Raiders want Hunter Renfrow to “do it all,” not just play in slot

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As a quick receiver who is under six feet tall, Hunter Renfrow looks like the kind of player who makes his living playing out of the slot and that’s what he did in Clemson on the way to becoming a Raiders fifth-round pick this year.

The Raiders don’t want Renfrow limiting himself to just one role in their offense, however. Head coach Jon Gruden said that the rookie will need to be able to move around because they want to be able to line Antonio Brown up in a variety of ways and the other wideouts will need to be adaptable.

“The big thing for Hunter is he needs to understand we are going to move Antonio Brown around a lot and if we move Brown a lot, that means he’s got to be able to move around and do a lot of things,” Gruden said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Not just line up in the slot and be a slot every single down. He’s going to have to move to the right, to the left, inside, outside, go in motion — do it all. And that’s something we are going to have to find out as we move on.”

The additions of Brown, Renfrow, Tyrell Williams, J.J. Nelson and Ryan Grant this offseason give the Raiders an entirely new receiver group and undrafted rookie Keelan Doss could also figure into the group with a strong showing in the next few months. How all of those pieces fit together will be a puzzle for the Raiders to ponder heading into September.

11 responses to “Raiders want Hunter Renfrow to “do it all,” not just play in slot

  1. The Raiders from top to bottom completely upgraded the wide receiver position. Running back position has been upgraded too. If Carr can be protected, the offense should be very productive, taking pressure off the defense at the same time. Improved team, maybe not enough to catch KC or SD but the time is soon to come when they will.

  2. Gruden likes to employ Jack Of All Trades players. Those he can shift and move, applying leverage and pressure to the defense. Think of Charlie Garner, who was just as dangerous in the passing game as he was as a shifty runner. It’s one of the reasons why Gruden and Mayock were so high on Alabama RB Josh Jacobs. And likely why they drafted Renfrow, as they saw ability in the role that Gruden spoke about above.

    At Clemson, Renfrow was known for getting open quickly… time will if that ability translates to the NFL, and if he can line up and be productive anywhere within the WR sets.

  3. It’s all on Carr now. A good QB can put up points with that surrounding cast. The defense still needs more players but can’t be any worse than last year.

  4. Onlookers were saddened to see the sleight receiver carrying load after load of luggage for his much larger teammates and coaches. But it was part of his job description.

  5. Still need a QB. Won’t do anything without a different one. Carr is rattled as bad as his brother was/still is. Never won in Arrowhead, never will.

  6. Chiefs won’t make playoffs, the raiders need to gel quickly on defense..This team has huge potential to make playoffs this yr!!!

  7. I think things are starting to shape up in a positive way on this new raider team. If the offensive line gels with the new players and repositioning of the new players, Mr. Carr is going to have a very big year because he is very good at finding multiple receivers and as long as the players like the idea of spreading the ball around the whole offense is going to have a big year especially in the running game as defenders will have to back up and play the pass instead of an all out 7 man front.

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