Steve Keim: I’m not scared to make a mistake

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The Cardinals insisted for weeks that they had not made up their mind about the first pick of the NFL draft before taking the player that everyone expected them to take last Thursday.

Kyler Murray is now the top quarterback in Arizona a year after the team traded up to take Josh Rosen in the first round and days after they traded Rosen to the Dolphins to make room for Murray at the top of the depth chart. It was no secret that Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury was a Murray fan from his days at Texas Tech, but the man who made the pick insists that didn’t tip the scales.

General Manager Steve Keim told Peter King for Football Morning in America that Kingsbury never pounded his fist on the table for Murray and that he gave long thought to keeping Rosen before watching enough tape on Murray to find that he’s never “seen a guy who could throw like him and run like him.”

“When I closed my eyes and I visualized Kyler Murray running around State Farm Stadium in red and white, for whatever reason, all I saw was just fireworks, excitement, a must-see [environment] where fans have to go and show up and see this thing,” Keim said. “Him being the architect was a phenomenal fit for me. … I either visualize them or I just have bigger balls than my brains. I’m not scared to make a mistake. That could cost me my career but at the same time, to be great and to have success you gotta be willing to take chances — ones that you believe in.”

Keim’s made plenty of mistakes in Arizona and none of them have cost him his job to this point. If he’s right on Murray, he’ll likely be moving forward with even more job security in his pocket.

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  1. I’ve never been a big Keim guy but Steve Keim absolutely killed it in this last draft. On the Pro Football Focus top 250 big board Keims first 6 picks all ranked inside the top 66 ranked prospects, his first 4 picks ranked inside the top 42 which is unheard of. Keim single handily re-tooled the offense in one draft class and has added a lot of talent over the last two draft classes. Keim added finishing touch’s to an already stacked defense drafting the best CB in the draft in CB Byron Murphy who had a 1st rd grade , added an excellent 5 tech w/ a motor that doesn’t quit in DE Zach Allen and a really good high safety in 6″1 FS Dionte Thompson who is a ball hawk w/ excellent cover skills.
    Offensively Keim has done an ever better job. Keim drafted the best QB in the class who’s a big upgrade in the desert in QB Kyler Murray and then drafted a bunch of young talent around his new QB in 6″5 WR Hakeem Butler who w/ 4.4spd n a 36in vertical is the perfect X who was an absolute steal w/ a 2nd round grade, took 5″9 WR Andy Isabella who posses 4.31 spd & a 37in vertical who’s a polished crisp route runner able to play both inside and out and will be a beast in the NFL. Lastly Keim drafted a polished route runner who’s an excellent possession WR similar to a Robert Woods type in 6″1/200pd Keesean Johnson who excels between the numbers. AZ was able to add a very good young pure receiving TE out of UCLA in 6″4-245pd TE Caleb Wilson w/ 4.5spd who runs a 4.5 40 and had 60 recs/965YDs/5TDs last year and is a really good fit in AZs new offense.

    Steve Keim hit a grand slam re-tooling their offense over the last two drafts but took it to another level in this last draft. WR is now a big strength for Arizona and their roster looks pretty freaking good. QB Kyler Murray has a TON of offensive talent around him now w/ 6″3 Larry Fitzgerald, 5″11 WR Christian Kirk is a beast ready to take off, 6″5 WR Hakeem Butler, 5″9 WR Andy Isabella, 6″1 WR KeeSean Johnson, 6″3 WR Kevin White, 6″2 WR Trent Sherfield. At RB Kyler Murray has one of the best game in Elite All-Pro RB/WR David Johnson who also will be a HUGE part of the passing game seeing 140-145 targets, Murray and Johnson will be one of the most dangerous QB/RB combos in the league running RPO’s with RB/WR Chase Edmonds as the backup. At TE Murray has 3 good solid receiving TE’s in 6″3 Charles Clay, 6″5 Ricky Seals Jones and 6″4 Caleb Wilson all good pass catching TEs who are good route runners w/ some speed esp Wilson.

    QB Kyler Murray has a ton of talent around him and is being set up for success with a lot of young offensive talent around Murray who can grow and develop with him. Murray will have both a top notch run game with an excellent core of WR’s around him at all 3 levels. With Murray and Johnson the Cardinals will have one of the most RPO games in the NFL w/ 4 different WR’s who can take the top off of the defense & Murray himself is an extremely fast/mobile QB w/ 4.3 speed. Murray knows the offensive scheme inside and out so there will be no learning curve when it comes to the offensive scheme he’s running either meaning he could have a lot of success from the start much more than we’re accustomed to rookies having year 1.
    GM Steve Keim has done an excellent job in quickly rebuilding the entire offense adding a bunch of young highly talented/gifted players who can all grow together. The Cardinals will be very , very fun to watch this season and will get the ship turned around this year and back on the path towards winning a lot of games.

  2. When you’re an actual fan of a team, you don’t care about excitement. You care about championships. Yeah, fans of other teams or fair weather fans in general may watch more Cardinals games because Murray brings excitement, but they won’t be vested in the team winning. Sounds like Keim really isn’t either.

    Also, it’s a myth that the only or even best way to succeed is by taking huge risks.

  3. Let’s see what kind of NFL POUNDING Kyler Murray can take running around like that.

  4. Your are a mistake Keim. Cardinals are a pathetic team because of one reason and one reason only – YOU. Yes you did good by drafting Murray which IMO is a no brainer. Unfortunately this pick might’ve saved your job. But other then that you have failed in all aspects of this team. We have so many needs its unbelievable. You have failed in the draft, failed in Contracts, dead money, wasted cap money and FA’s and coach’s. You are nothing but a protege of Rod Graves. Players don’t even respect you…Michael, you just got your QB of the decade. Know don’t waste it and go get a GM who knows what their doing and go build a contender!

  5. I’m rooting for this kid but i’m concerned about;
    A) His size- he will be electric and inevitably try to carry the team on his back. Unfortunately he will have a severe injury and he will, thereafter, be an average short QB
    (See RGIII’s narrative).

    B) This Offensive line has consistently been bad. For whatever reason, the depth chart has consistently been decimated by injuries. This conveys ineffective management to prep the players effectively or the team has not tried a redirect from getting players’ over their prime. Keim was an O lineman and he can’t effectively pick get consistent lineman.

  6. 1 and done with a HC Hire and a top 10 draft pick. Yeah, he’s no afraid to make a mistake all right.

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