Bears acquire K Eddy Pineiro from Raiders

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The Bears cut the number of kickers on their roster from four to two after last weekend’s rookie minicamp, but they aren’t done looking for the right man to handle the job in 2019.

PFT has confirmed that the Bears have acquired kicker Eddy Pineiro in a trade with the Raiders. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Raiders will get a 2021 seventh-round pick in return as long as Pineiro is on Chicago’s active roster for at least five games.

If Pineiro does make the team, it will be his first chance to kick in a regular season game. He signed with the Raiders after going undrafted out of Florida last season and landed on injured reserve when the team made the cut to 53 players.

He was 3-of-3 on field goals and made the only extra point he tried in his lone preseason appearance.

Elliott Fry and Chris Blewitt are the other two kickers on the roster in Chicago.

44 responses to “Bears acquire K Eddy Pineiro from Raiders

  1. They would have been better off keeping Parkey and bringing in competition (especially considering that they’re paying Parkey anyway).

    This unorthodox approach is just inviting scrutiny that will ultimately make the job more difficult for whomever gets it.

  2. I remember 2 years ago when Kicker Harrison Buckter was sitting on Carolina’s practice squad for anyone to pick up, and the Chiefs scooped the league and picked him up.

  3. Has Pace traded all their picks from the 2020 draft? On to the 2021 draft picks. Desperation is always ugly. I would hate to be the new GM that comes in 2020 to find the cupboards bare.

  4. hailtothenamechange says:
    May 6, 2019 at 4:52 pm
    They would have been better off keeping Parkey and bringing in competition (especially considering that they’re paying Parkey anyway).

    This unorthodox approach is just inviting scrutiny that will ultimately make the job more difficult for whomever gets it.
    There was NO way they were going to keep Parkey. It had gotten to the point of no return

  5. Parkey became the scapegoat, period! Didn’t matter the ball got tipped at the line or that Nagy’s innovative offense did nothing, it was the kickers fault. Enjoy your trip back to the basement in the north.

  6. They were well aware of Parkeys problems during the season….wish they had brought someone in during season….the worst case scenario was exactly what is was….game on the line & it was up to Parkey…..

  7. No pressure dude…. Ha, kidding any kicker that gets the job will be under a microscope…

  8. Knowledgable Bears fan think Nagy is terrific coach and that Pace is an idiot GM. He screwed up the Robbie Gould thing and Parkey last year. Here he is bungling it again. What kind of a clown brings in 8 kickers then immediately trades for another.

  9. Pretty much called this. Eddy is a helluva kicker and the Bears had to ensure they’d get him because someone was going to claim him after final cut downs. People calling this a bad move have no idea. Eddy hardly misses and has a strong leg,

  10. The Bears are just adding gasoline to the fire.When they signed parkey there should of been some competition.Instead they gave him a huge salary and comfort.The thing about Pace that bothers me is he always one step behind instead of one step ahead.For example why didnt we draft a safety because Ha Ha is gone after year or draft quality corners to add depth again one step behind not one step ahead.Now we have a problem with the kicker position and if watched the last few playoff games and Superbowl you need a good kicker.

  11. Just think. If you’ve never heard of football before you look at the Bears situation and think that Kicker is the most difficult high demand position in all of sports. Bears also proving kickers are a dime a dozen to be totally off base.

  12. And so it has come to this: Ryan Pace getting fleeced by Mike stinking Mayock.

    Dark, dark times at Halas Hall. Just months removed from the first playoff game in nearly a decade.

  13. Should work out for both teams. Pineiro was very good at Florida and was going to win the job before getting hurt. He had a good camp and Gruden I thought did a good job sending him right out to kick on the dirt. My recollection of game is he hit a couple 45-50 no problem and was not intimaadated kicking off the dirt.

  14. With Pace outsmarting himself by letting Robbie go, I can’t wait to watch for every Chicago fan to hold their breath every time that ball is snapped for an extra point and fg’s. It’s going to be fun to watch Soldier field go silent for every kick-ALL season long!

  15. I wonder if that by letting Robbie Gould go. They are kicking themselves in the foot. No offense to that. But really Robbie would had made that F.G. very easily in the NFC Wild Card. Hate that for Cody Parkey he got cut. But really Robbie would had made that even in his sleep.

  16. Very strong leg. Very interesting that the Raiders traded him after Janikowski just retired

  17. As a Gator fan Eddie has missed some pressure kicks much like Parkey. The grass is not greener on this kicker.

  18. Bears losing all draft picks yet again…hows that Mack trade working with all those sacks he gets at the end of year and in playoffs…

  19. The name Chris Blewitt is too ironic for him not to be the Bears 2019 kicker. It’s like having a kicker named Wide-right.

  20. Bears could get really smart and sign Parkey. Just change his name.

  21. Nothing like teamwork…unless you’re the kicker, then they cut you. I hope Parkey signs with another team and hits the GW against these guys.

  22. I totally forgot that the ball was actually tipped. So why are they cutting him? Sounds like they’re asking for more kicking troble.

  23. In case you weren’t paying attention Janikowski was on the Seahawks last year. So I don’t think it matters that the Raiders traded a kicker after Janikowski retires…

  24. So I understand this was for a 2021 7th rounder if he lasts five games. So the Bears have EIGHT picks next year.

    Also, the way some of you are shedding tears for Parkey, remember he had the most missed fgs in the league last year. It wasn’t just the doink doink. Your team should sign him so you can feel better for him.

  25. Pace has done a great job rebuilding this franchise. If you dont see that, I feel sorry for you. This kicker situation will get corrected. You all complain because of the multiple kickers being evaluated. Most of you would also complain if Pace wasn’t trying to find the right guy.

  26. Can the 49er’s please release nd Gould come home. So he made a few mistakes with a bad coaching staff but the guy know’s and wants to come home to contend and deserves it! He’s paid his dues and is worthy.

  27. The Bears are a disaster, Pace has no clue how to manage a team. He’s just lucky that they’ve had some high picks…but that’s because they’ve sucked for so long.

  28. Bad move. Get that stashed Ravebs Kicker Kaare Vedvik instead. They know kickers. Justin Tucker, Will Lutz, now Kaare Vedvik. Go for the known Commodity when you cant figure out on your own.

  29. Hey Robby Gould…. see, the Bears really don’t want you that bad after all. Now put on your big boy pants, quit crying, sign the franchise tag, and get your butt into camp with the rest of the big boys.

  30. The Bears didn’t need a kicker to beat my p@thetic Lions. Parkey hit the goal posts four times in one game and Mitch and CO. shredded my Lions defense to defeat us by a huge margin. This Bears team is the most complete in the NFL minus the kicker, which is why the lack of draft picks is irrelevant.

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