Stephen Jones talks up Cowboys rookie running back Tony Pollard

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Running back wouldn’t seem to be the Cowboys’ big need in this year’s draft, seeing as they have Ezekiel Elliott. But the Cowboys actually drafted two running backs, Tony Pollard in the fourth round and Mike Weber in the seventh. And Cowboys COO Stephen Jones had very high praise for Pollard.

Jones likened Pollard to Saints running back Alvin Kamara, although he acknowledged that Pollard is not quite on the level of Kamara, who has been in the Pro Bowl each of his two NFL seasons.

“It’s a little unfair — he’s certainly not at that level, don’t get me wrong – but a little Kamara to him, as to how he complements Ingram down in New Orleans,” Jones said.

As long as Elliott is around, Pollard seems more likely to make plays on special teams than on offense. He was one of the best kickoff returners in college football, averaging 30.1 yards per return and scoring seven touchdowns while twice being named Special Teams Player of the Year in the American Athletic Conference. But Jones indicated that he thinks Pollard can be more than just a return man.

“Pollard is a real running back. I think he can give you plays between the tackles, I think he can give you plays as a true running back,” Jones said.

Jones is the same guy who talked up Tavon Austin as having a big role in the offense last year, and that did not go well. Pollard is probably not going to have a particularly big role in the Dallas offense, despite the optimism coming from Jones.

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  1. When watching highlights of Pollard, he looks more like Tavon Austin, than Kamera. They only have Austin on a 1 year deal, Pollard is being groomed to take his place.

  2. Pollard is a very good kick returner. I’m sure the Cowboys will use him that way. That’s his main asset. He can run and catch passes coming out of the backfield. Neither is his strogest suit. Hamilton was the #1 back at Memphis, not Pollard.

  3. I like their two RB pick ups. Give them a little insurance policy in case Zek pulls le’veon Bell stunt. He’s needs to wait until Dak gets something. He’s made 25mil to dak’s 2.5mil.

  4. Austin might be the punt returner(if he is lucky) Maybe 10 carries. Pollard is already the kick returner. Dak dumps it to Pollard maybe 25 times. Mike Weber who will be Zekes back up is a good down hill runner with a cut. They’ll be good on the rushing side. Receiving they’ll be good too. Pass and run block as well. Defense is thick. Wow this is a good team again. For once back to back seasons. Only if they could trade for a coach

  5. “Running back wouldn’t seem to be the Cowboys’ big need in this year’s draft unless one looked at the Cowboys’ depth chart and found only Darius Jackson, a 6th round pick formerly cut twice as the only backup to Elliott.”

    Fixed it for you MDS.
    PFT: “Elliott is the gets the most touches by far of any RB in the league”
    Also PFT: “Running back wouldn’t seem to be the Cowboys’ big need…”
    The best thing former backup Rod Smith had going for him was that he is Jaylon Smith’s brother, which was also bad because it was clear one Smith was going to be kept and the other was not.

  6. How about some competition at quarterback? I want to see Cooper Rush play with the weapons Dak has.

  7. If their O-line can hold it to together the smart move would be to dump Zeke after his 5th year option. Running Backs generally start declining after their first contract and $15 million is a lot when a very good RB can be found in the draft every year. Use him up draft another all downs RB in the next year or two.

    One of the Cowboys issue is the unknowns with the the O-line and the $40 plus million for the main 3. Fredericks is a complete unknown if/when he can return and if he does at what strength. La’el is a free agent next year and probably will cost to much to keep at $10 to $12 million on the free agent market, and Tyron’s back issues those generally don’t get better only worse so he is starting his decline how fast is the question.

  8. Translation…We’re gonna 5th year option and franchise tag Zeke twice…then kick him to the curb!

  9. After paying Lawrence, Dallas can either give big money to Zeke or to their QB, who is so mediocre his name escapes me at the moment. Even though its not a great idea to give a rb big money in today’s game, his value far exceeds that of the QB’s. I’m shocked Dallas hasn’t put more capital into finding another QB considering how dominate the O-line and run game are. The window is tightening quickly.

  10. Reminder, the Cowboys will have new offense under first-year new coordinator Kellen Moore. Do some research and you’ll quickly find that since he was in high school, he’s been thought of as the rain-man of offensive play design and scheme. While we can assume that Garrett will still impose his strategies, Moore will hopefully bring a fresh new level of creativity, complexity and unpredictability to the Cowboys offense that has plagued them since Garrett started getting criticized for wearing too many hats and icing his own kicker.

    The draft should provide a few clues to Kellen’s plans. Recall, the Cowboys don’t like Dak to air it out a lot. So it’s quite likely that the creative juices will flow through the running back position, and they hybrid backs that have the potential to carry or catch.

    Let’s run a play scenario:
    Imagine a pro-set alignment (two RB’s split behind Dak: Zeke and Pollard). Both pose a threat of either receiving a hand-off, or catching a pass in the back field, or even turning up field to catch a pass. Additionally, you have Witten at TE, Amari in the slot with the threat of a slant, Gallup on the outside and can go deep. Mix in Tavon Austin play-action running down the line of scrimmage.

    With these offensive weapons combined with Moore’s creativity and the solid OL play, Dallas could low-key be in the discussion for a top 5 offense. Certainly top 3 rushing offense.

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