Bears cut two of their four kickers

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As the Bears desperately attempt to upgrade at kicker, they’re paring down the roster.

After wrapping up a rookie minicamp at which the kicking competition was the most-watched event, the Bears released two kickers, Redford Jones and John Baron.

That leaves two other kickers, Elliott Fry and Chris Blewitt, as the only ones currently on the 90-player roster.

Four other kickers — Justin Yoon, Spencer Evans, Emmit Carpenter, and Casey Bednarski — tried out for the team last week, but none has made it to the active roster.

After the Bears’ postseason ended with a Cody Parkey missed field goal in their loss to the Eagles, the Bears got rid of Parkey and looked to improve by bringing in a bunch of legs and giving them all a look. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Bears bring in another kicker before training camp, but for now, it’s down to Fry and Blewitt.

58 responses to “Bears cut two of their four kickers

  1. They’re just asking for more bad kicking with Blewitt. Don’t even take the chance.

  2. you can not keep a kicker named blewitt- if it’s not evident as to why, good luck with your season

  3. This Kicker thing is so in the Bear’s heads that it will become a distraction. It’s easy to blame Parkey for their one and done last year, but if their defense could have stopped that last Eagles possession, the Kicker wouldn’t have mattered.

  4. This will be the best comedy of the summer, until it quickly develops into a tragedy in the fall…..Shakespeare could not come up with this….I’m rooting for Blewit…and Ryan Pace is going from Bad to Fun Bad….which is an upgrade….the article in the Tribune today about the wheel chair bound corner was priceless. I’m gonna sit back and what the team implode.

  5. Bagoon Stevens says:
    May 5, 2019 at 7:53 pm
    you can not keep a kicker named blewitt- if it’s not evident as to why, good luck with your season


    Good thing adults don’t judge a person’s skill and ability based off a family name, he was born with.

  6. Seriously – just make a good offer to the Niners and trade for Gould. Problem solved.

  7. phootbolgawd says:

    Good thing adults don’t judge a person’s skill and ability based off a family name, he was born with.


    There have been many people with that last name.

    Seems like you are the one judging.

  8. I mean, other than Missin’ Sisson, I can’t imagine a better name for a crappy kicker than Blewitt.

  9. The coach needed a scapegoat for the team wasting one of their best seasons ever. Blame the kicker on a tipped try. All kickers have bad games during the season, just like quarterbacks, receivers…every position player and coach. Karma says they lose again due to a kick.

  10. MAYBE, in hindsight, cutting the team’s ALL-TIME LEADING SCORER just as the team was shaping up into playoff form was a bad idea.

  11. Amazing that they were so quick to cut Parkey and not the O-lineman who allowed the guy to slide in and block the kick!

  12. What a strange development. They might just replace the kicker that Blew it with a guy named Blewitt. Can’t make this stuff up.

  13. He was a damn good kicker for Pitt and made the kick for a Pitt win at Clemson. He kicked very well at Heinz Field and that is a bad stadium for kickers.

  14. I think the Bears just over-reacted in cutting Parkey. They should’ve kept him. He’s probably still better than all the kickers they’ve brought in to replace him.

  15. Call the Ravens. Give them a 2020 4th round pick for Kaare Vedvik. You know they are stashing him for you guys. Get it dine with already.

  16. Lol at da bears and the predicament they created for themselves. Meanwhile lonely Robbie Gould is sulking in San Fran wishing he could be closer to his family in Chicago

    Kicker drama… who would have thought😂

  17. They had it all (Cody Parkey) and they blew it!!!!!

    That second kick was BLOCKED!!!!!!!!

    And it still almost went in.

    Am I wrong about this or what?

    I thought that kick almost going in despite being blocked was an amazing kick.

  18. The NFC North is home of the best Kicker in the league, Matt Prater.

  19. Parkey wasn’t even that bad in 2018 – 9 of 12 made over 40-50yds, 1 of 2 over 50yds. Like I said yesterday, he made the fall guy. And now karma has hit the “blame it on the kicker, we’ll just find another one” Bears.

  20. Can’t wait to hear the announcer say, “I can’t believe this guy blew it.”

    With the fickleness in giving up on Parkey, don’t be surprised if this becomes a revolving door.

  21. A football kicker with last name like Blewitt, could never make it this far…. unless he has ice in his veins. I am rooting for Blewitt.

  22. He made it easy for them to cut him by going on a talk show shortly thereafter without clearing it with the team ahead of time. Just not a good look when your catching that much heat.

  23. Kickers have been the Vikings downfall for over 20 years. I feel the Bears pain.

  24. I don’t get the Bears coaching or GM. SIGN A veteran!! Kia Forbath, Nick Novack, Calib Sturgis. HOW hard is this? I would also contact the Raven about trading for Kaare Velvik….the ravens has Wil Lutz as a rookie and he turned out PRETTY good. This isnt rocket science.

  25. Lol,I loved it when all of the Al Bundys(High School Superstars)came out to kick field goals for the offer of free booze if they could make one from the same distance… its funny how nobody collected….J.S!

  26. The question remains valid…

    Why would you:
    1) Offer a 4 year deal to an average kicker in the first place?
    2) Cut a player in year 1 of a 4 year deal?
    3) Cut Robbie Gould with no viable replacement?

    The Bears made their own mess with this one.

  27. Yet another reason why the Bear circus will be last in the division. Making the kicker the scapegoat when the kick was blocked and your offense stunk is bush league.

  28. Most of these comments say the kick was blocked. It may have been, but Parkey had missed quite a few kicks over the course of the season. Add in the fact that he went on national tv to make it a “me thing” instead of a “we thing” and Nagy was done with him. We won’t be last in the division, so those short-sighted comments should really just stop.

  29. It’s so desperate in Chicago, they should hire Bill Murray as their kicker. At then very least, it would be interesting and the post game interviews would give the Bears a spot on Sports Center every night. Couldn’t get much worse…

  30. 2019 prediction… The Bears just miss out on the NFC divisional game after a last second FG miss. Their kicker really Blewitt (again).

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