Report: Giants were wrong to think Broncos would draft Daniel Jones

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After Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman justified his decision to take Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick in the draft by saying he knows for a fact two other teams would have taken Jones in the first half of Round 1, a report emerged that the two teams were Washington and Denver. But that may not be the case.

According to Mike Klis of 9 News, the Broncos would not have taken Jones in the first round. In fact, Klis (who is always plugged-in to Broncos General Manager John Elway) tweets that Drew Lock was Denver’s No. 1 quarterback. The Broncos eventually took Lock with the 42nd overall pick, but Denver passed on Lock in the first round.

That doesn’t mean Gettleman is wrong that someone would have taken Jones before the Giants got their next pick at No. 17 overall, but the report is that it definitely wasn’t the Broncos.

If Jones was Gettleman’s top-rated quarterback, taking him at No. 6 was probably smarter than sitting and waiting and hoping he would be there at No. 17. The Giants need a successor to Eli Manning and couldn’t risk missing out on their top choice. But few outside the Giants organization had Jones rated as highly.

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  1. This is why the Giants didn’t take a QB last year. This was the plan all along. The Mannings orchestrated this and next will be Eli getting a 2 year extension for about 50 mil.

  2. That Gettleman thought Elway would have taken Jones is disturbing enough if you’re a Giant fan. Even someone not plugged into the Broncos could have told you that.

  3. If Elway was going to pass on him then there is a good chance he will be a good NFL QB.

  4. Nobody in their right mind would draft a 17-19 loser. Gettleman and Mara are idiots!

  5. Why would a team that picked a quarterback say they really wanted another QB then the one they picked?

    “Yea we really liked Jones and would have picked him… but we had to settle for the guy that was there….”

    Doesn’t sound like something a GM would say. I haven’t heard anyone else say they wanted another play then the one the picked.

  6. Who cares? Duke boy is a Giant. That won’t change until he’s cut or traded.
    So it’s all a he said she said type deal, that it just media fodder.

  7. I’m no fan of the Giants…but if I recall correctly people were ringing their hands at what Andy Reid gave up for Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs traded with the Bills for the 10th overall pick with the Chiefs giving up their first & third, as well as their first in 2018.
    And all for a guy that many mock drafts had as a late 1st or early 2nd round pick. That sure turned out to be a stroke of genius didn’t it?

    Noone knows at this point how ANY of these guys are gonna pan out. I loath the Giants…but let the kid play before you destroy him.

  8. For all we know, Dave Gettleman drafted a HOF QB. He made a brilliant move by drafting him with the #6 pick. The truth is we don’t have any idea. I understand there are personal issues between some people in football and some people in the media, but I’d just say this is starting to get ridiculous. When Tom Brady got drafted in the 6th round, I don’t remember anyone from the media ridiculing all 32 teams, including the Patriots, for passing on Brady 5 times. The Giants had a great draft. Got 3 studs in the first round. Giants fans have something to celebrate. Also, since when did anything John Elway did with QB evaluations become any kind of measuring stick? I would be worried if Elway liked the QB I drafted.

  9. thefiesty1 says:
    April 28, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    Nobody in their right mind would draft a 17-19 loser. Gettleman and Mara are idiots!
    John Elway was 20-23 at Stanford. You probably didn’t like him either, but he ended up winning 2 super bowls and going into the HOF. Patrick Mahomes was 13-16 at Texas Tech. You probably didn’t like him either. He hasn’t won any super bowls yet, but so far you’re not looking too good. I won’t call you an idiot because maybe you’re brilliant at something else.

  10. I’m looking forward to watching the 4th preseason game where the Patriots play the Giants to see Stidham face Jones. Stidham will win that duel.

  11. Elway wanted a QB with a big arm. He talked about that quite a bit during the offseason and as part of the reason he wanted Flacco to replace Keenum. Daniel Jones has some good qualities, but “a big-armed quarterback” isn’t the way anyone was describing him. It seems pretty obvious that the Broncos weren’t picking him.

    Meanwhile, Washington made calls about a trade-up into the top five to get Haskins, who they picked when he fell to them.

    It appears that Giants execs are feeling the heat and probably leaking this stuff in an effort to give themselves some PR cover. If Jones is good, it will all be forgotten. If he looks like a third-round talent when he takes the field, heads should probably roll.

  12. If Gettleman didn’t run his mouth so much, both he and the Giants would be a lot better off.

  13. Of course the Broncos are going to say that. Even if they had Jones as the #1 QB on their board, they would never admit it now that they have taken Lock.

  14. The Giants are starting to act like the old Browns. Here in Denver we had all the QB’s in but it’s been obvious that Flacco is it for a year or 2. And no way did Elway ever want Jones. I think it was Lock all along with the idea of sitting him for 1 or 2yrs. Now the Giants overdrafted Jones, but all will be know in 2-3 yrs not this year for both QB’s. I think Haskins will be the best of the bunch, but time will tell.

  15. “We know Eli sadly can’t play forever and we saw a lot about Jones that could fit very well with our coaches and our plans going forward. We also liked Jones’ character and put a high value on that. For all of which we felt made it worth not waiting beyond our 1st chance.”
    (Even if that’s all bull, Gettleman, this is the sort of thing you should say, and little else.)

  16. First round or sixth round every pick is a crap shoot. All this hand wringing over which round someone is taken is waste of time….check on them two years from now and then you can whine about where they were picked….

  17. This is some high school BS. Just stop. It doesn’t matter who is plugged-in. The picks are done. we will all see who works out well and who doesn’t. Maybe Denver wanted Gettleman’s guy and don’t want to say it because they got Lock. It doesn’t matter because all of those guys are just stroking their own egos.

  18. That is why you shouldn’t believe anything from Ralph Vacchiano in the first place. He’s just a huge Giants homer trying to justify the pick and come to the defense of Gettleman.

  19. Here’s the thing. If Gettleman is telling the truth, then why didn’t he say that on Thursday instead of that tap dance he gave while sitting at the table wringing his hands, trying to figure out what to say? No, instead this excuse doesn’t surface until Saturday. Come on, this is so transparent.

  20. Fact is that guys get picked top 10 because of on field production, outstanding production. This wasn’t apparent with this guy. Maybe he bucks the trend and becomes the greatest Giant ever, but it’s not 1979 and owners aren’t as patient with developing players. Jones wins regardless. He’s rich and will start at some point. Worst thing for him, he gets cut or traded after 3 years with his fat account. Worse case for the Giants, Wentz, Prescott and Haskins smash them for the next decade and they’re still looking for a new QB.

  21. Who cares? If you like a QB enough to not risk losing him, that’s the ultimate win. For all anybody knows, someone could have moved up ahead of 17 if they passed on him at 6. They got their guy, let’s put all this other mess to bed.

  22. Only time will tell whether or not it was a wise move. If Jones turns out to be Manning’s successor then it was probably a good pick. If he flames out in the NFL then Gettleman will probably get fired. However, QBs are a crap shoot. There’s no guarantee any of them will succeed in the NFL. Since Gettleman has gone on the offensive about his track record recently I’d have to think he’s on the hot seat and is trying to convince himself, and the Giants, that he still deserves the job.

  23. When a team uses a top ten draft pick on a mildly accurate QB, completion percentage (59.9) he had better be special. Jones is mobile enough to escape and make big plays throwing or running. But, Jones’ ceiling appears limited by less-than-stellar arm strength, as he can’t always drive longer throws, especially when forced to move or go off-platform. Jones looks the part, as a 6-foot-5, 221-pounder who can move (4.67-second 40-yard dash at his pro day), but a Jones is light in the ass at 221-pounder to be a running QB in the NFL. Not what you want Jones doing with the investment of a high first-round six overall draft pick.

  24. So if Lock was the Broncos top rated QB, then they had Kyler Murray as a third rounder or something? Get out of here with that. Teams always want to sound like they got such a huge bargain with their pick.

    Klis gets lots of info from Elway, but in return he has to do some favors for him. Calling Lock their top rated QB is one of them.

  25. ‘This is why the Giants didn’t take a QB last year. This was the plan all along. The Mannings orchestrated this and next will be Eli getting a 2 year extension for about 50 mil.’

    The idea that the ‘Manning’s ‘ orchestrated this is assanine at best. Amazing to me how peopel declare their ignorance so willingly.

  26. Giants could have had Allen at six and Lock at seventeen. Instead they have Jones and a fat guy. Who would most GMs rather have?

  27. If not for the bonehead move by my Bengals… who also need a QB…trading the pick to Denver they would not have gotten Lock either!

  28. Noone knows at this point how ANY of these guys are gonna pan out. I loath the Giants…but let the kid play before you destroy him.
    you are absolutely correct, but forgive me if I route for him to fail anyway since he is now a giant. i’ve met a lot of dukies who are unemployed, but they do have trust funds to fall back on.

  29. I wouldn’t say that Lock was Denver’s #1 rated QB but he was probably their #1 target.

  30. Everyone is full of it, especially Gettleman. There is no way he knew “for a fact” other teams would’ve taken Jones. I have no Idea if Jones will work out or not, but I know “for a fact” that Gettleman is terrible at talking to the media. He really needs to hire someone to help him out. Even saying that he took the guy because he thought someone else would is bad. Just say you took him because he’s the guy you wanted. Done. Stop. Finish. Quit apologizing for your decision. You look like a tool.

  31. Everyone needs to remember that Gettleman was the one NOT Jerry Reese who built the two Super Bowl winning rosters for Coughlin.

  32. First off, too many people whining about the Jones pick, kid hasn’t even played a down in the NFL, give him a chance first. Secondly anybody wonder why the broncos traded back in the first round? Possibly it was because the QB they were going to take was gone already? Lastly, if this Jones kid gets on the field this year (which I doubt< I believe Eli will be extended 2 more years) and sucks, then we take a page from the Cards playbook and draft a QB at 1 next year… although I wouldn't trade him rt away like the Cards did Rosen, I would keep him as our back up and make use of him on the cheap, then trade him at the end of his contract…

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