Chiefs give six-figure guarantee to undrafted receiver Jamal Custis

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For some players, it’s better not to be drafted than to be selected late in the draft. Former Syracuse receiver Jamal Custis is one such player.

Custis, an undrafted rookie, was guaranteed more than $100,000 when he signed with the Chiefs, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. The Chiefs badly want to find receivers who can make big plays, and Custis averaged 17.8 yards per catch last year, and so they spent what it took to keep him from signing somewhere else.

If Custis had been drafted in the seventh round, he wouldn’t have had any options. Seventh-round picks have no choice but to sign the contract that goes with their draft slot, and players chosen late in the seventh round typically get a guarantee of about $75,000.

As one of the top undrafted players, Custis was presumably getting calls well before the end of the draft from teams offering him big guarantees. He was probably hoping he wouldn’t be drafted.

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  1. While late-7th picks might only get $74k guaranteed, early-7th picks often get more. Over half of the 7th round picks this year got over $80k, some got around $100k. Chiefs had the #216 pick, the 2nd pick of the 7th round. Those 7th round guys typically get better guarantees than UDFA and certainly get longer contracts than UDFA.

    At least a UDFA in theory can “choose” his team but that’s a false flag because he’s not likely to get many good offers anyway. Surely, the only real silver lining for a UDFA is that he if can show he’s a real gem he’ll hit free agency sooner.

  2. Poor guys only get 75 grand… too play football they get 75 g give me a break please. The money in sports has gotten so out of hand it’s ridiculous. Only in sports is a million bucks not enough to feed ur family

  3. Let’s see how well Mahomes does
    without two of his four best receiving options.

    tyreek hill – 12 td
    kareem hunt – 7 td

    Sure… 2nd round rookie wide receiver Mecole Hardman
    might help… but… 19 touchdowns?!? I doubt it.

    If he ever loses OHIOAN Travis Kelce… Mahomes would be sunk.

  4. Good for him! Better to go undrafted and have a career than get drafted to a dumpster fire of a team that will forever taint you as a player and your skills will not be taken seriously. Some of the best players today including HOFers, went undrafted and became better players for it. The draft, in it’s present form is overrated and more a marketing gimmick build interest for the NFL’s regular season. it’s a sports caste system.

  5. If he was that good, and in high demand, why wasn’t he drafted in the first place? SMH

  6. I think people are confusing guaranteed money vs signing bonus. The 7th round picks are getting signing bonuses in that $74k+ range, in addition to the NFL minimum contract base salary. The UDFA’s do not get that kind of signing bonus. They can’t due to NFL rules. The NFL only allows the teams around $103k for signing bonuses to spread across all of their UDFA. So, most of those guys get around $5k signing bonuses, really good ones can get $10-15k. The rest of the UDFA guaranteed money is coming from portions of the base salary being guaranteed. So, the 7th round pick should make more money if they make the team, and if they get cut they still get at least as much as the absolute best of the UDFAs.

  7. Doctorrustbelt= Mahomes sunk…. really? That’s wishful thinking. Hunt is old news. Didn’t miss a beat. It’s the combination of Reid and Mahomes. I expect there will be regression. That season is hard to match. But sunk?

  8. It’s better in the sense that you can “pick” from several offers, but if you were undrafted then chances are most teams just don’t want you. The ones that do will make offers, but that does not mean that you necessarily will go to a place that you would have been happier with than if you were picked. If a team likes Player A and Player B, and only has one pick to use, and Player B goes undrafted, there’s no guarantee that the team will end up signing Player B afterward. They might not make him an offer because they’ve got other free agents to sign, and the pool of UDFAs ensures that most do not get signed at all. It’s better to have that guarantee of being on a roster that being drafted provides. Not to mention teams are less likely to cut a guy that they spent a pick on than they are to cut a guy they just signed to bolster the preseason roster.

  9. tfootball1234 says:
    May 4, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    PM is a once in 20yrs talent. he`d make things work no matter who he`s throwing to.

    Let’s give it a couple of years before we crown the kid!

    BTW what kind of team throws 5000yds or 50TDs, a team that is seriously lacking in other areas like D(31st in YPG and 24th in PPG) and rushing the ball(16th)!

    OH yea ask Peyton how often being a one-sided team gets you to the SB, he knows he’s been on more of those types of one-sided teams than anyone! Rodgers is a close 2nd so you could ask him also.

    “TEAM” sport!

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