Bears will bring five kickers to rookie minicamp

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The Bears have seemingly been rebuffed in their pursuit of Robbie Gould, and they weren’t able to draft a kicker over the weekend.

That will not keep them from continuing their search for someone to replace Cody Parkey.

Via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bears will have five kickers at their rookie minicamp this weekend.

The are signing San Diego State’s John Baron II, and four other kickers are reportedly going to be with them for tryouts.

That group includes Minnesota State-Mankato punter/kicker Casey Bednarski, Minnesota kicker Emmit Carpenter, McNeese State punter/kicker Alex Kjellsten, and Purdue kicker Spencer Evans.

‘‘’Thorough’ is the word I want to use,’’ General Manager Ryan Pace said of their search. ‘‘ ‘Thorough.’ Like looking under every stone and being thorough with this whole evaluation.’’

The Bears have three kickers you’ve never heard of on the roster at the moment (Chris Blewitt, Elliott Fry, and Redford Jones), after getting rid of Parkey following his double-doink playoff miss.

But as they keep looking under all these rocks, they may come to the realization that they’re not going to be able to upgrade from their previous kicker. Gould asked for a trade, but the 49ers said they weren’t going to move their franchise-tagged kicker to allow him to get closer to his Chicago home.

12 responses to “Bears will bring five kickers to rookie minicamp

  1. During my entire lifetime (I was born in ’82), it seems the Bears have perpetually searched for a franchise quarterback. They tell me they’ve found one in Trubisky. We’ll see. I just wish they had approached the most important position on the field with the same veracity as they have with finding a kicker. Love my Bears. LOVE EM. But stuff like this makes you just face palm…

  2. I still can’t believe they got Montgomery and Ridley where they got em. If the Hawks hadn’t won the third pick this year, this would have felt like picking five numbers in Powerball.

    I may in the minority, but bringing Gould back sounds great in theory but has all the makings of a letdown. And that was before he was tagged.

  3. Thorough? – more like desperate/hopeless/clueless. Why stop at 5? – just have an open day.

  4. Pace can keep “kickin’ rocks”. Just like their kicker will be doing by the time November rolls around (whoever it is). And that rock will be going right off the goalpost.

    And that’s when ownership will start “kickin’ rocks” in their new GM search.

  5. I hope Blewitt does not blow it…

    Gould is not showing up for the 49ers until the last day possible. He may tank it there to come back to his Sweet Home Chicago.

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