Connecticut quarterback Jake Dolegala, but decided not to because they plan to sign Chad Kelly.

Yes, Chad Kelly. The same Chad Kelly who has a history of off-field issues that re-emerged last year, when a bizarre night at Von Miller‘s Halloween party ended with Kelly being charged with criminal trespassing after being chased out of a home into which he’d wandered by a man wielding a vacuum cleaner tube.

Kelly previously had been escorted out of Miller’s party, after getting into an altercation with another guest. (Kelly also got into an altercation with security workers while being escorted out.)

The Broncos promptly cut Kelly, even though he’d climbed from Mr. Irrelevant in 2017 to No. 2 on the depth chart in 2018. He has remained unemployed, and he never was connected to the now-defunct AAF — even though co-founder Bill Polian insisted that Kelly was the best quarterback in a draft class that included Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

Last month, Kelly pleaded guilty to second-degree misdemeanor trespassing, with a pending felony charge dismissed as part of the deal. Kelly was placed on probation for a year.

Video of the incident has since emerged, showing Kelly running from the home dressed as Woody from Toy Story.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Colts have not made a decision on whether to sign Kelly. The Colts brought him to Indianapolis a few weeks ago, as part of their due diligence.

With Jacoby Brissett entering the final year of his contract, the Colts need to be thinking about having a backup quarterback beyond 2019. And, actually, if they have a quarterback who can fill the backup role, they could (in theory) trade Brissett.

But first the Colts will need to believe that they can trust Kelly. And they also need to be willing to conclude that he deserves a second chance. Or as the case may be third chance.

The fact that Dolegala and his feel-good story didn’t get a chance to sign with the Colts underscores the most important point to remember when someone gets a second chance: With a finite number of jobs in the NFL, every second chance takes away the first chance of someone who didn’t do anything wrong.

In this case, Dolegala landed with the Bengals. But if he’d signed with the Colts, someone else would have gotten a first chance with the Bengals. Because there are only 2,880 offseason roster spots, and only 1,696 when September rolls around.

With Tyreek Hill still occupying one of 90 offseason roster spots in Kansas City, that’s an important point to keep in mind.

29 responses to “Colts will decide soon on whether to sign Chad Kelly

  1. I didn’t realize that Bill Polian thought Kelly was the best QB in his draft class. I’m beginning to think Polian must have early onset dementia. He’s surely not the same person he was 15-20 years ago.

  2. I had forgotten that Bill Polian had called Kelly the best qb in the draft over Mahomes and watson. If anyone listens to or does business with this guy do it at your own risk. Hes a loose cannon.

  3. Talent-wise, he may be right behind those two but he was and absolutely is the more accurate passer than both. And he has a howitzer of an arm. Not quite as mobile as the other two but still athletic. Had this kid not been a knucklehead, you wouldn’t be laughing at Polian right now (he probably IS senile btw) because being high on Kelly the QB makes sense. He could have been very good. Problems upstairs with maturity and possibly mental illness stand in the kids way. Shame too

  4. There is no incident that alcohol can’t make worse. I guess the positive side is they got to him before he could drive. Agree to being drug and alcohol free (tested) and maybe a 2nd chance is ok. At that age I would suspect there are a few among us that drank too much and behaved poorly. We learn as we go.

  5. They should sign him then trade him to the Dolphins for two first rounders. The Dolphins may even throw in a 5th also.

  6. I believe the records have been erased but Lions OC Jim Bob Cooter was once accused of climbing in a woman’w window, taking off his pants and getting into bed with her. So there appears to be a double standard with Kelly if this keeps him out of the league.

  7. He’s Jim Kelly’s nephew. Takes a while for the Kelley boys to settle down. In Kelley’s early days with the Bills he hosted drinking parties at his house after the games. Would be willing fight at the drop of a pin; either his opponents or the fans and was a gunslinger with swag with the Houston Gamblers.

  8. Hmmm. Maybe there ought to be a Hall Of Fame for players who’ve done nutty things in their off the field times. Kelly and Najeh Davenport should be two of the initial inductees. Davenport, if you remember, was arrested before he got into the NFL for breaking into a woman’s apartment and defecating in her laundry basket (I still can’t figure that one out).
    A guy from the 60’s who should definitely be inducted would be former Giants RB Joe Don Looney. Looney was selected with the 12th pick overall in the 1964 draft. Never was a last name more appropriate than Looney’s. The Giants took no time at all to realize how nutty Looney was and traded him to the Colts after 28 days. while with the Colts, Looney and another guy got into an argument over politics and later that evening broke into the apartment of the couple they had been arguing with and attacked them.
    He was then traded to the Lions. While with the Lions, Looney was told to run in and give the QB a play. He refused and told the Lions coach Harry Gilmer, “if you want a messenger boy, call Western Union”.
    He was then traded to the Redskins, and on one play where he was supposed to block for QB Sonny Jurgensen, he leveled the defender by dropping a right hook on his jaw.
    Looney was drafted in 1968, tried to fight it, but was unsuccessful, and went to Viet Nam. He came back and played for the Saints and had 3 carries for minus three yards. He retied and joined a religious group where it was alleged he became an enforcer for them.
    Looney died in 1988 in a motorcycle accident.
    Steve Sabol of NFL Films called him the most uncoachable player who ever played in the NFL. It was sad, because people who saw Looney play said he was a very talented RB.

  9. Jim Kelly obviously called in a favor to his old backup QB and very good friend for decades, Frank Reich.

    Jim has been working with Chad this offseason.

    Must be nice to have friends in such high places, who kee getting you chance after chance after chance (even as you keep pissing away each chance), eh?

    Still, I wish Chad luck and hope he finally learned his lesson and takes advantage of this opportunity.

  10. If Kelly has matured and can control his off field behavior, the team that signs him is going find a needle in a haystack. Unquestionably, he has immense talent. The question is his off field temperament.

  11. How many times is Jim Kelly going to bail this loser out? He already used his “2nd chance” when Jim vouched for him to get drafted. Move on from this head case and just get him the mental health he needs

  12. It’s very hard for a team to find a reliable starting or backup Quarterback.I would definitely sign him especially if there nervous one good hit Andrew luck career might be over.Put on him on a short lease and see what happens.

  13. Being related to Jim Kelly doesn’t make you a star QB! Remember Jim lost four SB’s (in a row)!

  14. Say you have a QB who is exactly average (Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Dak Prescott), and he’s a weirdo jerk, like Ben Roethlisburger and maybe even worse.
    Would he be able to get the respect of his team mates and function as the QB? If the HC and OC back him would that be sufficient? Would it impact the team?

  15. Chad Kelly has too much talent and connections to not be in the NFL.

    That said eventually he will run out of chances.

  16. A 2nd chance is fine. 30 x chances aren’t. Just off the top, he threatened a bar full of people with an AK-47 sweep and ran on the field during a HS game to fight. He’s obviously unbalanced

  17. Chad threw a fit on Facebook at Clemson when we detailed his drug dealing before his dad got him the heck out of PA. He’s a pile of dung.

  18. Terripet says:
    Colts will be dominate for many years to come
    Yeah, because they really looked dominant in that loss to KC during the playoffs, LOL!!

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