Cam Newton’s “excited,” not “intimidated” by Will Grier

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The Panthers went out of their way to make sure everyone knew they weren’t trying to replace Cam Newton when they drafted another quarterback last week.

And in case you were wondering if Newton felt pressure from the addition of West Virginia’s Will Grier with the 100th overall pick, he does not.

Via Josh Sims of Fox 46, Newton was asked about the addition of Grier during the grand opening of his cigar bar/restaurant in Atlanta.

“A lot of people, the natural, . . . would think that I feel intimidated,” Newton said. “And that’s not the case here.

“I reached out to Will, and I actually saw him play in high school with him being in Charlotte. And I’m just excited. Like I said, for him to come on a team that I know he possesses a rare talent, and I’m excited. . . . It’s my job to put myself and my team in the best situation, and get everybody ready, . . . I want to make sure that I’m [the] best teammate and my best self for everyone.”

Grier grew up near Charlotte, so Newton getting a first-hand look at his new backup lends some familiarity to the process. The Panthers hadn’t drafted a quarterback since taking Newton first overall in 2011, and Grier brings a level of talent to the backup spot they haven’t enjoyed in years.

18 responses to “Cam Newton’s “excited,” not “intimidated” by Will Grier

  1. Newton should be intimidated / worried as Grier WILL take his job.
    Most likely not this year but it WILL, indeed, happen.

  2. This doesn’t seem like or sound like Cam, It sounds more like a
    release from a PR spokes person.

  3. What an absurd notion that Cam would be intimidated by Grier or anybody else at this junction in his journey. This is a manufactured debate.

    I’m not sure who started this so-called controversy, but they need a new occupation. Cam with a bum shoulder would get the nod over Grier or any other rookie in this league.

    Get real. Go ask Brady or Eli how the feel.

  4. Watch Cam Newton not take this situation seriously and Will Grier ends up beating him out for the starting job. Talk about ironic. If Newton’s shoulder becomes a lingering issue or doesn’t heal properly then it could happen, though it’s very unlikely.

  5. It makes a lot of sense that if Newton’s shoulder is still problematic, Grier could ultimately replace him as their starting QB. If Newton is 100% again, that likely won’t happen, but Carolina drafted Grier for a reason. Either as a young, talented backup, or as a possible/potential replacement for Cam Newton at some point in the future, for whatever reason.

  6. Not sure why any of the 32 starting QBs in the League would be intimidated by their club signing Will Grier. Could he be a factor someday? Maybe. Is that day this year? Not likely.

  7. Given that Cam is intimidated by fans of other teams having signs when they come to Charlotte I can’t help but believe he’s scared out of his mind by Grier. After Cam’s cowardice in the Super Bowl a few years ago I just laugh at him

  8. Could you imagine Big Ben taking his team drafting a QB so well. Big Ben would put out a press release how this is horrible and doesn’t help the team win now.

  9. I’m with @qdog112.This narrative is absurd. People obviously have too much time on their hands. Will can consider himself fortunate to play behind Cam. He will learn & grow as a player and hopefully get to demonstrate that growth to either the Panthers or another team in the future. I wish him well.

  10. Brady should be intimidated / worried as Mallett/Brissett/Garopolo/Stidham WILL take his job.
    Most likely not this year but it WILL, indeed, happen.

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