Indianapolis officials urging the NFL not to move the Combine

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The NFL is looking into moving the Scouting Combine. Indianapolis is working to keep it.

As the league toys with the possibility of making the Combine a glitzy prime time show in a venue like Los Angeles, officials from Indianapolis’s tourism bureau want the league to commit to keeping it where it is. Currently there’s only a commitment for one more year in Indianapolis.

Retaining the NFL Scouting Combine is paramount, as they have met here since 1987 and we only have them booked through next year,” Chris Gahl, senior vice president of Visit Indy, told the Indianapolis Star. “We are hopefully optimistic that in the next months, the NFL will make a decision and the Combine will remain safe and sound in Indianapolis.”

Indianapolis officials estimate the Combine brings in about $10 million in economic impact for the city. The NFL could easily make the Combine a bigger deal by moving it around from city to city like the draft, and more attention to the Combine would probably make the draft an even bigger event as well. Indianapolis is eager to get into the draft rotation, but doesn’t want to see the Combine similarly move around.

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  1. Good for the economy of Indiana.
    Time for the NFL to be a good American corporate citizen ahead of just a cash-generating business and keep it where it is.

  2. That’s fine, but if you want to keep the combine to yourself, then no draft in Indy.

  3. If the NFL decided to move the combine to different cities, wouldn’t they have to chose cites with dome stadiums? I would imagine team would want the best possible conditions for the combine drills.

  4. Indianapolis does not have ‘sizzle’ as a destination, but the combine is about player evaluation. The glamour and nightlife of the host city has nothing to do with the work performed.

    I did not tune in one single minute to the combine so don’t move it for my sake.

  5. That would be dumb to move it. It’s not like the public is invited inside the stadium and it’s a big party. It’s the combine.
    Indy has done a first class job with it since 1987.
    Move it and it will be a botched headache.

  6. “Making the combine a glitzy primetime show in a venue like Los Angeles.”


    The Combine isn’t like the draft where you can have it be a big “glitzy” event that is one big party with 600,000+ fans attending. Alcohol flowing, live music playing, throngs of fans, is not possible at the Combine.

    The Combine is a quiet not made for “primetime” event that is perfect for a indoor stadium like Lucas Oil. It can be a event as it is now and get some TV ratings, but it will never be the big “glitzy” event the draft is if you move the Combine from city to city.

    The Draft is a big celebration for teams, players, and fans. The Combine is a information gathering event that there will never be a reason to celebrate.

  7. i think logistically it’s gotta stay in middle of country. dealing with college kids. no need to turn that into a spectacle (no more so than it already has been)

  8. I went to the 2018 Combine in Indy and it will never draw people like the draft. They usher you in, you MUST keep your phone in your pocket. if you pull it out and just hold it, they yell at you. You MUST maintain silence at all times. No talking of any kind. They want the players to be able to focus and in order to keep that, they only brought in and sold a few hundred tickets. You cant keep a massive crowd quiet. Does that sound like it can/will draw a major crowd? NFL will need to stick to televised revenue w the draft

  9. Glitz and glamour? It’s a scouting combine. LOGISTICS is why it is in Indianapolis. Let them take it out of Indy for a year or two, for “Glitz and Glamour” and they’ll be back. For argument sake, say they hold it in Miami (a glitzy choice) the Stadium is in Miami Gardens, an HOURS DRIVE from the “glitz and glamour” South Beach and 40 minutes from Jackson Memorial Hospital. What is in Miami Gardens? Well there is a Walmart and a Sonic Drive-In.

  10. Is there really that much of a demand to have the combine in other cities? It’s working well in Indy, don’t fix it if it ain’t broken

  11. If I am GM of a team I don’t want the glitz and glamour of another city. I am there to evaluate and talk to potential draft picks not to have a big party.

  12. I recall you writing a few years back that the primary reason the Combine makes sense in Indy is there are 3 hospitals near Lucas Oil Stadium to perform all the physicals in a timely fashion in. The NFL going to just make it last longer to accommodate the increased travel time to local hospitals for the MRI’s etc. as surely the Indy hospitals have a higher number of MRI’s than most hospitals since they get so much use that week.

  13. The NFL does not keep events at one location anymore…time to give it up Indy…your nothing special…

  14. I suppose there was a time when the draft was not a spectacle either and it seemed impossible to move and yet things have changed. I agree with the point about Indy being centrally located, but then again, I think the pro bowl should still be in Hawaii and after the SB, so what do I know – lol.

  15. Maybe the combine should be done in an outdoor stadium so the scouts can see them throw in a not ideal situation, since most of the QBs in the league will have to throw outside.

    Also, I personally think it’s ok for the NFL to NOT try to wring every last cent of revenue from everything they touch. They should leave the combine alone and go screw the tv networks for more money on the tv deals if they want more revenue.

  16. Sorry Indy, but if they can move the draft they can move anything. You don’t own the combine, just like NY didn’t own the draft.

  17. kfoyo808 says:

    i think logistically it’s gotta stay in middle of country.

    So you’re saying that it needs to be moved away from Indy.

    Looks like New Orleans or Minneapolis are the only two sites that would fulfill that requirement.

  18. The Colts are in no position to advise the NFL on anything. Lo market team with an owner who isn’t actually one of the most popular in the club.

  19. I’ve been to downtown Indy and it’s the best location for the combine.

    Centrally located, downtown hotels and restaurants are all connected via tunnels, dome stadium, so weather and logistics aren’t an issue and everything’s close including the airport 15 minutes away. Another major advantage for Indy is the medical testing of the players is very efficient as the IU Indy campus is downtown Indy.

    If greed takes over, I think moving the combine every year or having it in LA would be a nightmare for the teams.

  20. The combine will not become a prime time glitzy event. Ever. I think most people don’t watch a single minute of it. I never have and never will. Watching paint dry would be just as entertaining

  21. The NFL needs to shake down other cities for a slice of the pie.

    “You want $10 million in economic stimulus?” – well we want a taste.
    Don’t worry, just a taste, oh, say 25%.

  22. The Combine isn’t like the draft where you can have it be a big “glitzy” event that is one big party with 600,000+ fans attending. Alcohol flowing, live music playing, throngs of fans, is not possible at the Combine

    Wasn’t possible at the draft either, until it was held in Philly.

  23. 19dead2 says:
    May 2, 2019 at 10:17 am
    The Colts are in no position to advise the NFL on anything. Lo market team with an owner who isn’t actually one of the most popular in the club.

    This is actually incorrect. Though YOU may not like Jimmy Irsay, he IS one of the most liked owners among other NFL owners. His father Bob, not so much, but they do like Jim.

  24. I’m all for moving the Combine around. You don’t have to have a ‘football’ type stadium to run the Combine. But you do need at least 60 yards in a straight line.

  25. Move it around. I see zero reason why the Combine should be the exclusive domain of Indianapolis. However, with that said, it would be nice to see the NFL choose to bring it it to smaller market cities that could more greatly appreciate the economic benefits.

  26. The NFL will bid this out and cities will end up paying the NFL 15 to 20 mil of taxpayer money for the privilege to host the draft only to bring in 10 mil in revenue…Like it or not the NFL knows how to maximize profit.

  27. Indy has had it long enough! Since 1987!? It’s time to take it to other cities. They should not have a monopoly on the combine.
    NY had a monoploy on the draft until Radio City Music Hall wasn’t available one year, then it hit the road and has turned into an awesome fan festival! Time to move it around beginning here in LA then other cities with domed stadiums that are experiencing snow storms that time of year.

    Bye Indy!

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