Rick Spielman on calls about trading vets: “Not really”

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After the Vikings took tight end Irv Smith Jr. in the second round of the draft, there was a report that the team was getting calls from other teams about trading for veteran tight end Kyle Rudolph.

Cornerbacks Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes were also said to be targets for other clubs, but General Manager Rick Spielman downplayed any outside interest in the team’s players after the draft was over.

“No, not really, no,” Spielman said. “I would say we didn’t. As I said, most of our day was honed in on this. Most of the calls were us either trying to move up or teams calling us for us to move back. But we had an opportunity, a couple opportunities to move back again, but I said we’re going to run out of players on our board. We should have enough to get what we need to get done.”

Spielman made six trades involving picks during the draft and wound up selecting 12 players to fill out the roster in Minnesota. Their arrival will likely push some veterans off the roster, but, for now, that group doesn’t include Rudolph, Rhodes or Waynes.

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  1. “”Not Really”~ The trade offers were foolish.
    Why are other GM’s playing checkers while I’m playing chess? -Rick Speilman

  2. No, not really? It’s kind of a yes or no question Rick. Would have been better off giving the ol; “we always answer the phone when it rings” statement.

  3. Compared to other sports, there are not a high number of trades in the NFL. Nobody is standing in line to help the Vikings unload the contracts of the three players mentioned, Spielman is in a bed of his own making and Father Time will help him escape the salary cap hell he has created. In the meantime, yet another season slips by for the Vikings.

  4. No would give Rhodes a 4th rd pick. Him and will be gone because they have no money to pay the new draft picks.

  5. Rudolph is going nowhere. They will probably extend him. Now they can run double tight end sets like the Eagles did and the Patriots because they will have 2 TE’s that can catch. Irv Smith JR will be like a WR/TE/FB hybrid. The person that will be gone is CJ Ham. Now they can try to trade Rhodes but they won’t get a first rounder for someone on year 4 & next years option. Waynes might get a higher pick in fact. Either way I don’t think the Vikings trade any of them now after that draft.

    Also, everyone keeps talking about Elflien moving to guard. I’ve got news for you. He isn’t even going to start. The O-line will be.
    LT: Riley Reiff | LG: Dru Samia | C: Garrett Bradbury | RG: Josh Kline | RT: Brian O’Neil

    Before the draft I was convinced the Vikings will be 3-13 max. If they can avoid injuries on the O’line & @ RB they can easily win 11 games and more.

    Spielman usually blows it but this year, he did exactly what he needed to do with the first 4 picks. He also was his typical self though trading down for throwaway players. Except their final pick. Long snapper from Air Force. This was the S.O.D and something the Vikings are in desperate need of. Their punting/kicking game is going to benefit tremendously from that seemingly innocuous pick.

  6. Why trade a veteran who will be a big contributor this year if you’re trying to win a Super Bowl? You don’t give a QB $84 million and sign a lot of other guys to big contracts if your goal is to accumulate future draft picks. If you’re rebuilding, you definitely try to trade guys who won’t be here in 2020, but I think winning is the priority right now. Especially with Rudolph. You’re going to trade one of Cousins’ biggest weapons and trust a rookie to give you the same production? I don’t think so.

  7. Lets talk truth here not as viking fans but football fans,This unquestionably will always be known as the Cousins Draft,1 players contract prevented the vikes from being able to draft many good players due to lack of salary cap money, Cousins is not in it for the love of the game or his team,He is only in it for the money and thats all !! So out 12 picks we maybe picked up 3 reasonably good players so the day 3 picks are essentially low caliber worthless players that may or may not make the team. Drafting players for the sake of drafting players is stupid and worthless !!! I see maybe a 4 -12 record next year … Just being honest ….

  8. tinye67 says:
    April 29, 2019 at 10:32 am
    Too much trading back and accumulating 7th rounders versus taking impact players.

    You must have missed how that trading back netted us a 5th round pick (where we had none) and allowed us to trade up in the 4th round to sign Samia.

    Or did you fail to pay attention to what happened on Saturday all together?

  9. Easiest solution: Cut Anthony Harris and his $3,095,000 salary. Zero dead money, 100% Cap savings. Problem solved. Sorry Anthony. Them is the facts.

    Option two: Extend Rudolph, reduce his cap number and push the guaranteed money into later years.

  10. The Vikings made a conscious decision to sign Cousins to a big contract that would run concurrent with many of their starters who received lucrative extensions. They did this knowing that they would have to make difficult cap-related decisions for the next two offseasons. This wasn’t a surprise to him. He traded financial flexibility for well-paid veterans as a part of a 3-year plan. The Vikings have easy solutions to address this problem and that starts with restructuring a few veterans or releasing one high-priced one

  11. Sooo many know it alls that know NOTHING. Some of you that claim to be Viking fans probably aren’t or maybe you have bad memories. Our two starting wrs were undrafted & a fifth round pick. Marcus Sherels & Anthony Harris were undrated and both very solid contribuyors as was Holton Hill. So if our top 4 picks play well and we get solid contribution from at least 2 of the other picks it will have been a very successfull draft. I would agree that i would rather see less picks that are higher quality but the people doing it do it professionally and just maybe they know more than me & almost everyone else too.

  12. vikesfansteve says:
    April 29, 2019 at 9:42 am

    Before the draft I was convinced the Vikings will be 3-13 max. If they can avoid injuries on the O’line & @ RB they can easily win 11 games and more.


    Vegas makes its money on people like you…

  13. I have to admit I was screaming at the TV in the 3rd round seeing all the quality players sitting there and then getting picked as we moved down again, and again, and again. However, when looking at the tape of the RB they took with the last pick of the 3rd it is clear he is exactly the type of RB the Vikings need. Then it all turned sunny again when they got Dru Samia in the 4th. Spielman ended up magically pulling Cameron Smith out of thin air with the 5th round pick he got and added a 6th.

    Vikings just need some of last years picks to step forward and for a couple of those picked after the 4th rd to pan out and they will be right back on track.

  14. norrismen17 says:
    April 29, 2019 at 10:52 am

    Easiest solution: Cut Anthony Harris and his $3,095,000 salary. Zero dead money, 100% Cap savings. Problem solved. Sorry Anthony. Them is the facts.

    Yep, problem solved. Except you’ll have to play 10 men on defense because he was your starting safety and there’s no one behind him.

  15. Minnesota has a decent (now), starting group on both sides of the ball, they are staffed better on defense (after week 4). Only problem is when those big guys go down they go HARD. a lot of back, ankle and neck issues. If the O line has injuries, we are in BIG trouble….REMEMBER a few years ago? The team hardly had enough offensive players to travel with the league minimum! Even then they had to bring 2 up from the practice squad!
    If the Vikings finally get a brake from the injury Gods and the young Offensive line hangs together Cousins just might have a career year! Last year was so crazy, losing the OL coach, firing the OC, a QB running for his life…. Minnesota is due a break. They will need it with the leagues 8th toughest schedule!

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