Report: Superdome to undergo $450 million renovation

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The Mercedes-Benz Superdome will undergo a $450 million renovation as part of an agreement that will keep the Saints in New Orleans at least until 2035, Jeff Duncan of The Times-Picayune reports.

State and Saints officials are “closing in” on a deal that would extend the team’s current lease agreement by 10 years, according to Duncan.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards approved the plan during an April 17 meeting with state and team officials in Baton Rouge.

The Saints will share the cost of the project, kicking in $150 million. The Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District picks up $207 million and the state $92 million.

Saints president Dennis Lauscha told Duncan that the overhaul of the Superdome is focused on modernizing the stadium to keep it relevant. It includes a new visiting locker room, expanded team store and Saints Hall of Fame and new end zone field-level box suites. New Orleans, a popular travel destination, hopes to continue hosting Super Bowls and other big events.

Construction would occur over the next four offseasons, staring in January 2020.

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  1. when are these billionaires going to stop having tax payers build their stadiums? I am certain that money could be used for education, fixing roads and bridges etc. instead- the people elect reps that give money to billionaires and keep the status quo- it’s sad, and disturbing- at least Kraft- for all his shortcomings, paid for his own stadium rather than taxing the po’ folk who live check to check- so out of touch with the average joe and johanna’s

  2. I wish the city of Oakland and the Raiders could have agreed to something like this. Play elsewhere for a season (make it fun, San Antonio, whatever) while you gut The O and build on the existing infrastructure.

    On a side note, I was in the Superdome for 2016 week 1 Raiders @ Saints and I gotta say, regardless of the stadium’s condition, it was a fantastic experience, LOUD as heck and the locals were super cool with us Raider fans.

    Definitely got love for the Big Easy.

  3. The thing about the Superdome is its location. The building may be old, but it’s 5 minutes from the French Quarter and anywhere else you want to go in downtown New Orleans. I’m not sure any other NFL city can say that about their stadium.

  4. $450 million without a project manager involved and $125 million with one.

  5. They aren’t even getting a new stadium and it’s a $450 million project? For reference the Eagles built an entire stadium in a union town in 2003 for $300 million. Even with inflation that only comes to $414 million.

  6. “More money will be made keeping the team in state than losing them.”

    Fair to question where they’d lose them to. Their ownership has strong ties to the city and there aren’t a ton of major markets that don’t have an NFL team where a move wouldn’t be opposed by other owners. (San Antonio is big enough for a team but they’ll never get one as long as the Cowboys and Texans get a say, as an example.) Most of these cities end up bidding against themselves with these huge handouts.

  7. Season ticket holder here. $450 Million Dollar renovation? Seems like the dome is renovated every two or three years! My only real problem with the place now is the concourses are too narrow with the bathrooms and permanent concessions on one side and the portable food and drink stands on the other. Just before kickoff and at halftime getting to your seat is like trying to get on the subway during New York rush hour. The team shop is huge already and I would hate to see fellow season ticket holders displaced by more luxury boxes.

  8. “The building may be old, but it’s 5 minutes from the French Quarter and anywhere else you want to go in downtown New Orleans. I’m not sure any other NFL city can say that about their stadium”

    There are plenty of NFL cities that can say that … the Seahawks, Steelers, Browns, Lions, Rams, Colts, Ravens are just a few of the teams that have stadiums right in their downtown areas

  9. Season Ticket Holder here…..More Superdome renovations > PSL’s. The Superdome is an NFL icon. More Superbowl’s played in that building than any other Stadium out there.

  10. The superdome is one of only a few stadiums left that doesn’t have PSL to acquire tickets to. PSL’s are a terrible idea. Im not sure that anyone, especially in this city, wants to build a new stadium. We love our superdome here in New Orleans. It means something to us. To us it was a sign of rebirth after Katrina. There aren’t people living in fema trailers here as someone stated already. We live in houses just like everyone else believe it or not. I don’t understand why cities build new stadiums if the previous one is in a good location. The superdome is in the perfect location here in the city.

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