Kareem Hunt visiting schools, telling young men not to repeat his mistake

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Kareem Hunt‘s former Chiefs teammate Tyreek Hill is in the spotlight now, for all the wrong reasons.

But the now-Browns running back is going about his business quietly, as he tries to work his way back to the field.

Hunt, who is suspended for the first eight games of the season as a result of the incident in a Cleveland hotel in which he shoved and kicked a woman, has earned praise from his bosses for the way he’s gone about his work.

According to Jeff Schudel of the Lorain News Herald, Hunt has visited a number of local school groups and high school football teams in recent weeks. The Browns have not publicized any of the visits (perhaps assuming — correctly — that it would be viewed as grandstanding).

Browns General Manager John Dorsey said during a radio interview on 92.3 The Fan Tuesday that he was encouraged by what he’s seen from Hunt so far.

“We all know he’s remorseful,” Dorsey said. “We’ve said this all along: You have to earn the right to be a member of this organization. There are no guarantees.

“I like the way he’s attacking this thing day in and day out. I applaud him for what he’s doing on the field and how hard he’s working. But what people don’t realize is once he’s off the field, he’s doing things unannounced. He’s actually going out and talking to young kids and working behind the scenes to teach young kids, ‘Don’t make the same mistake I made.’ ”

For Hunt to earn his way back onto an NFL field, it will take actions rather than words. If he wants to create an example for high school kids that will resonate more than anything he can say, he’ll show them what actual contrition and change looks like.


20 responses to “Kareem Hunt visiting schools, telling young men not to repeat his mistake

  1. ‘Don’t make the same mistake I made.’


    Because I won’t come back here to say it again.

  2. RBBC with Chubb is his future. If you don’t believe it, you haven’t seen enough Chubb.

  3. The Chiefs did the right thing and cut him.
    Then the league only slaps him on the wrist and 6 game suspdnsion, then allows the Browns to sign him.
    KC lost out on a 3rd round pick by doing the “right thing” only to get screwed over by the league and Browns.
    Now you know why KC is doing nothing about Tyreke Hill, until everything plays out

  4. I’m willing to believe him. He comes back after 8 games whether he does this or not. He doesn’t have to do this.

    I’m hoping that he came to the conclusion that this was his last chance. If he does it again he will never get off that list. Hopefully this is more than just making sure he stays off it.

    Because what he’s been doing (living a life) hasn’t worked out so well and there’s a long way to go. The fact that he gets paid $$$$ doesn’t mean he has the life part of it down yet.

  5. I hope Hunt stays on the straight and narrow and stays out of trouble. I wish the Chiefs had not cut him. He got such a small amount of discipline from the NFl, it is ridiculous.

  6. They’ve been the laughing stock of the NFL for years so can you blame them? This is a business. Always has been. He plays football well, and while he does he will have a job. When he can’t anymore he won’t.

  7. If he is actually remorseful, that is a good thing. Time will tell. Recognizing you have a problem is the first step. Hope it works out for him and the Browns.

  8. Hunt got his punishment.
    And is doing the right thing.
    Lets hope he stays out of trouble.

    I don’t like that the Browns get him for free. A player who is cut for conduct detrimental should go into a supplemental draft. If you want him, then you give up a draft pick.

  9. Hunt’s problem was lying. If he had told the Cheifs exactly what happened and helped them acquire the video they would have kept him on the roster during his suspension.

  10. Fire Goodell now. Vick, PacMan Jones, Ray Rice, Hunt and now Hill, Josh Brown, while framing Ezekiel Elliott at the behest of John Mara and likely others.


  11. I’m not making excuses for Hunt but here’s a couple things to consider: his case was NOT domestic violence, the girl wasn’t injured, and it was his first brush with the law, which is a miracle given his family’s history. I’m all for second chances if the person makes legitimate changes to how he runs his life.

  12. Meanwhile John Dorsey & Clark Hunt are touring business colleges, urging students to not repeat their mistakes?

  13. Nice to see someone doing something without making sure the media covers it

  14. As a parent, I don’t approve of any interaction between my kid and Mr. Hunt. What, no doctors, engineers, cart pushers, Walmart workers, or whatever else to come and set an example. Who is this helping?

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