Bills won’t pick up Shaq Lawson’s 2020 option

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The Bills said in March that they weren’t in any rush to make a decision about exercising their option on defensive end Shaq Lawson‘s contract for the 2020 season and they took almost all the time they were allowed before making that call.

Friday is the deadline for teams to pick up fifth-year options on their 2016 first-round picks and Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that the Bills have decided not to exercise Lawson’s option.

Lawson had shoulder surgery after being picked 19th overall and missed the first half of his rookie season while recovering from the operation. He also ended his second season on injured reserve after a December ankle injury and has missed 13 games over his first three seasons.

When he has been in the lineup, Lawson has 76 tackles, 10 sacks and four forced fumbles. He’ll try to build on those totals this year as he heads toward free agency.

23 responses to “Bills won’t pick up Shaq Lawson’s 2020 option

  1. I predicted this on this website over a month ago and got roasted for it….Nice guy but was never able to meet expectation due to injuries…

  2. Way to draft an injured guy and then wonder why he sucks. Only the Bills.

    *Note: If a college player has to wear a giant brace to play, he’s probably really injured and you should not draft him.

  3. I remember when the Bills were all chanting Super Bowl when this stiff got drafted.

    Still, odds are he ends up in NE on a 1 yr prove-it deal and actually does get to the SB.

  4. A complete bust. This was a Rex Ryan pick because his son played with him at Clemson. Everyone knew he would be, but Ryan still did it. LOL

  5. Buffalo had an elite line and defense when Rex arrived he ruined the defense. Lawson got better last year, but still not worth what he would make on 5th year option. This is his 1 year prove ot contract. If he steps it up, he’ll get paid. If not, the Bills are off the hook.

  6. complete bust. This was a Rex Ryan pick because his son played with him at Clemson. Everyone knew he would be, but Ryan still did it. LOL

    Now here is a Pats fan who’s comment I would agree with. I believe he had a 1st round grade but yeah, this was Rex all the way. It’s so nice to have a gm/ coach tandem who try to make smart picks. They seem to draft the way NE drafts and that I can get behind.

  7. “THE Packers just drafted Rashan Gary with the same problem” Well Shaq’s shoulder was fixed just fine. Per the reports Gary can play with a brace this season and have surgery at the end of the season. And with the 2 new pass rushers, they don’t need him to start.

  8. Sentiments agreed! He never has come close to elite status, even when healthy. His play has improved , stout against the run, batts do his share of pass attempts.But, he is just average as an EDGE rusher, 4 – 6 sack/ year player. Not worth the option year amount. Now if he goes crazy this year and proves everyone wrong the Bills will re sign him. He is liked by the Coaches and fans.

  9. He has been a decent player, but hasn’t lived up to his draft status at this point, but he is trending upwards as far as his play right now but this is a pivotal year for him.

  10. This is all sexy rexy pick I agree with ty law here if it wasn’t for Clemson and his son going their he would not have been a bill and another example of why Ryan is and should not be a head coach ever again. Good def coordinator like Bowles but terrible head coach

  11. This one is on Rex Ryan who was obsessed with Clemson because his son was on that team. Blow Hard Rex is lucky to have a job at ESPN and thankfully he was run out of Buffalo as soon as he was.

  12. Lawson has the shown last year that he can play in the NFL at a high level. He needs to keep working hard to improve and will eventually get his payday.

  13. Agree with all, this is a mistake from the previous regime. Beane did the right thing. The Rex/Whaley nightmares are almost over.

  14. He’ll land in NE on a prove-it one year deal and possibly win a SB next year. I’m pretty sure Lawson would be ok with that.

  15. People make up their own narrative. There were no Bills fans claiming Superbowl because of Lawson. He had potential to be a good player, but classic Wrexx overdrafting with his heart. Now I really have no qualms with what Beane has done in general, making over the entire roster. Ya know the whole Peterman things aside. Give him a mulligan, albeit a big one. Drafts have been decent, FA makeovers have worked out, and this draft class is promising. Feels like a different Bills, but we’ll see once the live action starts…..

  16. Doug Wailey draft pick, so by default he was on borrowed time. Could be a great pickup for another team as he has flashed his ability and is really athletic at the line of scrimmage getting his hand up to disrupt passes. Would be a good pickup still for another team at a reasonable price.

  17. People give this group so much grief about Petermen. Petermen was just great at cracking under any type of pressure. If you watched the preseason, he was the best QB of the group. The moment he got on national television, he imploded..every…single…time. It was almost comical.

  18. I’m a Bills fan..Peterman looked fine in preseason. I know it was vanilla defense but the guy completed like 80% of base…. but between bad play around him and limited skills, he was an unmitigated disaster. I don’t blame him, he wasn’t ready. Why we went into a season with only him and JA is what I lay on Beane…but like I said, onward we go…..I wasn’t giving grief..just being objective….that’s ararity on here especially among the trolls like you know who

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