Eric DeCosta: Trace McSorley may play offense, defense and special teams

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Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta thinks he got the ultimate Swiss army knife with his final pick in the draft.

With the 197th overall pick, the Ravens took former Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley, a good athlete who’s probably not a good enough passer to play quarterback in the NFL. DeCosta said on PFT Live that McSorley can do a little of everything on the football field.

“I think he’s a football player and everything that entails. His skill set is varied and multiple,” DeCosta said. “He’s fast, he’s strong, he’s tough, he’s a playmaker, he’s a football player. We’ve seen teams, for instance the New Orleans Saints with Taysom Hill, we’ve seen other teams find ways to play with players like this and they can help you win football games. He fits our defense, he fits our offense, he fits special teams.”

Yes, DeCosta said defense: McSorley could get playing time at safety, as well as making some plays on offense, returning kicks, possibly even punting if the Ravens asked him to.

“I think he fits everything,” DeCosta said.

McSorley bristled at the Combine when he was asked to play a position other than quarterback, but the Ravens sound like they have the kind of plan in place for him that he’d gladly accept.

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  1. If I were him, and this option gave me a path to getting onto the field and contributing to the team, I’d embrace it. Seems like he’s not totally bought in to the concept from some of his post-draft interviews.

  2. Why not QB? Jackson isn’t a good enough passer to play QB either, but that hasn’t stopped the Ravens from trotting him out there each game.

  3. “…the Ravens took former Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley, a good athlete who’s probably not a good enough passer to play quarterback in the NFL.”

    Hm, who else does this remind you of…

  4. Sounds like he could be described by the old phrase “jack of all trades, but master at none”. I don’t know about his defense or ST abilities, but as a passer all the draft gurus said his biggest weakness is accuracy. Hard to see him succeeding as a QB in the NFL other than a clipboard holder.

  5. after a few games of lamar throwing… they may want to give this kid a spin.

  6. McSorley was a guy I had hoped the Pats would pick up in that area. He looks like a “football player”, and when you have a guy like that who is single minded he CAN turn out like Julian Edelman. But remember the process took about 4 years before the Edelman you see now finally emerged. In the meantime, he can make his mark on ST’s and fill in roles, like JE did.

    I wish HIM luck

  7. McSorley didn’t really bristle at it. He just said he was told he could play QB and he was trying out as QB. I think he did the ol “I’ll do whatever a team wants to win” thing

  8. This kid is a great LEADER as shown at PSU. His teammates and coaches loved him, and I truly hope he sticks in the NFL. As a Browns fan, I was really hoping for him to be in Cleveland as a late round/UFA, but I wish him all the success in the world with the Ravens.

  9. No big deal. Julian Edelman has played slot receiver, slot db and safety … and is one of the best punt returners in NFL history….

  10. I figured I wouldn’t be first to the Edelman comparison, it’s so obvious. He’s small, fast, very tough, and 100% unafraid. I know he has spent his whole life playing QB and he will have to be talked off the ledge, but at the end of the day he’s a baller. Definitely worth a mid-round draft pick. I predict he plays many years in the league.

  11. Think they might have a formation of nothing but running backs, tight ends and QBs on the field. Can’t tell who’s going where.

    Personally, I think Saints were really starting to overuse Hill. Leave frigging Brees on the field.

  12. “ikespillane337 says:
    May 1, 2019 at 9:34 am
    Two words…. Kenyan Reynolds.”

    Yes, those are two words.

    However, they don’t happen to be the name of any football player.

  13. I wonder if fantasy players will learn to hate McSorley as much as they hate Taysom Hill. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN BREES’S TD!

  14. You might not get it, but Doak Walker, a Heisman winner, played both RB and DB for the Lions. He could also kick FG’s. Not very many of these winners; we will see.

  15. a big reason Taysom Hill worked for the Saints is because our Offensive Line was incredible at run blocking and we didnt use him too much. If youve got a good oline any good player will be able to produce some stats behind it.

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