Jerry Jones: We’re sold on Dak Prescott

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The Cowboys made DeMarcus Lawrence the highest-paid player in team history last month. That won’t last long.

They will have to pay quarterback Dak Prescott more.

The question remains: How much do the Cowboys pay Prescott? Owner Jerry Jones has never wavered about Prescott’s future, even while knowing he might have to pay more than he wants to pay to keep his quarterback.

“We’re sold on Dak, and we do want to have him for the long term,” Jones said Monday on The Rich Eisen Show, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “We think he’s worthy of investing in for the long term. . . .We see real upside in Dak. You don’t have it all yet.”

Prescott is 32-16 in the regular season in his three-year career, with a passer rating of 96.0 and two Pro Bowl trips. He has not, though, gotten past the divisional round of the playoffs yet, going 1-2 in two postseason appearances.

29 responses to “Jerry Jones: We’re sold on Dak Prescott

  1. His real upside only comes from the fact that he has performed at an above average-average level on a minimal cap hit. He is not worth being a top paid QB in an offensive system that is very predictable and does not use his mobility to the team’s advantage.

  2. I’m all for a player being paid by how valuable he is to the team. How much does he contribute to the team. I realize the trend is to pay the flashy stars who have good stat lines. I’m not about flashy. I’m more of a substance and value type guy. Those are the guys I would want to keep on my team. Those would be the players I would take care of first. I want contributing team players.

    While in college Dak showed that ability. Dak did whatever was necessary to put his team in position to win. So far Dak has had mixed results with the Cowboys. I put a lot of blame on former Cowboy OC Lineham for limiting what Dak could do. With new OC Moore at the helm of the Cowboy offense, I’m very curious to see what Dak is allowed to do. This could be a make it or break it year for Dak with the Cowboys.

  3. Maybe 25-26 million a year. The guy is a system qb. When zeke was out his numbers dropped. When dez left his numbers dropped. Copper came along and he picked back up. He’s not a qb to carry a franchise so you will have to pay the people around him for the team to succeed. This is a no win situation for the cowboys. Pay cooper and Zeke. Draft a qb high in the 1st round even if you have to trade..

  4. See if he’ll take a three year 60/65 mil guaranteed.
    He’ll still be young enough afterwards to negotiate a big contract if he proves himself.

  5. He is now going on four years and has not improved one bit. We’ve seen all he has and it is not pretty – cannot handle a pass rush by using his arm – he relies too much on his legs which will soon be worthless with the mileage they now have on them. He has not been forced to become a passer and the Dallas football team has done a disservice to this guy. He cannot win big games and has not won any playoff game he’s been in as a QB. Without the bearded woman beater, this guy would be less than average. He’s merely average as a player.

  6. Zeke and Cooper are only as good as they are because they have a pro bowl Qb under center taking pressure off them. If not for the threat of a very good qb teams would easily take them out of the game plan. Must respect Dak! Fact!

  7. “Two Pro Bowl trips”. Do they really count if you make it after 5 guys have bowed out due to ‘injuries’? That’s a false metric to use.

  8. have to laugh at the comments….QB’s are now 35 million per….5 year deal-175 million….if not Dak would prefer to be a UFA

  9. Jerry boxing himself into having to pay the man.

    Either that or looking the fool if he backs out.

    Even more the fool, that is.

  10. This is a classic case of you know the Jones know what we all do but they don’t know which way to go. Unless he signs for like 18M a year you don’t give him the deal, you need the cap space elsewhere to prop him up. Regardless, this is a can you kick down the road (franchise tag) and hope something crazy happens like the raiders trading Carr

  11. Seems like an awful idea but I’m sure the rest of the league doesn’t mind.

    Ya it’s great that he was a late pick able to play when Dr Jones wheeled Tony out on the field one too many times, but he’s never struck me as even a good quarterback, and if you don’t have a great one, you don’t have one period.

    Russell Wilson was a late pick for a QB and immediately his first preseason it was evident he was special and would beat out Seattle’s bum QB at the time (I believe it was Matt Flynn lol). Dak has never given me that vibe.

  12. I hope Jerry pays him at least 30MM.

    Now if I owned the team, I’d pay him in the low 20’s, otherwise, I’d let him walk and draft a QB.

    You don’t win by overpaying a so-so QB who has benefited from a good Oline and run game to boost his stats.

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