Are Cowboys planning for a future without Ezekiel Elliott?


Someday, Ezekiel Elliott will no longer play for the Cowboys. Could that someday come sooner than anyone expects?

Crazy as it sounds, it’s really not crazy to think about whether the Cowboys are thinking about applying the DeMarco Murray approach to Elliott, chewing him up, spitting him out, and then moving on.

COO Stephen Jones recently compared rookie Tony Pollard to Alvin Kamara, which may not be an accident. Jones also talked about “how [Kamara] complements [Mark] Ingram down in New Orleans,” which also may not be an accident. Because after two years of Kamara and Ingram together, Ingram is now gone.

Until Elliott gets a long-term deal, he could end up in the same spot. When his rookie deal expires after the 2020 season, the Cowboys could let him walk. Or they could apply the franchise tag for a year, before letting him walk.

Even if that’s not what the Cowboys are thinking, it’s all the more reason for Elliott to respond to the constant flow of cash to players not named Ezekiel Elliott by asking, “When do I get mine?” Although it’s hard to imagine Elliott playing elsewhere, the Cowboys may not be able to pay everyone.

And if anyone goes, the guy who plays the position that is most easily replaced would be the most likely.

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  1. Who knows? I will say what makes him arguably the best back in the game right now is that he is the best blocking back in the game in addition to his running and pass catching exploits.

  2. If they do, they’ll think they are smarter than they are. Zeke is way better than Murray, and is on pace to be a better back than their 2 former first ballot Hall of Famer’s (Dorsett and E. Smith). They both won Super Bowls, and even if Zeke never does (which is likely), you can’t hold that against him. He’s a beast and Dallas would be stupid to let him go.

  3. yes he will be about 28-29 years old and done with the team, great 1st round value. thats why you dont draft a running back in the 1st round

  4. Zeke’s agent is committing malpractice if he let’s him show up at camp without a new contract. OF COURSE “use him up and spit him out” is their plan. Dallas is in a win now mode, and Zeke will never have more leverage.

  5. Please stop trying to create controversy out of nothing. After this season Zeke will have made a little north of $24m on his rookie deal and will make a little more than $9m in his 5th year, which would make him the 4th highest paid back in the league (as of today’s contracts).

    He got drafted as one of the top backs and is being paid as such. The Cowboys haven’t made it past the divisional round so unless Zeke leads them deep into the playoffs he shouldn’t be paid what guys like Gurley and Le’Veon.

    The only guy the Cowboys have signed long term recently is DeMarcus Lawrence and he was franchised tagged. He earned that next contract as his was up.

    You act like Zeke is being unfairly compensated when that just is not true. Let us not forget that the Cowboys still finished 9-7 when Zeke missed 6 games.

  6. As long as he keeps playing well so what? Isn’t that what most of these guys want, to hit the FA market? If his level of play remains high he’ll hit the lottery somewhere else if Dallas doesn’t want to keep paying him.

  7. Why just Zeke? Where are all the articles clamoring for Alvin Kamara to hold out? He is outperforming his contract even more so than Zeke is.

  8. Everyone knows that RB position is a short term, high use then it’s over slot. RBs that secure a second contract usually get a year or two into it before getting cut or having to restructure. I expect the Cowboys to be just like other teams. Always doing what’s best for themselves to try and be competitive.

  9. Slow news day? Ingram is hardly Elliot. And Tony Pollard is hardly Alvin Kamara (atleast hasn’t shown anything yet). Stephen also said that that Tavon Austin will get 20+ touches when he signed on, I’m not even sure he had 20 touches the whole season. 4th overall picks get signed to second contracts, and they certainly don’t just let all pros walk out the door–two things working in Zeke’s favor to earn the it.

  10. Why wouldn’t you get ready to move on? The CBA is built to put running backs in the grinder. Run the wheels off them for 4-5(of their most productive)years. Pile on the miles, and let them go before they are due for the next contract.

    How many carries/hits/yards will he have taken but the time he is due to ask for the max? Too many. Next man up on the slotted wage train.

  11. Of course they are, my question is who did they bring on staff that was smart enough to know they should. ?

  12. Mike Florio kept pushing the narrative that Demarcus Lawrence might pull a Le’veon Bell and hold out for the 2019 season. After Lawrence signed, he made it clear that he would have played out the franchise tag if need be; there was absolutely no journalistic evidence for Florio’s narrative, and he seemed to almost WANT to see the player skip a year, as if that would be to anyone’s benefit. Well, here we are again. Even though Dallas has players set to be out of contract for 2019 and 2020, Mr. Florio is suggesting that Elliot might already be wondering “when am I getting mine” even though this is the first offseason Dallas even would have been allowed to extend Elliot and despite the fact that Elliot is under contract through 2020 even without the use of the franchise tag. If the team is going to extend Elliot, it will happen when his turn comes, and that time is not now.

  13. Zeke is a good all around back! He seems though he doesnt have that speed anymore and his ability to make guys miss or break tackles in the open field isnt that great even when he was out in the 2017 season the running game still was good. So I would not be surprised if the cowboys dont give him a big contract

  14. This may true…however, we all must hope and pray they replace Dak in next years draft. Which things are lining for. How can anyone think this offense is going to do anything with Dak at QB, Moore as the OC, and Kitna as the QB coach…what a joke!

  15. If he gets his it will be when his contract is due. Why even sign him until he needs to be signed.

  16. Zeke is going NOWHERE people, he will be locked up to a long term contract because he is the best all-round back in the NFL hands down & bar none, no question, period, end of conversation.

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