Vincent Testaverde gets an invitation to Buccaneers’ rookie camp

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In 1987, Vinny Testaverde became the first overall pick in the draft, selected by the Buccaneers. In 2019, Testaverde’s son will try to secure a spot on the 90-man offseason roster.

Albany coach Greg Gattuso has announced on Twitter that Vincent Testaverde has been invited to the Buccaneers’ rookie camp on a tryout basis.

After a year at Texas Tech and a transfer to Miami (his dad’s school), Testaverde Jr. transferred to Albany, sat out the 2017 season, and started eight games in 2018.

In 2014 at Texas Tech, Testaverde completed 15 of 26 passes for 116 yards against Texas, entering the game after Patrick Mahomes suffered an injury.

In his only season at Albany, Testaverde completed 117 of 219 passes for 1,714 yards. He threw 11 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions.

Testaverde faces a steep uphill climb to make it in the NFL. But he’s trying, and there’s something to be said for that.

23 responses to “Vincent Testaverde gets an invitation to Buccaneers’ rookie camp

  1. Deserving of what exactly? With that record he should give up while he’s behind!

  2. I saw Testaverde play at URI. He was not good. I’m sure he is a wonderful young man, but if his last name was Wilson, he is getting hired at some insurance company, not going to NFL camp.

  3. Stop complaining guys, all he will be is an extra arm for the rookie camp… that is all.

  4. After he fizzles out in Tampa…Bill Belichick will bring him to New England to replace a legend…just like he did with Cleveland many years ago with his this guy’s dad. The plan finally makes sense…head exploded…lol.

  5. The ‘good ol boy’ network at play here. I thought those days were long gone. Its like were going back in time.

  6. I wonder if the Giants considered him if Daniels got got snatched from their grasp?

  7. The people who complained Vinny wasn’t good in his early Tampa Bay years should take into consideration the coaching he received. Ray Perkins (that should be enough) called the shots. The old-time stereotypical Run Left, Run Right, Pass, Punt. Mike Leach famously looked across the field at Perkins and said “he doesn’t have a friend in the world.” When Vinny left TB he did very well. Good luck to young Vincent.

  8. I know he must be 50 or more by now but my immediate reaction was to miss-read this as “Vinny Testaverde was invited to Bucs camp”. Must be all that trauma from Jeff George articles popping up ten years ago.

  9. Quite a few number one and two picks turned out to be busts after stellar college careers. Quite a few undrafted or low round QBs have come in to even win Super Bowls. Sometimes some pro coaching tweaks a minor flaw and that dude becomes the guy they need. Or he can fizzle and wait for his inheritance.

  10. Didn’t Jeff George get criticized because he transferred schools? Now it seems routine, especially for QB, to try 2 or 3 colleges.

  11. It’s nice to give Vinny’s kid a tryout. But, I don’t know if he is even good enough to truly be a camp arm. Vinny threw almost as many INTs as TDs in the NFL, but his kid did that at Albany.

  12. It’s a nice touch to offer the son of a former QB a chance to go to the rookie camp. Vinny Testaverdi meant a lot to the Bucs development back then. I watch him play at Miami and with the Bucs. Haters can hate all they want. I personally don’t give a hoot!

  13. What’s the harm? How about the fact he’s taking some deserving player’s spot. This is an example of a privilege given to certain people, but not extended to others.

    A legacy ire, plain & simple.

  14. What’s the harm? How about the fact he’s taking some deserving player’s spot. This is an example of a privilege given to certain people, but not extended to others.

    A legacy hire, plain & simple.

  15. Yeah, the Bucs doing Vinny a favor. No harm done. It reminds me of Jerry Rice’s son getting a couple (maybe a few?) camp tryouts a few years back, even though he was way too small and had a very undistinguished college career.

    I always root for underdogs, so good luck to him.

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