Jason Garrett unconcerned about so many Cowboys wanting new deals

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Ezekiel Elliott wants a new contract. Dak Prescott wants a new contract. Amari Cooper wants a new contract. Byron Jones wants a new contract.

The Cowboys have signed defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence to a long-term deal, but they still have work to do to keep some of their other big stars happy.

Jason Garrett, who is entering the final year of his own deal, doesn’t see the need to talk to any of his players about their contract status.

“The business of football always exists,” Garrett said Sunday night during the 15th annual Taste of the Cowboys. “It is professional football, and that’s always a part of it. The best teams I’ve been around are ones where players are able to say, ‘I need to focus on this; I need to focus on football, playing my best, and all of that stuff will take care of itself.’ We have a team made up of the right kind of guys. We spent a lot of time trying to build this team the right way, bringing the right kind of people to our organization, and they handle those situations really, really well. Their involvement in the offseason program has been off the charts. The leadership from all levels of our team. . . Typically, you talk about leaders being more veteran players, but we have a lot of young players on our team who have stepped into leadership roles and done a fantastic job and have set the pace for everybody. So that’s really where our focus is. The business side will take care of itself.”

10 responses to “Jason Garrett unconcerned about so many Cowboys wanting new deals

  1. Translation: Jerry runs everything; I still can’t believe I have a job; just going to clap a lot so it looks like I’m involved in something

  2. Jason Garrett is never concerned about anything other than saying, “yes Jerry, whatever you want me to do, Jerry”.

  3. I just signed a 5 year deal last year. Now I want a big pay raise.

    In all seriousness, players should sign 3 year deals if they are going to be sad after 2 years. Like Julio Jones being sad 2 years into a 5 year deal.

    Since many players are cut after 2-3 years, having 3 years deals makes sense.

  4. It is refreshing to read about a team that is focused on preparing for their season. The guys doing the right thing and showing up for Voluntary off season work, regardless of their current contractual status. Cowboy’s front office has had a recent track record of drafting, developing and paying their own rather than chasing FAs and it appears that the players have bought into the system.

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