Eric Dungey signs with Giants

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Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey finally has made a decision: The undrafted free agent signed with the Giants he announced on social media.

Dungey took his time in selecting a team, mulling offers from about five teams. But a phone call from Pat Shurmur convinced Dungey to sign with the Giants despite their selection of Duke quarterback Daniel Jones in the first round.

“We were kind of all over the board probably until Tuesday late afternoon,” Tim Dungey, Eric’s father, said, via Nate Mink of “Shurmur called Eric, and they had a long conversation, and he made Eric feel pretty good.

“There are no guarantees, drafted or not. You have to go earn it.”

Dungey passed for 9,340 yards with 58 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in his four seasons. He also rushed for 1,993 yards and 35 touchdowns.

At least one team discussed trying Dungey as a utility player as well as a quarterback, per Mink.

4 responses to “Eric Dungey signs with Giants

  1. I’ve watched ACC sports since its Pilot Life days and I can tell you that Dungy is a better prospect than Daniel Jones. This signing will illustrate that, unless Gettleman puts his thumb on the scale.

    Wow! Does it ever stop?

  2. ED is going to be better than Jones if given the chance. Look at the college stats. Better rating, more td’s, 1 more year of experience with only one more total pick. On teams that for his first few years were worse than what Duke had. And the kid can run.

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