Vikings announce agreements with eight draft picks

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The Vikings announced they have eight of 12 draft picks under contract.

Minnesota has signed second-round tight end Irv Smith Jr., third-round running back Alexander Mattison, fourth-round guard Dru Samia, fifth-round linebacker Cameron Smith, sixth-round safety Marcus Epps, sixth-round offensive tackle Olisaemeka Udoh, seventh-round receiver Dillon Mitchell and seventh-round receiver Olabisi Johnson.

The Vikings will hold a three-day rookie minicamp with its draft picks, undrafted free agents and tryout players.

Pro Bowl receiver Adam Thielen (in 2013) and Chad Beebe (in 2018) are among players who signed with the Vikings after they participated in minicamps on a tryout basis.

13 responses to “Vikings announce agreements with eight draft picks

  1. So in the next few days we can expect a trade or two and possibly some releases.

  2. Nice. Rick also mentioned in an interview that they’re saving at least 2 potential spots on the 90 man roster for undrafted free agents. Sounds good to me.

  3. Looks like they have about 12 cents now to share between the last 4 picks. Maybe their qb will take a cut to help them out of their cap issue. Probably not.

  4. Most of you do not realize that the salary cap number is the highest 51 players on a team. Many of these late round picks do not fit into the top 51 and do not count against the cap. SO if a player is signed at the minimum it does not count against the cap or only a small number of count if they are part of the 51. Stop worrying about the salary cap. The Vikings will be under it.

  5. Cousins could really help the whole team restructuring. He hasn’t & hasn’t even offered. He’s not a team player. 2 more years, he’s gone.

  6. Congrats you signed 8 people, 5 you’ll cut. Good ole Trader back Rick. Sure you had 12 picks but when 9 are 7th round losers, what good was it!

  7. Considering the cap situation in Minnesota, if I were a draftee, I would sign immediately to make sure my check clears at the bank. At some point and soon, the Vikings will have to cut a Vet and when it happens, that Vet can thank the $84 million man for his fate.

  8. vikesfansteve says:
    May 3, 2019 at 6:19 am

    Congrats you signed 8 people, 5 you’ll cut. Good ole Trader back Rick. Sure you had 12 picks but when 9 are 7th round losers, what good was it!

    In the sixth and seventh round, you have to emphasize quantity because the hit rate for finding a contributor is only about 30% and about 15% become starters. With seven 6th and 7th-round picks, they’ll probably find two guys who contribute to the team for a few years and one of them will eventually become a starter.

    Before the draft, the Vikings had one pick in each of the first four rounds, two in the sixth, and two in the seventh. Even with four picks in the later rounds, you’re probably only going to hit on one. By trading back in the third round, Spielman was eventually able to add a fifth-round pick, three more picks in the sixth and seventh, and could trade up for Samia in the fourth.

    So they didn’t hurt themselves by adding the extra picks and they increased the likelihood that they’ll get contributions from more guys. What’s your complaint again?

  9. wjh

    You do realize that Cousins is getting that $84 mil over three years, don’t you?

    It’s not like Rodgers who got $80 mil in the last 12 months.

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