Bucs hope to restore Ronald Jones’ confidence

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Negative reviews of Buccaneers running back Ronald Jones‘ work started coming in the preseason and things never got better from there.

Jones played in nine games and ran 23 times for 44 yards during a season that fell well short of the expectations he carried into the league as a second-round pick. According to running backs coach Todd McNair, the hope in Tampa this year is that Jones can rediscover both his confidence and his game.

“Rojo had 23 carries on the season and 13 of those he got hit at or behind the line of scrimmage,” McNair said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “So the biggest thing with him is restoring his confidence. I think once we start getting him to the second level clean. You know, a guy comes out of college, USC is a high-profile program. A second round pick and he doesn’t have a lot of success. I’ve seen it happen before and his confidence goes way down. With him it’s baby steps and working our approach.”

The Buccaneers haven’t shook up the depth chart at running back this offseason, which leaves Peyton Barber as the No. 1 back in front of Jones. That should provide plenty of chances to see if the effort to rebuild Jones’ game is successful.

4 responses to “Bucs hope to restore Ronald Jones’ confidence

  1. Fans went hard on him last season. He did seem to have lapses in concentration when asked to catch passes out of the backfield. Bad for a vet, horrible for a rookie.

    I will agree that he didn’t have much success out of the backfield.

    I will also point out that although the Bucs put up plenty of points over last season, that was with Monken running the offense and still no defined packages for Jones.

    Examples would be the Bears with T. Cohen, Chargers with Ekeler, Falcons with T. Coleman.

  2. I think Jones could have huge upside this year in Bruce Arians offense. Noticed earlier this off season that Arians brought in Andre Ellington and have to assume this was a show me the way pickup for Jones to learn from.

  3. There’s just something about coming into the NFL and finding out they aren’t nearly as good as they thought they were that blows those HUGE egos UP! As I’ve said many times when these guys are in college the talent is more spread out and they’re less likely to play against many players that’ll make it in the NFL but once they get drafted and make a teams 53 man opening day roster that all goes out the window, >90% of the time they find they’re not the best player on the field anymore like they were in college. All that talent is concentrated onto just 32 teams unlike college where it’s divided up on over 750 schools!

  4. “Rojo had 23 carries on the season and 13 of those he got hit at or behind the line of scrimmage”….True statement coach so let me ask you this…what EXACTLY was done in the offseason to improve your horrible offensive line?? Donavan Smith is a serviceable LT at best, Marpet did not have a great year, Jensen was overpaid, Benenoch is complete GARBAGE, and Dotson is on his last legs. And if anyone believes that Alex Cappa is the difference maker…that guy couldn’t even beat out Benenoch last year!

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