Cam Newton: Shoulder’s feeling great, still no timetable to start throwing

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton provided an update on his right shoulder’s recovery from arthroscopic surgery and said that he feels positive about where things are right now.

Newton has not gotten the green light to resume throwing and hopes to get it before training camp, but isn’t sure when that clearance is going to come. He is sure that he’s feeling much better than he was when the Panthers shut him down for the final two weeks of the 2018 season.

“I’m feeling great now,” Newton said, via David Newton of “I feel like I do have full strength right now. But me telling the doctor, that is different than, you know, whatever the clearance process may be.”

Newton said he’s working with the training staff to come up with a plan for his eventual return to practice and a protocol for avoiding setbacks that involves “staying on top of the signs before things kind of roll off the hinges.” That would be in the best interest of all involved in Carolina, but Newton’s recent history of shoulder issues will make the situation one to continue to watch.

22 responses to “Cam Newton: Shoulder’s feeling great, still no timetable to start throwing

  1. pwebster919 says:
    May 6, 2019 at 11:24 am
    This is going to be an issue in 2019-2020. Buckle up my fellow panthers fans
    No doubt!! Cammy wont be jumping on any fumbles this year…

  2. i think Cams prime has just about ended. its ridiculous how much punishment Cam Newton has been able to handle. A real quarterback with arm talent who can also just sledgehammer thru the teeth of the defense. unprecedented, much respect, but now the Whodats run the show.

  3. What?
    I’m confused.
    Rivera, the Great Enabler, indicated a couple weeks ago that Cam was already throwing but he (Rivera) just hadn’t got around to watching him yet.

  4. The important thing is he plays every week because otherwise we won’t get to see him rocking those way cool hats.

  5. If they had any sense they’d have sought RG3 or Brissett as a start-capable backup scrambler.

  6. He hurt his shoulder years ago making a tackle after chasing down a corner from 90 yards. So, yeah, the didn’t jump on a bouncing fumble he was still judging is real dispositive of his heart.

  7. Shades of Drew Bledsoe. Could this be a similar occurrence …… Will Grier starts the season on a roll, collecting wins forcing Cam to extend his stay on the sideline.

    Stranger things have happened.

  8. Don’t be a hero Cam and come back to soon. Wait until your 110% healthy. As long as your healthy for the Superbowl we have a chance to win!


  9. Cam don`t want to put the cart in front of the horse that was leading it to water under the bridge. He will cross that when it`s an object in the rear view mirror that is larger than you`d judge it to be by it`s cover.

  10. This young man loves football so much he will do whatever it takes to work himself back into shape. He doesn’t need to be throwing at some 3-day minicamp. Just get ready for regular training camp. And there hasn’t been a wholesale change at WR like some QB’s will have to deal with. Meanwhile, there are three back-ups to sort out. Playoffs are in the crosshairs…..

  11. His brain is the bigger problem. He does good when he has a great team and defense around him otherwise he is a very average QB who still can’t read defenses. Oh he can run because he is big. Just think if they had a good QB.

  12. 30 years old.

    2 shoulder surgeries on the same shoulder in (less than) 2 years.

    Plus the fact that he’s a selfish player that doesn’t make anyone on the team better, should equal the end here soon, at least if Rivera wants to hold onto his job.

    Breaking News: He’s not going to be playing Week 1 and could very well be in Andrew Luck territory this season.

    It’s good to see, at least on this board, that Carolina has some sane and knowledgeable fans. Those trolls on twitter all insist that he is the greatest thing ever and all is well in CAR.


  13. Cam Newton may not ever play again, depending on the true condition of his shoulder. If he can’t throw past 20 yards like last year his career is over.

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