Josh Rosen gets to work with fourth offensive coordinator of his NFL career

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Already on his second NFL team, Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen also is on his fourth NFL offensive coordinator.

Yes, his fourth.

The progression has gone from Mike McCoy to Byron Leftwich to Tom Clements in Arizona, and now to Chad O’Shea in Miami.

“It encourages some mental gymnastics and the more you train it and the more you work it, I think the better you get at it,” Rosen said, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post.

The Miami offense under O’Shea, the former Patriots receivers coach, becomes the latest that Rosen has to learn.

“I’m trying to break down this playbook as quickly as I can,” Rosen said.

Rosen also will be working with Jim Caldwell, the assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach and Jerry Schuplinski, the assistant quarterbacks coach. And also Hall of Famer Dan Marino, a Dolphins executive who has a hand in the quarterback situation with the team for which he starred.

“We’ve got a lot of great minds in there from a lot of different backgrounds,” Rosen said. “I think we’ve got a really good room. Hopefully it’s going to be an indicator of a lot of success.”

Rosen will need to have a lot of success, or the Dolphins could do next year what the Cardinals did this year, drafting a quarterback who supplants Rosen, and who potentially triggers another trade of a guy who would then be on offensive coordinator No. 5.

29 responses to “Josh Rosen gets to work with fourth offensive coordinator of his NFL career

  1. So he has an OC, QB coach, asst. QB coach and Marino lending a hand….
    Dudes gonna be hearing a lot of voices telling him what to do.
    Good luck Josh…

  2. This is SOOOO much better for Rosen after the thrown together, hit-and-miss, circus in Arizona; he really has emerged the winner in this entire soap opera. He is very smart and given the staff he has to work with, can only make up for his rookie year and be all the better…mental gymnastics are tailor made for this young man! How many 22 year olds can tell their children/ grandchildren they worked with legands like Larry Fitzgerald AND Dan Marino! Way to go Josh, you’ve got this!

  3. This guy seemed a bit arrogant coming out of UCLA but I thought he was the best ‘pure passer’ in his class so you gotta figure he’s got upside and a chip on his shoulder (to knock down that entitlement a notch).

    Tough 360-something days for this young man. I think I’m rooting for him now. Except when he takes on the Silver & Black of course.

  4. Plenty of successful qbs have had different qb/ and coordinators. Matt Ryan has gone thru all sorts of coordinators. The dude is still ballin. Same with Brady… Weis/ McDaniels/O’brien
    Don’t let the change hurt you. Learn from it

  5. Technically, the Dolphins will be so bad that Rosen will be on his 5th by mid-season. His 6th will be his next team. Why did anyone want these jobs knowing you are playing the Patriots twice a year. Career disaster…just saying.

  6. If you really like football this is an interesting time to watch the Miami Dolphins. Now starting from ground zero to see where they go and how they get there.

  7. I hope Josh Rosen plays great and has tons of success in Miami and I hope the Dolphins keep him for many years to come.

  8. I suspect O’Shea and Flores will have a better grasp of how to coach a QB than anyone in Az.

  9. LET US NOT FORGET: steve keim made the mistake of drafting Josh Rosen TOO HIGH

    17 wins – 13 losses
    59 td – 26 int

    … in the weak pac-12.

  10. Alex Smith had 5 or 6 new OCs before he finally had a little bit of stability under Harbaugh. He turned out to be pretty good and was a class act to boot. Given Rosen’s reactions to all this, here’s hoping he has a pretty good career too. The NFL needs more classy/smart people.

  11. It’s tough to say that 23 year old young man got screwed when he has a 5 year 8 figure guaranteed contract, AND I have grow to appreciate his ability to be resilient through all this uncertainty. I am rooting for him. pretty sure Miami will be bad this year, and I think they are breaking the pattern there. I am becoming a fan of Josh Rosen, he has handled this all with dignity, humility and most of all a sense of humor. Go Josh.

  12. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m really rooting for this guy to be a legit star. And I’m a Steelers fan. He did seem to have an aloof attitude coming into the league last year but I think he was handed a raw deal by Arizona and seems to have matured and handled all of this with a super classy approach. Four coordinators in 12 calendar months is hard for even someone like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to overcome. Especially for a rookie. I say best of luck to Josh.

  13. Rosen will do just fine, everyone wants to talk about how Murray will be the next Brees or Wilson.. it cracks me up. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a great defense in the Big 12!! Letting Rosen go was a bad move for them.
    Murray will do well on his talent alone in season 1, once REAL defensive coordinators have a year of film on him it will be nothing special. I am happy to have a humbled Rosen with pure arm talent on the team and to finally learn the pro game from the right coaching.

  14. I wish the kid well. Hopefully he can pick up the quarterback position in Miami, as we haven’t had a real one since Marino. Problem is, he is gonna spend a lot of time on his back and get beaten up because there isn’t much of a team around him. That will frustrate him. Basically the same as last year in Arizona. Maybe Miami can get some fair quality off the scrap heap of other teams to at least give the kid a chance.

  15. The kid is cool with it. He seems to be a “bring it on” type. Hope he succeeds.

  16. A good offensive coordinator finds a system where the player can flourish. The O/C doesn’t make the QB fit his system. That’s a key for a good offense. Rosen is a drop back passer. He not a scrambler. He can’t run around consistently and then make plays on the run. Rosen has to have a system where he is comfortable. In Arizona he wasn’t.

  17. Will anyone in that room be blocking for him as he auditions for the job this year????

    Miami’s offensive line is putrid. That’s of far greater concern than who is coaches are…..

  18. Stu Bidaciou says: “Why did anyone want these jobs knowing you are playing the Patriots twice a year. Career disaster…just saying.” What you probably don’t know is Miami beat the Patriots 5 years out of the last 6. The only team to do it.

  19. He never had a chance in the dumpster fire that happened in AZ last year. The Cardinals made their choice with Murray and actually did the right thing by trading Rosen, Hes far too competitive to not be given a chance to be a starter. I hope he has much success in his career.

  20. This guy has huge potential as a public relations expert if football ever stops working out. There was a lot of knock on his P.R. skills coming out of UCLA, but ever since this Kyler Murray-Josh Rosen business started he’s gotten the full circuit of media interaction. Have to hand it to the guy, he at least is handling his press releases perfectly.

  21. I think you need a very good QB to be able to have success. Miami has not had that for 19 years.Bill

  22. Depending on his o line play will anyone know how he plays. If he can read defenses and throw 2.3 seconds before coming under pressure he might succeed.

  23. Birdgang4Life says:
    May 5, 2019 at 9:12 am
    Dolphins4 because Miami has been SO SUCCESSFUL in developing QBs the last 20 years……right? What a great track record they have.


    Gotta start somewhere, may as well be hopeful instead of pessimistic. I don’t understand people that don’t have hope at the beginning of a new regime. If I ever get to that point, I’ll just stop watching.

  24. Can some one tell me what do the Pats do, that is so different than the rest of the teams of the NFL? They are multiple… Teams that have hired NE coaches, never really replicated that on their new team. We got the DC now as our new HC. Remember O’Shea was going to replace McDaniel when he was going to go to Indy. In addition, we have another HC that coached Peyton for 10 years. We actually, have the team in place that knows how to win. We will no longer try to force a system on players. We will be multiple in our schemes, we will cater our schemes based on the teams we will play that week, much like the Pats. The one pick that illustrates that philosophy is the FB from Auburn.

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