Seahawks expecting to add more pass-rushers, eventually

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Seattle used their first-round pick on TCU defensive end L.J. Collier, which was a significant first step.

But after trading defensive end Frank Clark to the Chiefs last week, they still have a significant hole to fill.

Via Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, the Seahawks are expected to get active in free agency after May 7, when signings no longer impact the compensatory pick formula for 2020.

We’re not done,” coach Pete Carroll said. “We’ve got some work to do. You guys will be excited about what’s coming up.”

Of course, they could sign a guy such as Nick Perry now without changing the math on comp picks, since Perry was released by the Packers.

But if they wanted to sign an unrestricted free agent such as Ziggy Ansah — or perhaps defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh — they’d be better served to wait.

Either way, Clark took 13 of their 43 sacks from last season with him to Kansas City, and they know they’re going to need more than Collier to replace that kind of production.

15 responses to “Seahawks expecting to add more pass-rushers, eventually

  1. With their cap flexibility post Clark, I expect them to have a better pass rush than they did last season. They may have had sacks but QB pressures seemed down. Expect a rotation of a couple post May 8th signings along with all the young bucks they have in the stable.

  2. Start looking at the pass rushers that went undrafted and bring them in to see if they would be a good fit in that defense! 🏈

  3. People get drafted and veteran’s get released. We can pick up a vet or 2 ,now the draft is over and releases will be coming soon. Some teams wait to make sure they get their draft needs before releasing players. We will be alright

  4. 5 of Frank Clark’s sacks came from playing against Oakland, 49ers, and cardinals, ain’t missing much

  5. Adding Suh a one year deal like the Rams did last year would make Suh a perfect fit for the Seahawks. He would be a huge upgrade against the run.

  6. I don’t know who is trying to diminish Clark but how many of Aaron Donald’s sacks game against Seattles line when it was ranked worst in NFL? You could do that same thing against any player.

    Word on the street is Doug Baldwin is retiring for real. So that’s another 7 or 8 million in cap space. Seattle will add a free agent pass rusher when it no longer affects compensatory picks. Edge rusher without doubt is biggest need on the roste.

  7. It is hard for a bottom feeder to find good players. They have to sample a lot of muck to find a morsel or two, and only if they are lucky. Because of the huge contract they gave to Shorty, Penny-pinching Mode will be a bottom feeder for a long time. They traded away Frank Clark for a first round pick, but what did they use it for? They traded it away to eventually give them a total of 7 picks in later rounds. Most of those players they picked in those later rounds were not even ranked by the draft experts. A blind squirrel may find a nut, but it is nuts to think that they found a great player among those 7 they drafted in the late rounds.

  8. @thebirdofprey, it’s more about plays disrupted or backfield disruption than going off sack total. Donald creates havoc constantly. Clark sometimes. Seattle could not stomach paying Frank almost as much as Aaron Donald when he’s 65-70% the player. Which isn’t knocking Clark, it’s just the truth. Seattle with Wilson and Carroll, doesn’t have an issue getting vet free agents like say Buffalo or Detroit. I’m confident the Seahawks will figure out a way to make up for Frank Clark and his 21 million salary.

  9. loved frank clark – but agree that the salary he could get at this moment in time was out of whack w him as a player.

    i know hope springs eternal the days after the draft, when every prospect looks like a sure-fire starter – — but, have to say Schneider is good at this – the return he ended up getting when all was said and done, in exchange for our picks, was super impressive. and the return on the Clark trade is what jump-started all the draft moves.

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