Report: Giants feared Denver or Washington would take Daniel Jones

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Giants G.M. Dave Gettleman has defended the decision to use his first of two first-round picks on quarterback Daniel Jones by insisting that two other teams would have drafted Jones, if the Giants had tried to wait until pick No. 17. But Gettleman  didn’t publicly identify the teams.

Privately, Gettleman or someone else from the Giants told Ralph Vacchiano of SNY the two teams. They are Denver and Washington.

The Broncos held the 10th overall pick, and Washington had pick No. 15.

Of course, either team could have moved up to No. 5 or higher to get Jones, given that the Giants didn’t do much to hide the fact that they wanted Jones. If they hadn’t felt compelled to float a trial balloon and/or get the fan base and media comfortable with the idea of what otherwise would have felt like an even bigger reach, maybe the Giants could have waited until pick No. 17.

Regardless, the Giants took Jones. Whether they used pick No. 6 or pick No. 17 or anything in between, all that matters at this point is whether he performs at an acceptable level. If he does, the pick becomes justified. If he doesn’t, the Giants will be hearing it even more loudly than they are now.

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  1. So odd since all the rumors stated that the Broncos wanted Drew Lock. At least they took him in the appropriate round, unlike the Giants.

  2. I doubt Broncos were going to take him at 10. But if the broncos acted like they would that make 1 more non Qb left on the board to take at 10.

  3. I believe the Giants believe this.
    I also believe Washington blew smoke about their front office beind “divided” between Haskins and Jones to induce the Giants to blow their earlier pick on him.

    Outsmarted by Danny Snyder. Go figure.

  4. Those two teams wanting jones should have been caution sign. Maybe his 60% completion rate will increase against better competition. There is a reason why man invented the word miracle.

  5. “Regardless, the Giants took Jones. Whether they used pick No. 6 or pick No. 17 or anything in between, all that matters at this point is whether he performs at an acceptable level. If he does, the pick becomes justified.”

    This is true. Fans always get hung up on draft position. As if that matters in the grand scheme of things. Fans get mad if a guy goes 11 but they think the team coulda taken him at 22. In the end.. if he pans out. That’s what matters.

  6. I can’t imagine Denver taking him, when they didn’t even take a QB until the 2nd round, with their third pick. And I gotta think Elway liked Lock better, anyway.

    As for Washington? I still don’t buy it.

    Gettleman’s going to go out like George Costanza.

  7. LOL….Denver had no interest in Jones at all. They wanted TJ Hockensen at 10 and since he was gone they traded down at the got 2nd best TE. I bet Snyder wanted him though.

  8. The draft position matters because they could have taken an elite pass rusher at 6 and then gotten Jones at 17. It’s not about Jones its about who they missed on because they reached for him.

  9. Passing on Josh Allen a fearsome pass rusher was a mistake. Daniel Jones is a reach and project. The eye test speaks for itself. Just another Tim Couch or Joey Harrington or the rest of guys that were easy to tell wouldn’t be much.

    Sometimes, you have to play poker. Nervous types are poor negotiators.

    You should NEVER let anyone know you liked Jones. GIants could’ve picked him up with the 30th pick in the 1st rd if not the 2nd.

    Jones is a scrub and Gettlemen will be fired.

  10. So Gettleman bases his decisions as a reaction to fear of what other teams might do, instead of being guided by his own compass to build a winning team. Every other GM in the NFC East smells blood and Giants fans have to feel uneasy about the future of the team.

  11. It’s not where he was drafted, it’s who. This will go down as an horrific QB class.

  12. If that was the top rated QB on their board and they took him kudos but picks like these cost you your job. Time will tell

  13. Them getting their man is an argument I can buy for taking them prematurely.

    Problem is that what I’ve seen of the Giants’ decisionmaking process the last few years and in this draft makes me think that they did a huge reach on a guy who won’t be as good as a number of other guys they could have drafted.

    Hearing Gettlemen talk about how he was sold on Jones after watching him play three series at the Senior Bowl makes me question exactly how competent Gettlemen is since Jones looked like crap against lesser teams such as Wake Forest.

  14. I think more and more, we’re beginning to see why Gettleman was canned by the Panthers. Could it be that their success a few years ago was in spite of DG and not because of him??

  15. Good for Jones. He’s about to be a wealthy young man in the NFL. It’s not his fault the Giants took him. All he can do is play and count his money.

  16. At the end of the day you go get who you want. That is the name of the game. If your board supports it then they got there man. As a Washington fan just glad we didn’t reach and move up. Only time will tell how this draft pans out however and by that time both team might have different GMs.

  17. Where Jones was taken matters because of several factors:

    1) No scout had him rated as the 2nd best QB in the draft
    2) The Giant’s passed up on a potential game changer on defense or other positions and that’s a completely lost opportunity.
    3) The group think about Cutcliffe and the Manning connection clouded their judgment. Who knows if any of that makes him worth the lost opportunity of getting a better-rated player
    4) The point of all of the work that goes into the first round and the reason that the NFL has the worst teams draft before the best teams is to even out the talent in the league so that it remains a good product. If teams squander that, it’s ultimately bad for the league. See Cleveland!

  18. They got the QB they wanted. Giants had second pick of QB in the draft and took it over facing having the possibility of fourth pick of QBs. I don’t think Jones was the better QB available; then again arm-chair GM doesn’t pay the bills.

  19. Funny because Denver has come out and said Lock was their top rated QB. The Skins have said the same, they were targeting Haskins all along.

    If I’m a Giants fan I’d be more worried that Gettleman had Daniel Jones rated the same as Josh Allen which he stated.

  20. kd75 says:
    April 28, 2019 at 12:43 am
    When the CHiefs traded up for Mahomes, people thought they were crazy at the time.
    They weren’t crazy for taking him but gave up lot to make the move. That’s what the issue was, the compensation they gave up for a guy with off the charts upside.
    The Giants got a guy who is basically a finished product with almost no further upside.
    He’s Chris Weinke

  21. I have no issue with the Giants taking Jones if that was their guy. You don’t wait on a franchise qb. You take him immediately. And they clearly see something special in him. Only time will tell if they evaluated him properly. Maybe he ends up bring the only franchise QB in the draft. What I don’t like about him is his lack of personality and charisma. I want my QB to be an alpha. This guy puts you to sleep.

  22. Gettleman heard it through the grapevine which makes perfect sense if you are playing whispering down the lane with a bunch of card sharks.

  23. I saw jones play twice and saw nothing to indicate he was better than Haskins or Lock. This pick will decide if the GM has a job in three years!

  24. “This is true. Fans always get hung up on draft position. As if that matters in the grand scheme of things. Fans get mad if a guy goes 11 but they think the team coulda taken him at 22. In the end.. if he pans out. That’s what matters”

    True, if a team only has 1 pick that round. It’s not just a matter taking your guy earlier than you could, I think the frustration from Giants fans is that they could have had Allen AND Jones.

  25. Jones is the best passer in the draft. That isn’t saying.much though. I don’t think there was a first round quarterback in the draft. All were a reach. Jones has the best chance of being around for a second contract.

  26. If they’re truly convinced that Daniel Jones is their franchise QB for the next decade or more, then they have to take him at 6. You don’t gamble on a decision that important. So, really, this isn’t a question of 6 or 17. It’s a question of is he or isn’t he a franchise QB.

  27. Gettleman already making excuses? Just say you think Jones is your QB of the future and you went and got him. If Jones is the QB of the future in the Giants eyes, then they needed to grab him.

    Personally, I think he is Dave Brown 2.0, and Gettleman is putting too much into the Manning connection, but we won’t know for sure for several years.

  28. I remember back in 2002, the Bengals took LT Levi Jones at #10 and everyone said they were crazy taking him that high. They said they knew that he would be gone by #15 if they didn’t take him. He turned out to be a great player and foundation of their offensive line, until injuries mounted. It only takes one other team to feel the same way to take the player that you want, so if you are dead-set on a player, you need to take him when you can, or you may not have another chance.

  29. Just means the Giants didn’t want Haskins. Haskins or Jones would’ve been there at 17. What isn’t clear is whether Washington preferred Jones over Haskins. Could’ve just taken Josh Allen at 6 and then traded up from 17 to take Jones.

  30. Gettleman got totally played. Washington wanted Haskins and probably are still in shock they got him. Elway would never draft a noodle arm like Jones. If Gettleman didn’t have the love affair based on the Manning/Cutcliffe connection, Jones would have gone about were Lock did, mid-2nd round. The Giants offseason has been an unmitigated train wreck thanks to the arrogant Gettleman driving the train.

  31. I get a kick out of fans. Gettleman couldn’t possibly know that other teams may have taken Jones they say, but the fans know for a fact that no scout had Jones rated that high! haha

  32. Funny because this report is being slammed as false by local and national reporters for both teams. Ralph V is Gettleman’s coffee boy. The both of them have been taking slight shots at the Jets all weekend, while the Jets had a stellar draft in the premium rounds. Rent free.

  33. This is like the Dolphins falling in love with Jake Browning from Washington and making him their #1 pick. Instead he signed an UDFA contract with Minnesota. Jones should of been the same-

  34. The Giants got the best QB in the draft with the 6th pick. That’s pretty darn good. All this shoulda woulda coulda stuff that’s coming from people who never put on a super bowl ring is just a bunch of nonsense. In 5 or 6 years from now we’ll look back and talk about what a great move Gettleman made to draft Jones.

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