Dave Gettleman: We’ll see how crazy I am in three years


Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman’s decision to draft quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick has come in for a lot of criticism over the last few days and he’s defended his choice by saying that he knows that at least two other teams were ready to pick Jones before the Giants would be back on the board at No. 17.

That feeling has been rebuffed by others, including Peter King in Football Morning in America. King spoke to Gettleman for that column and Gettleman pushed back at critics by doing something he did ahead of the draft as well. He’s pointing to his history of being involved in successful organizations and lamenting the lack of patience others are showing for his rebuilding effort.

“The bottom line is, I have confidence in what I do and who I am,” Gettleman said. “I’ve been a part of organizations that had pretty good quarterbacks — Jim Kelly, John Elway, Kerry Collins, Eli Manning, Cam Newton. … I’ve been a part of teams that went to seven Super Bowls. I had a hand in some of them. But today, there’s no patience. And there’s no room for civil discourse in our society, which I find sad.”

Gettleman and the Giants spent the last few months telling anyone who asked that Manning is still a high level quarterback who just needed a better supporting cast in order to return the team to a winning record. The Jones pick sent a different message and didn’t provide that help to Manning, which is a reversal of course that is always going to lead to the kind of response that we’ve seen since Thursday night.

The list of quarterbacks above were not taken when Gettleman was in the top job and their selection didn’t leave him in the spotlight the way that the Jones pick will. Gettleman told King that “we’ll find out how crazy I am” in three years and we’ll see if the Giants are that patient if their 8-24 record over the last two years proves more telling of the future than Gettleman’s more distant past.

45 responses to “Dave Gettleman: We’ll see how crazy I am in three years

  1. “We’ll see in 3 years”? I’d call that kicking the can down the road. He sounds so much like a certain politician, it’s not even funny.

    No sir, we’ll find out in the 1st pre season game if you made a smart move or a catastrophic one, like most are saying. You don’t get 3 years on this. That is absurd. BTW, of the QBs Gettleman listed on his resume, he drafted exactly ZERO of them.

  2. If He’s not the starting QB by the start of the 2020 season your not crazy, YOUR STUPID !

  3. “…he knows that at least two other teams were ready to pick Jones…”

    Too bad they were both in the AAF.

  4. 3 years!!!??

    3 years from now any player in their prime right now will be worn down and tired of losing.

    Barkley is a great RB, but if they use him like they did last season, Im not sure how he’ll look in 3 years.

    I think the worst pick the Giants ever made was Gettleman.

  5. that’s not how the 6th pick overall works… he should have drafted this guy in round three then he could have had three years to develop him…into a competent backup

  6. This is Gettleman’s 2nd draft. You keep attaching that 2-year record to him, but he was only around for 1 if those 2 years. The hack job on this guy is amazing. He’s right. We won’t know who Daniel Jones is until the end of 2020. As a Giants fan, I don’t even like the Jones pick, but I’m reasonable enough to give it more than 4 days to play out.

  7. The definition of crazy is making bizarre decisions and statements then get angry when people take notice. By this definition Gettleman is crazy now and will still be considered crazy in 3 yrs .

  8. First of all, he did scout and recommended those quarterbacks. The reason he said 3 yrs is because rookie quarterbacks don’t win Super Bowls. You people are being unnecessarily unreasonable.

  9. Gettleman is a buffoon. More implosions are coming for the Giants with the G-Man as GM.

  10. Watching this franchise collapse into dysfunction and mediocrity has been a highlight of the last few years.

  11. As a sports fan, the last thing I would ever want is a GM who constantly feels the need to defend himself and justify his actions to the media. It screams lack of confidence and all kinds of insecurities. If I was a giants fan, I’d be super concerned about the next few years.

  12. LMAO at this guy trying to buy himself three years as GM. You don’t get three years to prove yourself in any job, much less professional sports. Stop referencing teams you’ve been associated with in the past – they have zero relevance to now.

  13. Mara should dictate Jones start at least 8 games, perhaps more in 2019, so that they have an indication whether or not he has the goods to be a successful NFL quarterback or not. If the answer is yes, than great, Gettleman erred in selecting him at # 6 when he would have been available at 17 and probably into the 2nd round, and missed on drafting an elite game changing edge pass rusher in Allen, but the Giants have their QB. If he is not a capable starting NFL QB, the Gaints must make that determination, sooner rather than later, terminate ties with all personnel responsible for the drafting of Jones and failure to draft a QB in 2018, and move forward doing whatever they have to do to draft one of the top QB prospects coming out in 2020, a much better class than that of 2019. Gettleman erred in drafting Jones at # 6, that much is certain, the question remains whether he can actually succeed as a starting QB in the NFL at a high level, or whether it was an absolutely disastrous draft choice and he fails at the NFL level. At # 6, you don’t draft a QB to be a career backup or to be cut by the next GM hired to clean up the mess the previous one left. We shall soon see, but perhaps not soon enough for Giants fans, whether Jones is the answer at QB, or whether Gettleman created the scenario via his stupidity and blunders that he stated during his press conference when hired that he wanted to avoid the Giants having to endure, quarterback purgatory. Either way, Mara can absolutely not permit Gettleman to delay the transition of quarterbacks. I would start Jones after 3-4 games, perhaps less, even consider starting him right away in 2019, and know what we having and our needs are entering the 2020 draft. This whole situation was handled very poorly. If you are going to draft a QB # 6, the Giants should have terminated ties with Eli and saved that cap money to sign perhaps 2 additional free agents.

  14. I believe Gettleman said something about drafting the Giants QB of the future, retiring, and watching him succeed from his place in Cape Cod. So I don’t think he’s worried about getting fired.

    The Bills had a similar situation six years ago with a GM named Buddy Nix. He was about to retire but wanted to get the team their franchise QB on the way out the door.

    His name: EJ Manuel.

  15. Mr. Getteman, you’re too dumb to realize that it isn’t the selection of the QB that people are criticizing, It’s when you took him and the missed opportunities to select elite level pass rushers for your horrible defense. You are supposed to be building a TEAM.

  16. I guess we will. Probably would help if he would quit responding every little piece of criticism.

  17. This guy was never a good GM. He inherited a team built by Marty Hurney, and his prized possession was Star Lotulelei who is now being overpaid by Buffalo. I remember the media and sport fans propped this guy up as some star GM and only Panthers fans called it out. Look at the OL, secondary, and WR corp he left in Carolina too.

  18. You know it’s a tough call, really. If you see a player you believe in and are legitimately worried that he won’t be there the next time you pick, you have to make the move. So what is a “reach” for you early, could be a “spot on” pick for someone else later. The problem is, you don’t get the guy want. I guess what makes this so hard to buy is that the Giants had two more picks in the first round.

  19. I was neutral on this guy before the draft but now I get the outrage. Even if he thinks this QB will be great he should have read the room enough to know he would be available later on, like on day 3.

  20. Gotta love Giants fans. They roasted team last year because they took the the stud Saquon Barkley now this year they go with one of the most pressing needs and identified who they believe is best QB for them and still fans not happy.

  21. Dude talks far too much for a GM, that’s for sure – better to remain silent and thought a fool.

  22. cjb5671 nailed it. It’s all about draft position. Even if the kid is the 2nd coming of Joe Montana you still could have had him later in the draft. You got your QB, but nothing to keep him upright. So much OL talent on the board as well as the pass rushers which cjb mentioned.

  23. Agree with what he says. Theres no patience. If the internet was around in 1989 when the Cowboys went 0-11 (Steve Walsh won their only game) fans would be slating Aikman as a bust and saying Walsh should be kept and Aikman traded.

    The second a players drafted people (Media and fans) seem to have a magic crystal ball and know exactly how a player will do. Manning his rookie season late with NYG was pretty poor and only showed a bit of a spark late in the year. I’m sure most fans wouldnt expect Eli to have won 2 SB’s.

    As the GM says, give it a few years to see whether this was a great move or not

  24. Gettleman has a way of stretching the truth (i. e. he’s full of it) and he talks out of both sides of his mouth. As a Giants fan, I find it hard to root for him but he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. He’s our Bruce Allen.

  25. zeke2517 says:8-32 over two years…That an impossibly bad record.

    What’s impossible is that, according to you, they played 40 games in the past two year with the season being 16 games. Do some research…their actual record was 7-25, not impossibly bad…if you want impossibly bad, try the Browns 2016-17, 1-31.

  26. If Jones has a better career than Haskins, Gettleman will be vindicated. We should know after 3 years.

  27. “…he knows that at least two other teams were ready to pick Jones…”

    There’s no way he could know that for sure. No other team would have given him an honest answer beforehand and there’d be no reason for them to share that info after the fact. It’s also conveniently impossible to verify so he might just as well have said that EVERY other team was going to make Jones their very next pick.

  28. Only an idiot would draft a 17-19 QB that high. He could have been had in the7th round.

  29. Gettleman couldn’t win here. Before the draft he was crazy if he didn’t take a 1st round QB and when he does he is crucified for it.

  30. I remember the Rams and Eagles getting ripped to shreds for drafting Goff and Wentz so high. Goff went to the SB and Wentz was an MVP candidate before blowing his knee out. Eventually the people that criticized those team’s kind of disappeared into the woodwork never to be heard from again on that subject. Many are probably the same ones commenting here acting like they know what they’re talking about when they don’t.

    Jones could be a bust or the next Tom Brady no one knows at this point.

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