Cowboys signing Larry Allen Jr. as undrafted free agent

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Twenty five years ago, the Cowboys used a second-round pick on some offensive lineman from some place named Sonoma State.

The guy’s name was Larry Allen, and since he ended up in the Hall of Fame, it’s easy to say it worked out.

They’re giving it another shot this week.

The team announced they had agreed to terms with Harvard offensive lineman Larry Allen Jr., adding the son of perhaps their best lineman in franchise history. Allen Jr. was All-Ivy League last season, the second time he earned that honor.

Allen Jr. and the rest of the undrafted free agents will officially sign next week before minicamp. The team announced that group also includes Kansas defensive end Daniel Wise, Kentucky cornerback Chris Westry, Clemson offensive tackle Mitch Hyatt and North Texas wide receiver Jalen Guyton.

9 responses to “Cowboys signing Larry Allen Jr. as undrafted free agent

  1. I bet you that San Fran lineman in the picture was fearing for his life, L.A. looks like he will eat him as a snack. Larry Allen was one of the best o-linemen to ever play, he was so big and strong and he could also run. Does anyone remember when the Cowboys played in New Orleans and Aikman threw a pick to a Saints linebacker and L.A ran him down maybe 30 yards down the field to save a touchdown.
    I hope his son is a chip off the old block.

  2. congrats jr!

    side note…I really wish the cowboys would’ve signed lil Jordan Humphrey…smh

  3. With that Harvard degree least we know the kid will make it in life. Good on LA for being able to get his kid these advantages and good on the kid for taking advantage of them. Here’s hoping he can make it happen in the NFL.

  4. I like giving sons of former team players a chance to attend rookie camp. It show a great respect for that former player by giving the son a chance to see what the NFL dream is all about. You never know what you find.

  5. John Madden would always mention Sonoma State when he did a cowboys game. It’s in Rohnert Park, California. About fifty miles north of San Francisco. Shortly after Larry Allen left they dropped football. People used to refer to the school as Granola State College. It’s now a well respected liberal arts school that still has no football program. As a teenager it was worth riding our bikes by the ponds and the pool because the coeds often sun bathed topless.

  6. thefiesty1 says:

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. That’s how JJ drafts!
    you couldn’t be more wrong, check out the Cowboys draft classes from the last 5 to 6 years, they have drafted very well. Do some research before posting your usual lousy comments.

  7. Sr. was one of the biggest freak athletes to ever step on a football field. If his kid has half that athleticism he’ll do fine.

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