A.J. Green enjoying life with an offensive-minded head coach

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Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green spent the first eight years of his career playing for head coach Marvin Lewis, so he’s making an adjustment this offseason with Zac Taylor now occupying the top job on the coaching staff.

During an interview with Chris Simms, Green discussed the differences between the two men. Practices have a different energy with Taylor playing music — something Lewis wasn’t a fan of — and favoring the offensive side of the ball, which is something that Green has found appealing during the early stages of the offseason program.

“Playing with coach Lewis, it’s all about the defense,” Green said. “You don’t show up the defense at practice. But Zac is like, ‘OTA one, we’re going to kick the defense’s butt.’ That’s what we like to hear. I love the way he teaches. He’s not yelling at you, he’s teaching every little detail and having you understand why we run it this way.”

Green said that he feels recovered from the toe injury that curtailed his 2018 season and anything Taylor teaches will look better with a healthy Green executing it come the fall.

11 responses to “A.J. Green enjoying life with an offensive-minded head coach

  1. That’s really the first negative comment about Marvin I’ve ever heard from a player, much less one of Green’s stature. It’s been very interesting so far

  2. AJ is a consummate professional. We’ve been lucky to have him, and are luckier that he had stated his desire to stay in Cincy his entire career. Hoping for a healthy season for you AJ – go get it!!

  3. Explains why the Bengals defense has been trash.. “Don’t show up the defense in practice, let our opponent do it on Sundays!” So thankful there’s a new mindset leading this team. Cautiously hopeful for better results. – Bengals fan

  4. Most of the players are not going to call Marv out and you all know why. That being said, you know these guys have much more confidence with him gone and the new energy they keep talking about.

  5. With Pittsburgh’s implosion, the Browns looking to be on the rise and the bengals taking a new lease on life, the AFCN is wide open

  6. Rebuilding the Bengals is a two to three year project. This year the priority is offense to create a fun fan experience. There are going to be a lot of 40-38 games this year.

  7. AJ not the only player to say there’s a new energy….as fans we got tired of Marvin so you know the players felt the same!

  8. AJ wasn’t calling out Marvin, he was stating an opinion. It’s not even the first time he’s made the comment about showing up the defense. Anybody that’s played football will tell you it’s just not as much fun to practice under “old school” coaches. Whether having more fun results in more wins is a different question.

  9. It’s a shame such a great receiver is often overlooked because he’s being a humble, good person. Green is a class act and hopefully Zac Taylor can open up the offense so he can shine even more.

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