Chris Jones not attending Chiefs’ offseason program

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Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones has not attended the team’s voluntary offseason program since it began April 15, Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports reports.

Jones is seeking a new contract.

He is entering the final year of his contract scheduled to make $1.2 million in base salary and count $1.3 million against the cap. The Chiefs, who traded defensive end Dee Ford to San Francisco after franchising him this offseason, could franchise Jones in the 2020 offseason to retain his rights next season in the absence of a long-term deal.

Jones has said he wants to stay in Kansas City. The Chiefs have negotiated with Jones’ representation for several weeks without reaching a new deal.

Jones, 24, led the Chiefs with a career-best 15.5 sacks, 29 quarterback hurries and 40 tackles last season. He has 24 sacks in his three seasons since the Chiefs drafted him in the second round.

The Chiefs will hold their mandatory minicamp June 11-13.

31 responses to “Chris Jones not attending Chiefs’ offseason program

  1. Wow!

    Chiefs have a GREAT year, and now things are just falling apart.

  2. luvkcchiefs says:
    May 1, 2019 at 9:00 pm
    Show up, they’re working on a deal. You have a contract
    what part of “voluntary” do you not understand ???

  3. In typical Andy Reid fashion, after a few years it all begins to crumble around him.

  4. He’s all of 24 years old and ready to hit the lottery … can’t blame him, but have a little patience Chris. You are young enough to sign two mega deals (and very soon) if you deserve them. Sitting on your couch eating Cheetos is not the way to become a better player.

  5. Obviously Aaron Donald is in a class of his own, but this guy and DeForest Buckner are two guys in the tier right below that. They may be waiting on each other to sign.

  6. Always sign your own before going outside…. i.e. Pay Jones THEN pay Clark. No need for disgruntled employees.

  7. I don’t go to work if I don’t have to go, or can do the same work at home, and especially when I haven’t been paid yet. Doesn’t mean I have a beef with my employer.

  8. Jones is brilliant. On the heels of Hunt & Hill plus an overpay for another spousal abuser (Clark), the last thing the Chiefs need is more bad PR. Jones will get paid soon.

  9. If you want nearly everyone to show up for the voluntary workouts add workout bonuses to every contract.

  10. Hold the line KC, don’t pay this man a penny more than he’s owed this season. In fact, best trade him out of the division. Sincerely, a Raiders fan

  11. Didn’t the chiefs just give Frank Clark 120 million dollars?

    And that’s from an outside player can you imagine being Chris Jones part of the success last year and expecting compensation more than Frank probably.

    The chiefs are about to be deep underwater and when mahomes gets his contract this kind of stuff will be much more difficult and that Frank Clark signing doesn’t even happen.

  12. Has nothing to do with Jones being a diva. It’s known that they’ve been working on a contract for a bit now so it makes sense that he doesn’t show. He has nothing to gain by showing and everything to lose if he shows and injures himself.

  13. This team is gonna blow up fast, just like the Seahawks. It’s sad.

    It’s good to have a rival for the Patriots, but they all self destruct so quickly these days. Crime, greed, narcissism, etc kill pretty much every other AFC team in the mix. All the Pats have to do is stay the course and they’ll compete for titles.

  14. People think not attending voluntary workouts means they aren’t staying in shape? 100 percent of these guys have trainers who are able to focus solely on them. You’re going to train better in a smaller environment where more of the focus can be on you and your individual needs.

  15. As a Pats fan, I really do hope they pay him $20m a season ASAP because it’ll just add another team that I know won’t be able to compete with the Pats due to salary constraints.

    Jones is a fantastic player and I’d love to have him on my team – but teams don’t win Super Bowls with $20m defensive players. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true and with Mahomes coming up for a new deal, KC will be in trouble trying to pay all of these guys.

  16. Ooof, you’d have to pay Jones at lease what you paid Clarke. He’s younger and had a better year. “Back the truck up” time. But remember to leave cap space for your QB. Good luck!

  17. This team is fascinating. They could win the Super Bowl next season or become a 0.9 year dynasty.

  18. they pay a guy who hasn’t done a thing for KC.. they trade a guy who helped get them to the AFC championship rather than pay him.. ok… but now you are talking about the best defensive player on a bad defense and you are trying to get him to play for 1.3 million? Yes 1.3 million is nothing to sneeze at by compared to Clark getting what 50+… I would have a hard time with that.

  19. Andy Reid should not attend voluntary offseason program, he should not attending anything related to the Chiefs anymore. Typical Andy Reid, good, choke, fall apart…..

  20. Jones is a fantastic player and I’d love to have him on my team – but teams don’t win Super Bowls with $20m defensive players. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true and with Mahomes coming up for a new deal, KC will be in trouble trying to pay all of these guys.


    20M a year defensive players have never existed until say a year ago? So you have a sample size of 1 year… one of the two teams playing had a 20+ million dollar defensive player. They just happened to be playing against the greatest living QB. I would hardly say that denotes a pattern… btw.. teams that pay the QB 25 million don’t win SB either.

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