Tyrann Mathieu: Tyreek Hill situation “very disappointing”

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Tyrann Mathieu joined the Chiefs assuming that he’d be playing football with Tyreek Hill. Mathieu now realizes that may not be happening any time soon.

Appearing Tuesday night on SB Nation Radio, Mathieu became one of the first (if not the first) Chiefs players to comment publicly on Hill’s current predicament, fueled by a disturbing audio that leaked six days ago.

“I think it’s bad, man,” Mathieu told Alex Gold of SB Nation Radio. “Obviously, it’s very disappointing. Obviously, I came to the Chiefs with hopes that I could watch him play football and watch him run back punts and catch long bombs and outrun everybody. You know, it’s a very unfortunate situation. I haven’t been his teammate much, just basically two or three weeks. So it’s not really fair for me to comment on his character. I don’t think I really know him. But like I said just with everything that’s out right now and obviously the audio, it’s very disappointing, not only from a teammate standpoint but I’m a father as well. It’s very disappointing.”

The Chiefs have taken no further action with Hill since banning him last Thursday night from offseason activities. The league has yet to take action of any kind with Hill, or even to acknowledge the significant developments of late last week.

Whatever happens with Hill, Mathieu’s remarks underscore a very important reality that will await Hill, if/when he ever plays football again. He’ll eventually have to walk into a locker room inhabited by men who are also fathers, and they may forever view Hill differently.

“The locker room is going to paint you as a coward more than anything,” PFT Live co-host Chris Simms told me last week off the air (but on the record). “There will definitely be guys in the locker room who will never forgive him now.”

Some won’t forgive, and few will forget. Which will make it very difficult for Hill to ever be viewed the same way again, wherever he ends up playing.

38 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu: Tyreek Hill situation “very disappointing”

  1. Screw Tyreek Hill and everything he stands for. I pray God puts a good man in his son’s life to heal whatever mental or physical wounds he has to go through. I lost my only son to a enlarged heart so to hear another man severely abusing his to the point of a broken arm is almost unforgivable.

  2. The son needs a good man and a good woman, we can always pray that it will happen.

  3. As a Chiefs fan for 50+ years and as a man and father and grandfather I am very disappointed, upset and angry with this man. This man has the talent to become a superstar and he blew it because of apparent anger issues. I believe in discipling children, but not abusing them. I have lost total respect for him. The Chiefs, the NFL and the justice system needs to deal with him and never ever allow him to play pro football again and honestly, never see his child again. I’m sure there will be some sort of plea deal and he will be slapped on the wrists.

  4. Tyreek Hill looks like a monster and a bad guy. Enough of this crap nfl you are bigger than one person ban this fool for life. You shouldn’t get second chances or proper trials for crap like beating woman and children if ur accused than you are guilty especially with the evidence you have

  5. Damian Andrews,
    I’m sorry for the loss of your son. I lost my oldest due to violence.

  6. It’s time for the NFL to announce their decision towards Tyreek Hill. He should never
    be allowed to play football again. The situation with his little boy, is way beyond
    anything to do with football.He doesn’t deserve to play again after abusing this poor little boy.

  7. Tyreek Hill came into the league with a ugly reputation and yet John Dorsey drafted him anyway. I agree with the above person who posted…the hell with Hill. I hope his kid gets the help he’ll need because I’m sure he’s mentally scared.

  8. I hate to see a waste of great talent like Tyreek Hill but what can be done? he may simply be too damaged to ever be fixed. I just hope this doesn’t end worse than it already is ala Lawrence Phillips. Maybe he can agree to get into a live in treatment facility for many, many months or get such treatment in jail. Ray Rice is a big precedent so right it will be an uphill battle for Tyreek Hill from here on out.

  9. Damian, I lost my son as well to genetic disease and you’re correct that Hill’s actions are unforgivable. Unfortunately, he will never be charged with a crime so hopefully the NFL will step up.

  10. The guy that threw a beer in Hill’s face at Gillette got a lifetime ban… Hill should get the same. Oh and I’d buy that guy a beer in hindsight…

  11. There is NO excuse for punching a pregnant woman in the gut …NONE..and to break the arm of a 3 year old is a CRIME, irr reprehensible and should be dealt with as assault ! legal prudence should be applied to the fullest extent of the law !This guy is an angry jerk with no common sense and a complete lack of control, where anger management is concerned.He should NEVER be allowed to play NFL football again…Period !

  12. John Dorsey is a good judge of football talent, but a poor judge of human beings.

  13. How much longer do children have to suffer before they change child welfare laws? All across the country children are being abused/killed by parents that have been reported to child welfare services. Animals get permanently taken away from abusive owners for crying out loud.

  14. Too many little little boys in pro sports. Even at 21, very few are mature enough to call men. Maybe staying in college for 4 years and growing up isn’t such a bad idea.

  15. @sdelmonte What Hill did was worse and Peterson admitted to what he had done. Hill tried to cover it up. Us he choked and punched his girlfriend in the stomach while she was pregnant.

  16. Damien, I lost my son Ryan to the same thing at sixteen, myocarditis. I also have no sympathy for a person, I will not say man, who physically abuses his three year old son. Take a stand and do the right thing, Goodell – kick him out of the NFL permanently.

  17. Also he was kicked off the oklahoma st football team for domestic situation he had.Chiefs knew what they were getting with him.smdh

  18. I ,for one, will not wait before I pass judgement! This coward of a man needs to be in prison and see how bad his “terrifying” self is! Goodell needs to stop screwing around, the draft is over, show some courage, do your damn job, and restore some integrity into the NFL. I am certain the players feel the same way!

  19. More than anything, i want this man to find himself a mentor, and teach him how to be a dad. I dont know know hill’s upbringing, and i dont know if he had a positive male influence. That is what he needs right now. I understand that the nfl is a privelage, and this is situation warrants a lifetime ban. But for his kids’ sake, for society’s sake, for the sake of another human being, god i hope he finds someone to guide him, because he is clearly lost. His poor kid fears his dad. Whike we watch on Sundays, cheering, and being captivated, his son is seeing his version of a monster. You can never unbreak that childs arm. This is a tragedy. And if he wasnt a football player, we wouldnt care.

  20. The guy beat up his pregnant girlfriend and swore he was different, people stood by him and said he was on thin ice but they believed in him. But you can’t fix or reward someone who isn’t truly sorry for their actions.
    He’s a rotten character and a child abuser, if the NFL doesn’t do away with him and show that breaking your kids arm, and beating woman is unacceptable then we know they truly don’t care about anything other than talent on the field and revenue. You may as well do away with the Walter Payton award if they don’t ban him because it will completely undermine the leagues integrity.

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