Gronk skips Kentucky Derby for retirement party


Last year, the horse named Gronkowski missed the Kentucky Derby. This year, his human counterpart also didn’t make it.

Via Mike Jurecki of, former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski skipped the Kentucky Derby and opted to celebrate his football retirement with family and close friends in Las Vegas.

Given that Gronk’s now-former quarterback, Tom Brady, basically treats the Derby as basically an annual gathering of his closest football friends, it’s a little odd that Gronkowski opted not to attend.

But everything right now is a little odd about Gronk. He’s dabbling in acting and otherwise moving on from football, but he’s also hinting that maybe he isn’t done. And some think that perhaps he’ll return to football for another playoff run in 2019.

Whether orchestrated or not, it keeps Gronkowski relevant at a time when, like almost every other player not named Brett Favre who retires at the end of a given season, the player would be gone and — until eligible for the Hall of Fame or hired as a broadcaster — largely forgotten.

17 responses to “Gronk skips Kentucky Derby for retirement party

  1. I like Gronk, but if every other article is going to be about what he’s up to, will he play/won’t he play, I’m going to file him next to Manziel, Murray and Tyreek Hill. Had enough of them.

  2. This PATS fan would love to see Gronk back for the last half of the season. However I wish him the best in )pwhatever he decides. Gronk gave us all some great unforgettable memories.

  3. Yeah? Well, we’ll know he’s arrived when we see him doing Copper Fit ads.

  4. Gronk is 100 percent coming back.. They cant test a retired player for ped’s. He getting himself where he needs to be and will return a beast.. Hgh works wonders.

  5. Gronk is the ultimate alpha male. Does what he wants, with whom he wants, when he wants, and to heck with what anyone else thinks. Hats off.

  6. He was going to go but they asked him not to, because we all know what would happen. On a dare, he would jump the gate, hop on a long shot, ride him to victory, and be the biggest Kentucky Derby winning Jockey EVER. Don’t laugh. You know it’s true.

  7. time for another SI or ESPN thoroughly researched expose on the rampant dissension and disfunction of a team that hates each other and their coaches. they wouldn’t be caught on the same duck boat together if they weren’t trapped in an ugly spiral of repeated championships.

  8. Gronk would be better suited for those “The Most Interesting Man in the World” ads

  9. BB didn’t want him back last season. Kraft stepped in, with Brady. The deal may have been one more and out. He won’t be back. Kraft can’t afford a public battle with his squeeze story out there.

  10. Gronk sounded like a whiny, vindictive, hater in Tom Curran article. I wouldn’t want him back. Good riddance. Now he can party 12 months a year.

  11. cadreamer1969
    “sounds like a whiny,vindictive,hater”
    has a familiar ring to it doesnt it

  12. Catquick has no idea what he’s talking about. A crazed Bills fan that just can’t take the losing anymore. Gronk has retired, for good. Via con dios, and thanks for the memories

  13. Gronk turning down any party is hard to imagine. He might need to get away from all of this for a year and it’s probably not an accident his Vegas party was planned the same weekend. It is good to see that there are no hard feelings between Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo who always seems to go along with the other backups through the years including Brisset, Kingsbury, and Hoyer.

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