NFL says draft viewership hit record high

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The NFL announced record viewership for the 2019 NFL draft.

According to the league, the average audience for all three days of the draft on ESPN, ABC and NFL Network was 6.1 million viewers. That’s an average viewership at any minute of any point in the draft; the first round topped 11 million viewers while viewership for the third day of the draft was obviously significantly lower.

That 6.1 million figure tops the 5.5 million viewers the NFL announced last year. The NFL also announced that this year’s draft had a total viewership of more than 47.5 million viewers over three days. That’s an increase over the number last year 45.4 million, although multi-day events are rarely measured by total viewership and it’s tough to make any meaningful comparison between that number and total viewership for other major sporting events.

The NFL also said there were 600,000 fans in attendance, although that number too is difficult to assess: The draft was an outdoor event in a public place and also included musical performances, and it’s unclear how many of those claimed 600,000 fans were there for the NFL and how many were Nashville residents or tourists in the area for reasons other than football.

Those details aside, the NFL draft has undeniably become a huge event, one of the biggest on the American sports calendar, and the challenge in Las Vegas next year will be to make it even bigger.

10 responses to “NFL says draft viewership hit record high

  1. I started watching on ABC, expecting to see so-called experts discussing the players. Instead it seemed a mix of Times Square New Year’s Eve and pre-game “personalities” trying to crack jokes. I couldn’t even hear them, and then some singer comes on to hype a new song release. I soon turned off the TV and followed on my computer.

  2. I guess that NFL rule forcing teams to wait 5 minutes before making calls even if they don’t need the time is working?
    I’d be much more likely to watch if it moved faster. I enjoy the Saturday coverage much more than the first round, even though it’s a bunch of kids that won’t even make the active rosters.

  3. the challenge in Las Vegas next year will be to make it even bigger.

    Vegas will blow it away for so many reasons and will set the bar for every year to follow. Sure Nashville looked like a great time, Vegas will be completely insane.

  4. Yeah so ABC was College Game Day. Ok I guess, if your 10 or 11.

    Then their sister, ESPN had Booger. Nuff said.

    That left NFL Network, which of the 3 was the easy pick.

  5. Ratings would have been higher if Booger wasn’t on Thursday night. I kept switching to NFLN because he is unwatchable! Saturday ‘s telecast was six hours of advertising on both ESPN and NFLN. I didn’t flip to ABC at anytime.

  6. How could anyone believe the NFL on the statement that draft viewership set records?
    It’s not like the organization and league office has any credibility. Over hyped and over analyzed is what the draft has become. Crazy how grades are given out after each day and at the end. Seriously, most of these prospects won’t even see an NFL field let alone be fairly judged for at least three years.

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