Yannick Ngakoue has been absent from offseason workouts

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It’s been known that players like cornerback Jalen Ramsey and linebacker Telvin Smith haven’t been present for offseason workouts in Jacksonville. It’s now known that another key player hasn’t been present for voluntary drills.

Per a league source, defensive end Yannick Ngakoue has been absent from the workouts. He showed up for the first few days, and he then left.

The 2016 third-round pick enters his contract year with 29.5 sacks in three seasons — that’s more than the 28.5 sacks generated by Joey Bosa, the third overall pick that same year.

Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark, who recently signed a five-year, $105 million deal, has 32 sacks over the last three years. Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, who also has signed in recent weeks a five-year, $105 million deal, has only 25.5 sacks over the past three seasons.

Ngakoue is due to make $2.025 million in 2019, and his absence undoubtedly relates to his desire to get a new deal before embarking on the final year of his rookie contract, which ultimately will pay out $4.6 million over four seasons. He joins Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones, who has 24 sacks in his first three years, as players exercising the primary leverage available to them to get what they want: Withholding of services.

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  1. If you are scared to get injured you cant produce in the final year of your rookie contract which brings your value down. These guys should take a chance and play like before. Cant understand this withholding of services in their final year. You lose more than you stand to gain. Ask LeVeon Bell and many more of his ilk

  2. With Calais Campbell getting up there, they need to keep Yannick. Pairing Yannick and Josh Allen on the edge with Dareus and Campbell inside is just flat out scary. They have a good secondary too, maybe still need some Safety help, and Jack and Smith are your starting LBs. Solid defense, and they addressed RT with Taylor and TE with Oliver. Good draft for the Jags.

  3. They’re voluntary workouts, so the players don’t have to show up. If they do show up and want a new contract, I’d tell them to fire the agent that got them the lousy deal, and we’ll talk. It hurts the players when they continue to be represented by people who either don’t know what they’re doing, or just don’t care about the kids. Players need to start holding these agents accountable for their bad work. Nobody ever tried to renegotiate a good contract. I have no problem giving players what they’re worth. I have a problem with agents that don’t understand the value of the kids they represent.

  4. Sitting out voluntary workouts is a way to pressure your team to ante up and pay. Same thing with sitting out training camp, or into the season. I don’t expect Yannick to sit out all season, but if he and his agent think it will put the pressure on the Jags to pay, he will probably sit out the voluntary stuff and maybe even some training camp. Yannick’s situation is different than Lev Bell, Bell had a $14.5 million franchise tender on the table he didn’t sign. Yannick is only making $2+ million this year. I’d sit out and lose the $2 million if I get to sign a 5 year $105+ million dollar deal with $60+ million guaranteed, that’s just smart. Leveon Bell is different, different tender situation and different positional value (pass rushers are well paid, RBs are not).

  5. Daniel hunter is a better player and took a team friendly deal. Yannick is good but isn’t worth 100 plus million. Daniel signed a 5 yr 72 million dollar deal. Yannick shouldn’t be signed for much or anymore then that. He isn’t a guy who takes over a game like von Miller. Paying him as such would be a huge mistake.

  6. These comments seem to be creating a situation out of nothing. The guy is skipping voluntary workouts. Once again- voluntary.

  7. Go look up how many forced fumbles he has. That’s actually the most impressive stat as those lead to turnovers.


    cobrala2 says:
    May 2, 2019 at 12:39 pm
    Wow. I heard Ngakoue was good but I didn’t realize his productivity!

  8. sigh another player not wanting to stick out a contract HE signed…why do they even do long contracts, just go to year to year and or incentive based contracts. these contracts are out of hand, and in the end the only way it changes is if fans stop going to games which wont happen.

  9. It is weird to me how many fans side with “management” on these issues. Most of the fans are workers like anyone else. Do you just not realize that management will screw you to their own benefit? Do they not know that the people paying this money had enough spare change to buy a pro sports team? If you are risking your neck (literally) and produce more than anyone else in 3 years… hold out, get your money. If you break a leg (again literally) no one on this message board or in the front office is going to give you a single dime, do what you have to do to get your money.

  10. He will get his payday. But it won’t be until 2020 when Calais Campbell is likely to be gone

  11. This is the first I’ve heard of Ngakoue. I’m sure if this was about money it would have been mentioned. I’m not sure Ngakoue is the kind of guy to do this. However, the Jags should negotiate a nice extension for this guy. He could be the anchor to this line for the next five years.

  12. Bosa has only played in 35 games in 3 seasons. Ngakoue has played in all 48. To be fair availability is always going to be a great asset.

    Bosa is beast that’s trouble for any NFL lineman. Just being a fair Raiders fan here.

  13. Ngakoue had a “down year” this past year with Jax’s regression. Check his “pressures” stats tho. He was affecting the game a lot more than his sack total indicates.

  14. Yan can~ come ~cook in Buffalo anytime .I see him as a trade possibility soon .

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