John Elway thinks Joe Flacco’s entering his prime


The Broncos waited until the 42nd overall pick to take a quarterback, in part because of the incredible trust John Elway has in a 34-year-old.

The Broncos boss told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America that what he’s seen so far from Joe Flacco was enough for him to be patient in his pursuit, and waiting to draft Drew Lock until the middle of the second round.

“Our comfort with Joe enabled us to pass on a quarterback,” Elway said. “What made that decision is, Joe is fitting really well with what we want to do offensively, and he looked great in our minicamp last week. He really put on a throwing exhibition last week in camp.

I truly think we’ve got a guy coming into his prime.”

Nothing on the back of Flacco’s football card suggests that is true. The last four years, his passer rating has hovered between 80 and 84, and they only broke a three-year playoff drought when he was replaced by Lamar Jackson.

Like the Ravens, the Broncos aren’t exactly overburdened with receiving talent, though they hope first-round tight end Noah Fant will become a major part of the passing game soon.

14 responses to “John Elway thinks Joe Flacco’s entering his prime

  1. If Joe Flacco is entering the prime of his career according to Elway then i look just like Brad Pitt…….come on John!

  2. 84.1 career pass rating and now a dodgy back too. AFC agrees its a great signing for Denver.

  3. Just goes to show how we can’t trust a word that comes out of Elway’s mouth. Not criticizing the Flacco trade or the Drew Lock pick, but if you really felt a QB was entering his prime, why would you use a 2nd round pick on another QB? Point is Elway you should not make some bold proclamations that show prove you’re a liar.

  4. As a die-hard Raven fan (jeez, I’m still following Joe) what the Broncos naysayers don’t realize is that Joe never had a decent OC except for Kubiak. The reasons B’more receivers could NOT get open was the game plan pure and simple. Joe was always coming out in the shotgun. No one ever played press coverage on us. CBs would play 5-7 yards off the ball and just let the receiver come to them. Point is, if you play Joe under center (not in shotgun) then you will at least begin to play to Joe’s strengths. Anyway, like all the teams, we will see what is what come September.

  5. As a Broncos fan, I’m not overly unrealistically excited about Flacco. However, he is an upgrade over Keenum who sparked a major facepalm in me the moment they signed him. Keenum was barely an upgrade over Trevor Siemian. Neither of them played behind a good o-line. If Flacco has time, it could all be great. If he’s dropping back under constant pressure, it will be another long season.

  6. Elway praises Flacco after drafting another QB. He speaks with a forked tongue.

  7. John wouldn’t be making him the uncontested starter if he didn’t think he was the guy. Drafting a kid to back him up is smart…did you see what happened in Washington last season? I am excited to see Flacco with this team, Elway has assembled a good team with great coaches and they may surprise people.

  8. Like ravenken I too understand the dilemma that has been the narratives of joes Joe’s career. JOHN Elway isn’t blind.i have said this a number of times that i hope mr.Elway comes out of this a genius.As far as thr draft goes It was obvious that the players originally drafted were to joes strengths. And as far as taking john lock when they did it would be the biggest mistake. He wasn’t the main piece to this but it ended up a “freebie”. At this point i believe Joe is in the best possible situation to thrive like he began to when Gary Kubiak was his OC… Ive switched my allegiance to Denver Broncos from the Baltimore ravens. we shall surely see…..GO DENVER !!!!????

  9. thefiesty1 says:
    April 29, 2019 at 1:34 pm
    Sorry, John. Flacco is no Peyton Manning. You got Manning in his prime!
    no, they got manning on HGH – which was proven – and a clear drop off after he stopped taking it in his final season.

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