Andy Reid: Mecole Hardman got “a little better” every day of minicamp

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The Chiefs got wide receiver Mecole Hardman on the field for the first time since trading up to draft him in the second round and his first impression could have been better.

Head coach Andy Reid called Hardman’s first attempt to run a dagger route “brutal,” but the rest of the three days of rookie minicamp left Reid with a better feeling.

“Every day he got a little better,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “These are all new. These routes are new to him. He did a nice job in the red zone, which normally is the toughest place to work, but he did extremely well there. He had a good finish.”

The Chiefs moved up to get Hardman a day after the release of the Tyreek Hill audio that has cast his future with the team in serious doubt. Expecting Hardman to replace Hill would be asking too much, but the price paid to get him means Chiefs will expect him to contribute under any circumstances and continued growth along these lines will be essential to reaching that bar.

8 responses to “Andy Reid: Mecole Hardman got “a little better” every day of minicamp

  1. I hope hardman pans out. I think he will. The Chiefs passed up on some other good wide receivers to draft hardman. Needs to work.

  2. A dagger route is a dig route for the main receiver. He runs 15 yards and then cuts it inside. That’s it. They never ran a route like that at UGA? That’s mind-boggling.

  3. When you have a great QB with arm talent,speed over the top is lethal. The kid has run 4.2 and will have to be accounted for no matter how unpolished he may be.

  4. Hardman wasn’t drafted to replace Hill. People should remember that Andy Reid loves speed. Hard man will be an ace on special teams. Dave Toub special teams coach said Hardman is the most like Devin Hester he’s seen in a long time. Marcoe willprove himself in time.

  5. waitstop says:
    May 7, 2019 at 9:42 am
    If the audio turns out to be a set-up by Hill’s ex and these two are on the field at the same time…brutal.

    Don’t see how it would matter if the audio was a setup or not. Hill admitted to forcing a 4-year-old child to open his arms wide so Hill could punch the child in the chest every time he cries. Hill then said crying was a weakness and he needed to beat it out of him. A 4yo child.

    Anyone who has raised a 4yo knows that they cry all the time. Multiple times a day. That’s what toddlers do. It’s part of their natural mental development. Punching a 4yo child for crying is like punching them for growing out of clothes.

    It’s an inexcusable and disgusting excuse for Hill to engage in the worst kind of cruelty. I have a 4yo son and the idea of anyone punching him for crying makes my blood boil. I would be headed to prison if I saw that happen. I can’t imagine hitting my 4yo for ANY reason, and God have mercy on anyone who would.

    Hill has no business being in the NFL. If the chiefs were to bring him back, I will root against that franchise the rest of my life and pray every week for Hill to suffer a career ending injury. And I’m far from alone on that.

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