Ziggy Ansah visits the Seahawks

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We noted yesterday that former Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah is among the pass rushers the Seahawks could consider, and now the Seahawks are taking a look.

Ansah is in Seattle today visiting the Seahawks, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

After trading away Frank Clark, who led the team in sacks last season, the Seahawks would like to upgrade at the position. Ansah could fit the bill.

The Seahawks would likely wait until after May 7 to sign Ansah, because signing him before then would count against them in the compensatory pick formula. Seattle is currently expected to get third-, fourth-, sixth- and seventh-round compensatory picks, but that would change if they signed Ansah before the deadline.

Ansah is recovering from a shoulder injury and managed just four sacks last year. But he had 12 sacks in 2017, and if he’s healthy in 2019 he could be due for a bounce back. He could end up being a good addition at a reasonable price for Seattle, or some other team.

28 responses to “Ziggy Ansah visits the Seahawks

  1. I keep reading all the notes about those great up and coming pass rushers that the Seahawks have — Green, Martin, and now Collier. I guess that they’re still kicking the tires on has-beens like Ansah.

  2. Incredible talent who gets sacks in bunches. Usually against bad teams. Hasn’t been dependable at all in Detroit, but I think he would thrive for a while under Pete Carroll in Seattle.

  3. The Seahawks should get about 11 snaps out of him before his next limp to the discouraged staff on the sideline.


    The same could be said about Earl Thomas on the Ravens.
    Instead, I choose to wish our former star success. Aside from week 7 of course.

    If Ziggy does sign a one year prove it deal, like the genius on the first comment mentioned, he could be a huge steal if he happens to have a decent year and manages to stay healthy.

  4. Lions luck:

    Ansah will sign, remain healthy for the rest of his career and average 17 sacks per year.

  5. Was sick watching Cliff Avril perform so well for the Seahawks after leaving the Lions. Ziggy would just complete the cycle.

  6. Maybe if he takes his shirt off when he walks in the building they will sign him immediately.

  7. It almost worked with Dion Jordan but he could never get fully healthy. Seattle was able to nail it with signing Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett to prove it deals on the championship runs.

    If Ziggy can even be 3/4 of the player he once was it would give a proven edge rusher. I did follow the Lions fans frustrations with his health the last few years. Rasheem Green was a pre-season stud last year but vanished once the season started. Collier looked like a bully on the field. I think that power and length can translate right away.

  8. 12 sacks in 2017….psshhh 9 of them came in 3 games in which he had 3 sacks each game and they were against non-playoff teams. Ziggy only had one decent year in Detroit. He’s shown glimpses of greatness, but he doesn’t appear to be overly motivated, and he’s made of glass. Lions were wise not to sign him to an extension.

  9. Franchising him last year was the dumbest move in the history of the league. Who did that? Oh yeah, the guy that just took a linebacker from Hawaii in the 2nd round. Stupid is as stupid does I suppose.

  10. As I recall there was some question when he was drafted as to how old he actually was. Whether he was an “old” rookie or not it does seem like he has been breaking down a lot as of late.

  11. The Chiefs have Andy Reid….which is basically Mike Holmgren’s little brother. That’s why their defense stinks. Seattle has Pete Carroll….a legend coaching defense. The difference here is, Pete has Russ. Bank on Seattle winning the NFC West in 2019.

  12. Seattle did the same in 2013 when they signed Pass rusher Michael Bennett to a 1 yr $5mm trial contract and that trial is what pushed the Hawks to WORLD CHAMPIONS and a thorough thrashing of the Broncos, 43-8. Let’s go Ziggy! Create some Stardust!

    History always repeats itself! Hawks rule!

  13. omeimontis says:
    Penny-pinching Mode is likely to sign him to a one year contract at the most

    harrisbarton says:
    I keep reading all the notes about those great up and coming pass rushers that the Seahawks have — Green, Martin, and now Collier. I guess that they’re still kicking the tires on has-beens like Ansah.
    Say the fans of the loser Red and Gold team that hasn’t even had a winning season in 6 years much less made the playoffs.

    Yes, the Seahawks already have Green, Collier, Martin and Naz Jones, who they like a lot. After the comp pick deadline, they’ll add 2 of Ansah, Perry, Suh and Danny Shelton. And they will win 10-12 games again and sweep the bottom feeder 49ers and Cardinals.

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