Vikings issue No. 84 (again)


When the Vikings announced last year that receiver Randy Moss would be added to the team’s Ring of Honor, some believed his number would be retired. It wasn’t.

In fact, it’s never even been unofficially retired. Issued to receiver Aundrae Allison in 2007 and also given to receiver Michael Jenkins and receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, the Vikings rested the number for only two seasons after trading Moss to the Raiders in 2005. (Moss wore the number for three weeks in 2010; he was released after being deemed a “programmatic non-fit” by coach Brad Childress, who surely knows a programmatic non-fit when he is one. I mean, sees one.)

For the first time since Moss entered the Hall of Fame, No. 84 has been issued again. This time, it will be worn by rookie second-round tight end Irv Smith.

“I wore 82 in college and my dad wore 82 in the league,” Smith said, according to the team. “I felt like it would be cool to switch it up a bit.”

Smith had to switch it up, unless he planned to try to finagle the number from veteran tight end Kyle Rudolph. And Smith has switched it up right into arguably the one number that hasn’t been retired, but perhaps should be.

The Vikings have retired six numbers: 10 (Fran Tarkenton), 53 (Mick Tinglehoff), 70 (Jim Marshall), 77 (Korey Stringer), 80 (Cris Carter), and 88 (Alan Page).

Moss regarded the issuance of the number to Patterson in 2013 as “disrespectful“; it will be interesting to hear whether Moss has any thoughts on the number being issued again.

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  1. not everyone can be the yankees with 23 retired numbers, but the vikings should retire #84

  2. The Vikings have plenty of Hall of Famers whose numbers haven’t been retired.

    And I’m pretty sure the other players whose numbers have been retired were never kicked off the team (not once, but twice) for being a problem.

  3. Reading the names of players with retired numbers, I was surprised that Paul Krause’s #22 has not been retired.

    HOF defensive back whose career interception record (81) still stands, despite the current 16-game seasons and pass-happy era.

    No issues with the other retired numbers; just the huge omission of Krause.

  4. Numbers should just never be retired. You’ll eventually run out of numbers. The Ring of honor is enough.

  5. Moss’s 84 should be retired by the Vikes. One of the greatest WR’s in the history of the game, a great Viking, and a Hall of Famer. Smith should have went with a different number and waited for Rudolph to get traded, then pounced on #82.

  6. Why “should” it be retired? He didn’t even have 10,000 yards with the Vikings. He wouldn’t have been in HOF on his VIkings stats alone. If I am a NFL owner, I’m not retiring the jersey of a guy that had 1/4 of his yards and 1/2 his TDs elsewhere. The ring of honor is enough.

  7. Retiring a number is so unnecessary. These players are honored in so many other ways.

    If someone did something great, the whole “remembering” part tends to work itself out naturally.

    There are only so many numbers available. If the league runs long enough, every number will be retired.

  8. With Randy’s actions while he wore the purple 84 make it hard to justify retiring it. I love Randy but i will not be surprised or offended if it never gets retired.

  9. With 90 player training camp rosters and 53 man regular season rosters….plus practice squad….NFL teams can’t afford to retire jersey numbers.

    They’re going to run out. Add another 50 years of seasons and teams will have 20-30 numbers retired. Can’t happen.

  10. Kevin williams and john randle both wore #93. both warranted careers having it retired. it hasn’t been. whatever.

  11. I think they should have retired the number 84, but since a few players have worn it now, its to late. I really dont know why any other player would want it since its almost impossible to live up to what Randy Moss did when he wore the purple 84.

  12. I feel that the only number rightfully “retired” was Korey Stringer’s #77, because he actually passed away while playing for the Vikings. Retiring numbers doesn’t make much sense to me, except in that type of situation. (I don’t know if the Cardinals have retired Pat Tillman’s number, bu that would be another solid decision.) If you keep doing it, eventually you’re going to run out of numbers.

  13. Fran Tarkenton – 13 years with the Vikings
    Mick Tingelhoff – 17 years with the Vikings
    Jim Marshall – 19 years with the Vikings
    Alan Page – 11 years + 6 games with the Vikings
    Cris Carter – 12 years with the Vikings
    Korey Stringer – Died on the practice field

    Randy Moss – 7 years + 4 games with the Vikings

    If you’re not going to die, you should at least play 10 years with the team before you think you should have your number retired.

  14. Korey Stringer is in the so called “Ring of Honor”, and his number is retired, but he’s not in the Pro Football HOF.

    RIP Korey. You deserved better.

  15. beerbratscheese said: “Moss [or] Brady… is clearly overrated, and it’s not Brady.”

    That’s a silly remark.

    I remember Moss constantly terrorizing the Packers’ DBs, routinely making them look like the Keystone Cops. In fact, the Packers used their first 3 picks in the 1999 draft to take DBs in an unsuccessful attempt to try to limit the devastation to the Packers caused by Moss.

    Moss did much the same to other teams, causing them to game-plan especially to try to limit Moss’s impact. That’s why he was a first-ballot HOFer, and it wasn’t even open to serious debate.

  16. Retiring numbers is foolish because there is a finite set of numbers that a team can use for all players in perpetuity.

    The Ring of Honor concept is intelligent. Use that. That way all of the players who deserve honor like Moss and Krause can be equally honored.

  17. Moss grows in the green bay end zone.

    I remember how upset I was the day Childress cut Randy Moss. Childress did more damage to the Viking franchise than all other coaches combined.

    That said, while Randy Moss and Robert Smith remain human highlight films – like the Minneapolis Miracle – the math says you start each season with 90 players right? Unless you are going to triple digits or jersey number sharing you can’t retire very many more.

    A player wearing a number 84 on their jersey takes nothing away from the accomplishments of Randy Moss – in my mind it shows us just how much better player Moss was than Patterson

  18. Rob Brzezinski is a Magician says:
    May 3, 2019 at 7:04 pm
    The Packers should have retired Zeke Bratkowski’s number rather than giving it to Rodgers. They put him in their Hall of Fame, didn’t they? Nine starts, 4-4-1 record, 21 TDs, 29 Ints.

    He was on their first two Super Bowl victories and one NFL Championship team so maybe he did deserve it.

  19. Im surprised 84 isnt retired because its what they paid #8 for three years and all i ever hear is how great the team is and how many superbowls they win every offseason.

  20. He’s a tight end not a receiver Hopefully a moss like tight end

  21. Not only should #84 be retired, so should #44 and #81. Chuck Foreman was electric when he ran the ball and prior to his joining the team, drafted out of Miami, Viking RBs were basically run straight ahead runners. Foreman transformed the position of RB from the first yr he played. He could spin like no other and his style was non-traditional to say the least. His running helped Tarkenton immensely because Defenses had to be very concerned about Foreman. The passing game opened up a lot because of him. Not only should he have his number retired, he should also be in the Hall of Fame and it’s disgraceful that he’s not. How can Marshall and Page have their numbers retired and not Eller? Eller was just as much of a terror as those 2. He’s even in the Hall of Fame! Marshall should be in the Hall as well! Difficult to believe that the Vikings don’t have a single RB or WR in the Hall and, Moss will certainly be the first Viking WR and why the blue blazes is Cris Carter not in the Hall? I know that there can’t be a lot of numbers retired but, Foreman was an Offense changing RB. He was able to do things no other Viking RB could prior to him. He didn’t have the longest of careers but, he made the most of many of them and Eller was every bit as good as Page and was an integral part of The Purple People Eaters….that entire DL should be in the Hall. I really don’t understand the inclusion of some into the Hall and am just as confused over exclusion of some as well! Steve Jordan was a recent addition to The Vikings Ring of Honor and rightly so but, 1 name I think of often and was very surprised how soon he retired, is Robert Smith. That guy could run the ball like a lot like Foreman, only faster I think but, he was every bit as important to the Vikings during his career, as Chuck Foreman was. I don’t think many even fathomed how great Smith was going to be coming out of Ohio St but, he was also electrifying and teams had to also concern themselves with him, allowing Culpepper to hit big throws. Smith was also great at catching the ball. The Vikings Ring of Honor could certainly be much bigger and there will soon be several players that will be Ring worthy. Sorry for the length BUT, I HOPE Chuck Foreman will finally soon be a member of the NFL Hall of Fame along with Jim Marshall!

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