17 first-round picks from 2016 had their fifth-year options picked up

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When NFL teams decline to pick up the fifth-year option for a first-round draft pick, they’re essentially saying that pick fell short of expectations. By that measure, 45 percent of the first-round picks in the 2016 NFL draft fell short.

The fifth-year option decisions are in for all of the first-round picks from 2016, and 17 of them were picked up, while 14 were declined. (New England was stripped of its first-round pick for Deflategate.)

That makes the 2016 first round a fairly disappointing one. In each of the last two years, 20 fifth-year options were picked up and 12 were declined.

Teams picking at the top of the draft were satisfied with their picks, as the Top 7 players all had their options picked up. The highest pick to have his option declined was Titans offensive tackle Jack Conklin, drafted No. 8 overall. Two first-round picks, 15th overall selection Corey Coleman of the Browns and 26th overall selection Paxton Lynch of the Broncos, had no fifth-year option because they have already been released from their rookie contracts.

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  1. Conklin is proof that you never know how a player comes back from an injury. Yet so many teams pick and choose players based on their performance before their injuries. It’s a substantial risk.

  2. If the player is worth less than the option, don’t pick it up. If the player is worth more than the option, pick it up.

    It’s a formula that ensures the best players are underpaid for an extra year. Get. Rid. Of. It.

  3. Funny I almost forgot that the league committed that crime against the patriot organization.

  4. packers291 says: “It’s a formula that ensures the best players are underpaid for an extra year.”

    It’s a formula negotiated by the PLAYER’S UNION. They wanted it this way, so blame the veteran players that agreed to it. Ownership doesn’t really care – a FIXED salary cap means they have to spend $190 million on all players. Period.

    Otherwise, we can always go back to the rookie pay system where bums like Sam Bradford can sign a $86 million contract and never having played a single NFL down yet.

  5. There’s a good player out there who missed the opportunity to play with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, plus two rings, thanks to Goodell. What a tragedy.

  6. 2016: Great year for Patriots

    League does them major favor to begin. Rest for a key player plus a bit more incentive. No 1st round draft pick to take up salary cap. Highlight two QB’s for future trades.

    Pats don’t draft until the 60th pick but have an awesome draft. Profootball reference indicates they drafted two first round talent players (Thuney 10th and Roberts 31st) with the 78th and 214th picks. Both players are under contract and have a combined cap hit of 4.3 million. They draft Brissett 91st (currently ranked 53rd by pfr.com) and trade him for former first rounder Dorsett who is still under contract, has a cap hit around 2.5 million and caught two huge TD’s in last years SB run. They drafted Malcolm Mitchell who made big contributions in the Atlanta SB before retiring due to injury. They draft Vince valentine a quality rotation line man still under contract with a minimal cap hit.

    Pats Win SB

    Goodell booed off the stage.

    Mic drop.

  7. I think these fifth year options are the first truly quantifiable measure of whether a draft pick was a bust or not. It’s a fascinating statistic to have for GM evaluations.

  8. Can’t say that them getting that 5th year option is an indication that they met expectations. See Vernon Hargreaves. They gave it to him but much like Jameis Winston we still don’t know what we have with him.

  9. somethinsbruin says:
    May 3, 2019 at 7:27 am
    Funny I almost forgot that the league committed that crime against the patriot organization.


    They earned it.

  10. Interesting that 37.5% of 1st round picks have gone bust the past couple of years. Would be interesting to see how many have been bottom half vs top half.

  11. Why are people acting like Conklin is already a free agent? Can’t he still re-sign with the Titans after year 4?

  12. Well it’s nice for GB to finally have a first round pick that more than deserves his 5th year option. Way to go Ted Thompson. He was the guy picked the latest in the round to have the option taken by a team. He is only going to get better. He was so young when he was drafted. A lot of duds in the first round for GB but thankfully, Kenny Clark isn’t one of them!

  13. 15 first round picks didnt work out, but go ahead and keep telling yourselves those 3rd round picks your teams trade your favorite players for are worth it.

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