Saints won’t pick up Eli Apple’s option

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The Saints invested a fourth-round pick and a seventh-rounder into Eli Apple, and they appear to content to let that be a 15-month rental.

According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, the Saints won’t pick up the fifth-year option on Apple’s rookie contract, which would have kept him under their control until 2020.

He’s still a relative bargain for the Saints, making $2.5 million this year, and sets him up to hit free agency next offseason. Picking up the option would have cost them $13.7 million for 2020.

They traded for the former Giants cornerback last October before the deadline.

16 responses to “Saints won’t pick up Eli Apple’s option

  1. “He’s still a relative bargain for the Saints”

    Sure… whatever helps you sleep at night. But the way this team is throwing around their draft picks for very questionable returns, they are riding the fast track back to irrelevance. Especially once OT-INT Brees is gone in a few minutes.

  2. That was probably the easiest decision they’ve made in years. He’s a #4 CB at best in the NFL.

  3. Let him walk, he’s no good, was way over drafted and overrated. The sooner he and his annoying ass mom are out from in front of the cameras the better. ESPN will pick him up and realize he can’t cover his own sport like he couldn’t cover a below average wide receiver!

  4. Playing devil’s advocate here, once he caught on he was pretty decent last year. I don’t think he’s worth $13.7 million dollars but he certainly did waaaaay better in the saints secondary than most anticipated

  5. He played well for the Saints, but it’s best to let his play determine his value in the market.

  6. 1st round talent with a 10th round head. Giants did a bad job scouting Apple. He came out of college with no life skills and was not (and still is not) mature enough to be a professional player and teammate.

  7. No team is gonna have 4 or 5 studs in the secondary. I don’t think he’s a bust by a long shot but no way he’ll be worth that kind of money next year.

  8. I was surprised Apple lasted as long as he did with the Saints after his work in New York. He wasn’t as bad in NO but he wasn’t good either.Same as PJ Williams. The Saints don’t have the money to upgrade both now.

  9. Whether he’s good enough is certainly up for debate, but what’s not is the fact that the Saints throw around draft picks like dollar bills at a gentlemen’s club.

  10. Why are people so worried about the Saints’ draft picks? They were a miracle play two years ago and the worst non-call in history last year from being in the Superbowl. Worry more about why your team isn’t spending draft picks to get to that level.

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