Josh Rosen: Trade to Miami “felt like I got drafted twice”

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Josh Rosen got a call from the Arizona draft room a year ago, when he became the 10th pick. Rosen got a call from the Miami draft room this year, when they traded a second-round and fifth-round pick for him.

“It felt like I got drafted twice,” Rosen told reporters on Monday, as he was introduced to the South Florida media.

Rosen remains as confident as he was in 2018, even if he passed on the opportunity to provide a sound bite regarding the reality that all NFL franchises have now passed on him, at least when it comes to a first-round pick.

“I would like to give you the quote you want,” he said with a smile, “but for the most part I’m going day by day.

Rosen did acknowledge that he continues to have a major chip on his shoulder.

“I don’t think my chip’s gonna grow any more,” Rosen said. “I might tip over.”

He still believes he’s a franchise-type quarterback in the NFL. And he explained his confidence in simple terms.

“I think I’m a good quarterback,” Rosen said, “and I think I’m a good leader.”

Arizona opted to put its faith in Kyler Murray, a decision Rosen became aware of when the team called Rosen “a couple of minutes” before the Murray pick happened.

Rosen has become a sympathetic figure for many NFL fans, given the manner in which has handled weeks of uncertainty and, ultimately, a fire-sale trade out of the desert. He realizes that his image has been altered since entering the NFL, and he attributes the way he used to be regarded as a product of the reality that he “said some things kind of off the cuff about all different kinds of things and people misconstrued them in all different sorts of ways.”

He hasn’t said much off the cuff lately, and nothing he has said can be misconstrued. He’s excited to be in Miami, and he plans to get to work in order to prove that he’s the player he believes he is.

19 responses to “Josh Rosen: Trade to Miami “felt like I got drafted twice”

  1. He’s better off not being in that gimmicky college offence that’s about to be installed in Arizona. I saw it first hand with Chip Kelly. They’ll be in flames by week 6.

  2. Going to Miami was great for him. AZ is toxic, and Rosen gets to scrimmage against NYJ and the Bills twice a year while testing his chops against NE, the only bonafide NFL team in that division. We all will know if he’s a capable NFL quarterback after this season, providing he has a line in front of him.

  3. Smart move by Miami and the more i learn about him the more i believe he can be a franchise qb. Give him 2 years and if not trade those 2020 picks into 2021 picks and draft Trevor Lawrence.

  4. I think we had a great draft when you put Rosen in the mix. We basically drafted a QB in the second round who is as good as any of the QBs that were in this years draft. But again like all players it all depends on what happens between September and February. Everything else is just chat.

  5. Funny how the narrative on Josh Rosen changed in 12 months. Last April, Rosen was “smart, but so arrogant that he’ll turn off coaches and fans”. Now it’s “Rosen’s been mature and nothing but a professional who got jobbed by the dysfunctional Arizona front office.”

  6. Feel bad for Rosen. The phins will go 0-16 next season and draft a qb which still will not matter with this coaching staff. This coaching staff will make Hue Jackson look successful.

  7. Gotta feel bad for Rosen. He was put in a bad situation last year, and now he’s been sent to arguably the worst roster in the league. Gonna be tough to prove himself when the Dolphins are just starting a complete rebuild.

  8. No one should feel bad for josh. He’s out of that horrible organization and now has a better view and an upgrade of teams. While Miami isn’t very good either you can at least say “at least I’m not in Arizona anymore “. I’m rooting for him to do good things in Miami.

  9. It’s finally going to be a joy to watch the AFC East. Three physically gifted first round picks at quarterback who can complete passes to wide open receivers from a clean pocket, and much more!!!

  10. Knowledgeable football fans aren’t blaming Rosen for the Cardinals front office ineptitude.

  11. Drafting a QB on behalf of a fired college coach with a losing record and a de facto demotion to USC OC to fit in his gimmicky “system” which obviously hasn’t worked or else he wouldn’t have been dismissed is an indictment on the Cardinals decision makers, not Rosen!

  12. I’m happy for Rosen AND I think the Cards were smart to pick Murray. Rosen has proven that he has the chops (Brady would’ve been no better behind that O-line) and I think he’ll be a solid QB for Miami — if they can keep him upright.

    As for the Cardinals, they didn’t bring in Kingsbury to run a traditional offense so that was not a shock. It’s a gamble for sure as there have been few QB’s to have success running this type of offense at the NFL level. But Murray appears to be special. He’ll be running for his life given Keim barely addressed the OL (shock, that) while piling up additional receiving options, but one thing is certain: the Cardinals should be entertaining at least on offense.

  13. The AFCE is going to be almost unrecognizable next year.

    Great move by the Phins. Rosen can play, and may be the best QB they’ve had in many years. I think Buffalo finally found their heir to Kelly in Allen, and Darnold could be the best of the bunch.

    It’s weird to consider, but NE could have the worst QB situation in the division a year from now.

  14. Who knows what will happen? We’ll see next season. At least the Dolphins are trying to find a good, young quarterback this year instead of waiting until next year. It really came down to them liking Rosen more than Haskins and having the flexibility of not having to commit to a draft pick over more than one year.

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