Titans pass on Jack Conklin’s 2020 option

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The Titans have made their call on right tackle Jack Conklin‘s contract option for the 2020 season.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that the team will not exercise the option. Friday is the deadline for teams to pick up fifth-year options on their 2016 first-round picks.

The Titans selected Conklin with the eighth overall pick in that draft and installed him as a starter right off the bat. He started every game over his first two seasons, but tore his ACL in a playoff loss to the Patriots in January 2018.

He missed the first three games of last season due to the torn ACL, missed another with a concussion and then landed on injured reserve with another knee injury near the end of the season. He missed seven games altogether and the fact that the option is guaranteed against injury may be part of the reason why the Titans have decided not to exercise it.

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  1. He was pretty good before the injury, though, wasn’t he? I’m not a Titans fan, but I do remember hearing that he was a pretty good player.

  2. Yeah he was All-Pro as a rookie, then tore the ACL against the Pats in the playoffs. Hasn’t been the same since, but was probably rushed back too soon from that injury. And has had a couple more since. Still plenty of time for him to get his career back on track, should be fully healthy & ready to go this year.

  3. Pretty odd…You probably aren’t going to see many rookies 1st team all pro, then not even get that 5th year option picked up. Some strange regression…the injuries must’ve done a number to him.

  4. If I were a team owner or GM, I don’t think my personal ethics would allow to ask players to sign contracts that were not guaranteed for injury unless I also was providing an insurance policy to the player for lost wages in the event of being injured while playing for me.

  5. Yeah, Texans should be on this ASAP. Probably still better than anyone on the roster even if he is banged up.

  6. This caliber player is definitely worth his option year, injury or not, he is a baller! He is still young and will return to pro bowl form, bad move by the Titans!

  7. Why should any other teams “be on this”? He’s still under contract with the Titans.

  8. My first thought on seeing the headline was, “This is stupid” but I’d forgotten about his injury history since his All-Pro season.

  9. Maybe they’re working on an extension that guarantees more money than the fifth-year option would, just over more years?

    I dunno. Injury and all it still seems odd to just give up team control of your young All-Pro tackle.

  10. The fifth year option was expected to be in the $12M range. The OL franchise tag for 2019 was just over $14M. It’s really not much of a difference capwise if he returns to form and the Titans are off the hook for 2020 if he doesn’t. Unless the Titans have another big name in a contract year (I don’t think so, but I don’t follow the AFC that closely.), it’s a reasonable business decision if you don’t think he’ll ever be the same player he was.

  11. Remember when they slickered everyone to move up in the draft to get him? Good times … good times.

  12. This is another reason the CBA is owner friendly and the players have to stand up for themselves and future players. These owners make so much freaking $ and the players are treated as just chattel-expendable. Next (cheaper) man up my butt. NFLPA-wake up and fight!

  13. Matt Kahlil also had a very good year and looked like he would be an all pro every year, then injuries derailed his career. wonder if this is a similar situation, because i thought this guy was pretty good at one point.

  14. So, if I’m Conklin this year, I say “thank you” and sit out until I’m 100% healthy.

    Also, sends a message to other players considering the Titans. Sign at your own risk.

  15. Dolphins would be smart to float a 5th rounder for him. Let him sit a year.

  16. Packers will need a right tackle next year when they let Bulaga go in free agency.
    Matt LaFleur, former Titans offensive coordinator, is the Packers head coach.
    Packers did not draft a tackle this time.

  17. If he has even a decent year, he’d be crazy NOT to test FA at the end of the season (providing the Titans don’t franchise him) – a 1st rd OT that was an All-Pro who’s almost 2 years removed from the injury would make a ton of money in FA.

  18. I wonder if the TEN Titans are thinking of moving him this offseason via a trade? Before his injury Conklin was playing at an Elite All-Pro caliber level and I have zero doubt whatsoever that he could easily get back to that level of play , I don’t think he is injury prone at all I think while coming back from his knee injury he put to much stress on other areas of his body causing him to get banged up a bit which is common when working your way back from a serious knee or achilles injury especially for a big man like Conklin with all the pressure he is putting on other nearby soft tissues. Conklin could turn out to be a steal for some team. As a Cardinals I hope they make a call and kick the tires, Conklin is a young elite RT every team seems to be lookingfor.

  19. lks311 says:
    May 1, 2019 at 6:38 pm
    So, if I’m Conklin this year, I say “thank you” and sit out until I’m 100% healthy.

    Also, sends a message to other players considering the Titans. Sign at your own risk.

    You think the Titans are the only team who makes moves like this? Child please. 32/32 teams have done seemingly heartless things to players. It’s a business. If he can stay healthy & productive he will get his money from someone, maybe even the Titans.

  20. This is a mistake on the Titans part.

    -Texans fan
    Not a Titans fan, but seems weird that if there was a decline in play it was most likely due to the kid coming back to soon from an injury to help the team. Seems like a team would reward that type of loyalty unless there is something else going on.

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