Pete Carroll is very impressed with D.K. Metcalf’s catch radius


The Seahawks ended receiver D.K. Metcalf’s unexpected (by some) slide by trading up and making him the last pick in round two. Eight days later, the Seahawks are very happy with what they’ve gotten in Metcalf.

“I mean, he’s big and he’s fast,” coach Pete Carroll said Friday after Metcalf’s debut at rookie minicamp. “[H]is catching range was exhibited today for a start. And you know, we’ve got to figure it out, figure out where it is, maybe even more unique than we thought coming in. So we just develop it as we go. But big and really fast and the catching range was really obvious today.”

Carroll also has notice that Metcalf has great feet, despite his size.

“You know, sometimes the bigger guys, the feet just don’t move as quick,” Carroll said. “His feet were really, really lightning quick and it showed it out here today already. So that means that the potential is there to make him an excellent releaser. He’s already going to be really strong and using his hands, getting off the ball, but to have that combination, when we get a chance to tie it all together, it should be a really good package.

Carroll hasn’t ruled out playing Metcalf inside, even though he’s generally regarded as an outside receiver.

“There’ll be times to do that,” Carroll said. “Our guys, we are multiple scheme with those guys and move them around for plays and different situations and stuff. We’ll see and learn that. We have not seen him [on the insider] at all, you know, coming up to this point and we’re going to start him where we know that he can fit right now. But yeah, we’re wired up and everything and we’ll see. We’ll certainly want to take advantage of it.”

However it plays out, Carroll knows it’s time for Metcalf to prove what he can do.

“You know, there’s never been a guy that ran any faster that was that big and strong at the Combine,” Carroll said. “So he’s got all those things behind him. Now he’s got to go fight and figure out how to play football.”

If he figures it out, plenty of teams will regret letting Metcalf drop as far as he did.

24 responses to “Pete Carroll is very impressed with D.K. Metcalf’s catch radius

  1. Seattle will ground and pound with Carson and Penny still. DK will probably only see the ball come his way a handful of times per game. Those plays will be deep down field though. With the safeties playing up to stop the run, I’m excited to see him one on one with the best deep passer in the game dropping them in the basket. Go Hawks!

  2. Sure they are just in shorts but Metcalf is an athletic freak of nature. He also spent his pre-pro time working with great WR coach Jerry Sullivan. I thought he was going to he a deep threat right away but its going to be interesting to see how he develops.

  3. carloswlassiter says:
    May 4, 2019 at 7:51 pm
    His “great feet” produced an astonishingly slow 3 cone at the combine.
    3 come drill is for short area quickness. Randy Moss didn’t even run one at the combine. I’m sure DK will be fine running deep routes, slants, and posts. This critique of him is the least applicable to his game. Megatron basically only ran 4 routes as well. Metcalf will be fine doing what he does…he’s on a team that fits his skills.

  4. Pete sounds excited by this guy, he may wear out his jaw with all the gum he’ll be jamming in there.

  5. Calvin Johnson did, Pete, Calvin Johnson…

    6’5″ 239. 4.35 forty….

  6. He may be good if he stays healthy. Neck and foot injuries the last 2 seasons limited the number of games he played and injury is the reason why teams passed him up.

  7. The big fellow looks like he has gotten off to good enough start in practice that Coach is inferring he will be getting lots of playing time. I still am hoping that Doug comes back so the entire WR crew can best augment the running game. Go Hawks!

  8. The ceiling is extrordinarily high on this guy. Will be interesting to watch. Is he a redzone threat? Is he a 50/50 toss it up for him guy?

    If he can develop those things then he has the tools to be unstoppable.

  9. WR’s in rounds 2-4 always shine or bust. Depends on the playbook they follow. Hawks have a great steal or a standard dump of a receiver. Only time will tell.

  10. Seattle is not a place for a receiver like this. They couldn’t even get the ball to Jimmy Graham. FAIL.

  11. Dropped catch radius more like. Can only run vertically, ask him to go sideways and he’d blow a knee out. Wasn’t even the best receiver on his own team. That was AJ Brown.

  12. Should help nudge Hawks’ offense up the list from a surprisingly meh 18th in 2018, but with Wilson’s eye-watering new contract, Pete’s gonna have to find gems everywhere, every time.

  13. A rookie minicamp workout doesnt make a career please. He still has a lot to prove. I doubt he will come and be an instant impact player but Im not saying he cant be successfull either. He needs to refine his game and become more consistant. Also staying healthy for him I believe will be a challenge.

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